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Better For America Podcast: Brokered Truce

This week, the set might be different, but our mission is the same. Rebecca wants to hear from you on the issues YOU want AMAC to focus on. Election Integrity, Sanctity of Life, Secure Borders? Make sure to vote in this week’s poll to directly impact the future of AMAC’s mission. We also take you to the streets of Israel, where you will hear in real-time from AMAC Associate Ori Preis, interviewed by our Chief Technology Officer, David Kane. Ori is visiting family, but AMAC thought it was so important for Americans to listen to the truth about what is really going on in that region post Israel/Gaza war.

P.S If you have a home remedy for overpowering chlorine in blondies during the summer, Rebecca could use a DIY fix!!!

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Ken Witsken
1 year ago

This seemed to be more of a monologue that an interview. Let Ori andwer one question.

David C Kane
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Witsken

Ken thanks for the input, It was my first time doing an interview so I will get better. Again I appreciate your comments

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