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Better For America Podcast: Straight Talk from New York with Congressman Lee Zeldin

This week on the Better For America podcast, Rebecca outlines the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending plan and why this is harmful to you and your family.  PLUS – Rebecca speaks with a man who hopes to balance the power in the great state of New York: Congressman Lee Zeldin. As a veteran, Rep. Zeldin offers his perspective on the Biden Administration’s botched exit from Afghanistan. He also shares his concern for America on the world stage, and unfolds the Democrat policies that create a lack of ownership, morality, and responsibility in Americans that will have long-term consequences for future generations. If you are dissatisfied with massive runaway government spending, the indoctrination of children in our schools, and government overreach and more mandates, Rep Zeldin will motivate you to join him in making a change.

Please contact your Members of Congress to urge them to oppose harming millions of seniors by increasing capital gains. This proposal will ultimately have the opposite outcome of the intended goal to tax the rich:
Click here to Contact your Member of Congress

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Mark L
4 months ago

It’s strange how the Government chooses to suck every dollar out of the less than 1%’s pockets. They increase State income taxes, they increase Property taxes, they increase Automobile taxes I could go on and on! The attack on Seniors Capital gains is just another unnecessary tax that not only affects the elderly it also affects Generations of families to come. If there are no jobs that pay good money, enough to live on, then you morons are implementing taxes that will hurt Generations to come!
The Government has lost direction years ago after President Reagan served it’s been nothing but a planned process to strip as much money from us as they can!
I’m proud to be American but I no longer can say that I am onboard with any decisions politicians make. They claim they represent us horse crap they are the only ones that benefit as so many tax increases.
I sure the heck hope Biden falls face first his wife in front to the ground.
She allowed her husband to run for POTUS knowing full well that his cognitive behavior is on a major decline. I believe Pelosi has the same issues. This group needs to be terminated and we can reinstate President Trump or be held captive by the DemocRATS party either way we look at it the future is bleak!

Gerry Lu-Kamp
4 months ago

Sorry the post should have read: “so we CAN participate as well”.

Gerry Lu-Kamp
4 months ago

I want to point out that for an organization that is devoted to the betterment of senior’s lives there is a HUGE oversight at work here, and I include the podcast and AMAC in general.

This is simple — the DEAF and the hard of hearing are routinely ignored. As I have pointed out innumerable times we are the “last served and least served”. How so? Try captioning ALL videos posted on the site, obviously including podcasts. Lip reading is intensive work, and many cannot do it anyhow. Why aren’t your productions closed or open captioned for the DEAF and hard of hearing so that we cab participate as well????

Signed an early paid member

4 months ago
Reply to  Gerry Lu-Kamp

Am I missing something here? There is a closed caption button [CC] on the bottom of the screen if you are watching the AMAC video presentation. Try it.

Mark L
4 months ago
Reply to  GAS

I agree!

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