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Better For America: Moore on the Money with Steve Moore

Rebecca had the opportunity to sit down with President Trumps Economic Advisor, Steve Moore. As a seasoned economist, Steve is severely concerned and frustrated with Biden’s terrible policies. In stark contrast to the America First Trump Administration, we have watched Biden give funding to pipelines overseas and cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Steve says this is a pivotal time for conservatives to speak up. We need lower taxes, less regulation, pro-business, and pro-America. Tune in to hear where our economy is going wrong and what Steve thinks we need to do.

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Pete M.
1 month ago

Steven Moore has been one of my favorite economists for a long time. He explains things in elementary terms that even leftists could understand. Unfortunately, they’re not listening!

1 month ago

Biden and his cohorts are driving America into Marxism. We must educate those who have fallen asleep on the benefits of freedom. If we lose, we lose everything. Thank you Rebecca and AMAC for keeping us informed.

Lylah G Saunier
1 month ago

Thank you for all you do to try and save America, may God Bless all your efforts! Is there a podcast that gives the average American advice on how to weather the upcoming financial collapse of the dollar?

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