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Better For America Podcast – CPAC 2021: Kurt Schlicter

Be sure to catch this episode of the BFA podcast from last month’s CPAC convention in Orlando, FL! It features our interview with Senior Town Hall Columnist, Kurt Schlicter, whose “no holds barred” perspective on current events is lively and smart. He joins our hosts to provide deeper insight into the speech he delivered at CPAC entitled “Who is Really Running the Biden Administration?”.

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Mary Jane James
1 year ago

So sorry! The sound is distorted. Hard to listen to.

1 year ago

Great job on this episode, Rebecca!

1 year ago

Thanks, for the intro to this new face. Definitely don’t follow mainstream media, can’t trust them at all. I don’t even do Newsmax or Fox. There are three main news sources at the Very! Top! They put out the Daily Narrative, the other MSM channels take up this Narrative and Just Simply Parrot it all day long. Reuters and BBC Caught Taking Money for Propaganda Campaign (Dr. Joseph Mercola), this Article is one of several about MSM is not able to be trusted, goes back to Operation Mockingbird early 1900’s. Take this Covid Mess, Non of the Lock downs or Mask mandates have been or ever where based on Science. MSM has taken the a.m narrative and parroted it all day every day, over and over Repeating the same words over and over. That is plain old Propaganda and just how it’s used, to Fear Monger and Control the Masses, AND IT HAS WORKED!!!! I’ve accutely seen Senior’s at check out’s suffering from Severe Hypoxia, (dark blue nail beds) from wearing the mask, yet they don’t have enough knowledge or common sense to Not Damage Their Own Bodies,,, This is Simply Criminal, the same is true of Children, I’ve seen parents in a fight with kids trying to remove mask and parents forcing the child to keep it on. States with Mask Mandates have Higher death rates and Higher case counts per 100k population, yet these citizens still wear mask in their cars, alone, and in parking lots, no one around them. Sources like AMAC to be able to get News not hear anyplace else, is really a good thing.

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