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Better For America Podcast: Middle East Wrap-Up

The Biden Administration tends to ruin most things it touches. This holds true in the case of the Middle East. Why spend a semester of summer school learning about the history of the age-old conflict between Israel and Iran when Reb and Rob can wrap it up for you in about ten minutes. And as we approach this Memorial Day weekend, please take the time to reflect on the sacrifices our soldiers have made for our country. Bobby shares some of his favorite war stories from veterans who exemplify what it means to be a freedom-loving American.

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Robert Vaillancourt
1 year ago

I was listening to the pod cast with Rebecca and Bob Charles. You talked about Veterans. I am a Navy Korean war Veteran.. Since it is Memorial Day weekend to honor our fallen Heroes I would like to share something with you that very few people know about. There is a plaque on the Island of Iwo Jima that no better words can say it. Quote: “WHEN YOU GO HOME TELL THEM THAT WE HAVE GIVEN UP OUR TODAY’S, SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE YOUR TOMORROWS. (2517328)

Don Graves
1 year ago

Biden would tear down that plaque if he knew about it. The Marxists must destroy all remembrances of true heroes.

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