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Better for America Podcast: Battle at the Ballot Box with Sara Carter

International award-winning investigative reporter and Fox News Contributor Sara Carter reigned the stage at this year’s annual AMAC Action National Conference, for an exclusive LIVE BFA episode! Sara’s frontline coverage of terrorism, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and our national security left the audience in awe.  Carter not only shared highlights of her journalism career from years spent abroad, but also offered powerful solutions to many of the problems she has witnessed in the world.  Carter evoked a standing ovation while on the topic of national issues by saying, “The battle goes to the ballot box, that’s where we take our fight. That’s where we take the battle. We take it to the ballot box!”

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6 months ago

So many crisis Biden does not want to waste any opportunity to take this nation down to a third or forth rated country.

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

In Nevada we automatically get a mail in ballot unless you send in an OPT OUT form. I sent in an opt out but STILL received a mail in ballot anyways! In 2008, I moved to Arizona and submitted all the proper forms to vote there; I even had an Arizona drivers license. And yet STILL received an absentee ballot from Nevada even though I had a ballot for Arizona (no I did not use the Nevada one)! AND THEY WANT ME TO TRUST THEIR FAIRNESS & COUNTING??? Make me laugh.

Kristine Decker
5 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

Something similar happened to me here in Michigan. I received an application to request an absentee ballot, which I destroyed. I moved to FL last year and will be voting there where I’m registered. The voting rolls are not getting updated in a timely fashion, and some are dishonest and will try and vote twice, I’m sure.

Clarence Gibson
6 months ago

The ballot box has not changed the way the democrats are going! This tells me that if they can steal the last election they can steal the future election.

Sharon Waronek
6 months ago

They will not if the American citizens get involved, vet the candidates and work the polls.

6 months ago


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