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Better For America: Mo Biden Mo Issues with Congressman Mo Brooks

This week Rebecca had the chance to sit down with Congressman Mo Brooks. Mo talks about the awful direction the Biden administration is moving in, between opening up the borders, pushing critical race theory, and looking to take over our elections at the federal level… inflation is soaring, hitting the pocketbooks of every American. So why are we giving away our Social Security to illegals? Pushing back against this extreme agenda is part of Congressman Brooks’ plan! Join us in the bizarro world where “Mo Biden means Mo Issues Facing America!”

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Mike Durham
1 year ago

Mr. Mo Brooks. We appreciate you STANDING TALL,

Elsie Landon
1 year ago

Our current administration took an oath to protect are country from all harm outside and inside threats. They should all be impeached for the serious HARM they are doing to out great land of AMERICA!

1 year ago

If there was ever a genuine case for impeachment of a sitting president it is staring us in the face daily.

1 year ago

Biden and all congressional legislators took an oath to protect the country from outside and inside threats. And uphold the constitution. Apparently the oath doesn’t apply to Democrats in power or the unknown people behind the curtain who are controlling Biden’s presidency. Biden is asleep at the wheel and it shows everyday.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  JohnS

JOHN…Any oaths to the US Constitution were broken the moment the illegal electors were certified in ALL of those KEY states. Both the upper & lower courts judges in each respective key state broke the US Constitution as well as those states Executive Officials. The legislators in all those key states, both parties, allowing their Executive Branches to change Election Laws, did in fact break their oaths to the US Constitution, this includes District Court judges & it goes all the way to the SCOTUS. The FINAL direct insult to our beloved Constitution was when VP Mike Pence signed off on those Illegally Certified Electors presented to him by those states, i.e. Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin…There are others, but these comprise the bulk of it necessary to cheat the system, i.e. steal the 2020 US Presidential Election & the state of Georgia deserves special mention here for the theft of the Senatorial Election as well & a whole host of other illegalities under the leadership SOS Brad Raffensperger & Governor Brian Kemp… There be a jail cell awaiting these gentlemen as well as that for Stacey Abrams & long, long overdue on her count…
God bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Larry G.
1 year ago

Why is no one talking or moving towards impeachment of this jerk.

1 year ago
Reply to  Larry G.

The Democrats control the House of Representatives where the impeachment process starts. Republicans control NOTHING in Washington, D.C. Even if they did, the RINO contingent of the Republican party doesn’t have the guts to fight for the country. Which means there aren’t enough Republican votes in Congress to remove Biden from office in any event.

There is NO WAY Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are going to move to impeach Biden. Why would they? They LOVE what he is doing. He is systematically shredding the country each and every day.

William Hodge
1 year ago

How about lying about his allegiance to the constitution of the United States of America? Wouldn’t this be of foremost importance? The GOP has a lot to learn from the demoncrats. Except for lying every time they open their mouths. Pick several real issues, hang those real issues around Biden’s and Harris’s necks and attack like junk yard dogs. IMPEACH them! Then IMPEACH Pelosi. Lay the cards on the table right on down the line. If Republicans get caught up in the crimes jail them also.

1 year ago
Reply to  William Hodge

I’m sure the the Pres and VP are following the Democrats’ version of the Constitution.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  William Hodge

I feel your frustration William, however, in my mind, how does a faux potus get impeached?
It matters not that the GOP LOST i.e. stolen from them both Houses. The ( 10 ) RINO’s have served the Democrats’ purposes & continue to do so as I emphasize ‘continue to do so’. Currently ( 9 ) of those RINO’s are being primaried for the 2022 midterms. That leaves ( 1 ) RINO unaccounted for…Politics can be a long, slow slog of scraping s**t from the bottom of the barrel truth be told, however, the America First Agenda is owned & operated by President Trump, NOT the RNC, nor the conventional Republican Party members. Trump’s Republican Party, some refer to it as the Patriot Party, the name matters not imho & is in fact the game in town that matters the most…Trump is currently able to do far more from the outside in comparison to before the election was stolen from him…
Only time will tell how all of this will play out in the end, however my chips are with Trump moving forward. The best is yet to come…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Peter Smith
1 year ago

I see no better person than President Trump to promote Nationalism . However, he needs to stop whining with his childlike tweets . A lot of people were turned off because of that (not I). He also complained that he did not get enough black votes, even after he initiated the much needed prison reform . He also has to stop harping about the fact that the election was rigged (unless the states, whose ballots are being audited, are in fact fraudulent & the valid ballots actually all favor President Trump) . At his future rallies the question is, what does he plan in the future to make America great again . He has a large following, but he will need additional voters who were burned by Biden’s policies to win . I certainly would like to see him back in The White House .

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Smith

Peter… It took me a couple days to decide whether or not to reply back on your comment, so here I go as best I can…The Presidents what seemed like at the time never ending social media tweets was a bit disconcerting for many folks, myself included, however, over time I came to realize he used that medium to get his thoughts out to the people, almost instantly & he used it to his great advantage due to the lying, manipulative MSM circus. Your black vote comment misses the mark completely imo…
President Trump was/is well within his rights to question the election results & there is a clear & concise reason why President Donald J. Trump did NOT concede, he WON the election by overwhelming numbers…The 2020 US Presidential Election was over by 11:00 pm on Nov 3 2020 as the nation did in fact go all RED. The real numbers were Trump @ 410 Electors & Biden @ 127 Electors…
By early morning on Nov 4 2020, everything dramatically changed for Biden… What occurred between the hours of 1:00 am & 5:00 am the following morning was mathematically impossible to happen to the order of 1 in a quadrillion odds of ever happening based on the VERTICAL spikes on the charts bringing Biden ahead by just enough to get the win in all those KEY states…
In summary Peter, Donald J. Trump is the POTUS, he isn’t going anywhere & the miscreants currently taking up space in the WH along with many others, will be gone in short order…
Bill on the Hill…

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