The Better for America Podcast

Better For America: Looking Around Corners

Posted on Monday, August 2, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

Reb and Rob join this week to talk about some truth and share history! Rebecca asks Bobby his thoughts on the lack of patriotism in our American athletes on the world stage. The two also talk about the Pelosi variant (Delta COVID Variant), causing fear, conveniently as the 2022 elections roll around the corner. On another note, if you believe in the American Dream, you should believe in One Nation under God, so why is the NFL considering two National Anthems? We wrap up this week with a story of patriotism and a reminder of what it is like to be proud to be an American!

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Susan Lage
Susan Lage
2 years ago

This was amazing and how true he spoke. I think a lot of people are gullible and believe the Democrats. It needs to be stopped!! Children need to get back to school to learn and people need to get back to work!

David A Skopec
David A Skopec
2 years ago

Rebecca’s experience in lots of arenas is a nice addition. I’m catching up with August issue right now. Her must not be divided was a nice read. Sincerely David

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