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Better For America: Liberty Under Siege with Reb and Rob

This week Reb and Rob dive into the issues that are taking aim directly at your freedoms. Bobby gives us the 411 on foreign affairs in China and Afghanistan, while Rebecca focuses on attacks close to home. Learn more about the letter sent to President Biden from the National School Board Association branding parents against CRT as domestic terrorists. But it doesn’t stop there; poor leadership continues to produce crisis after crisis. Join Reb and Rob today as they cover all this and more!

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1 year ago

Hi Reb and Bob , did you watch the french tv Cnews with Mathieu Bock-coté , a french canadian sociologist who published a book about topics like EDI. You can get his articles on the Journaldemontreal . Thanks Amac from France

1 year ago

I am a youthful 74 and never retired. I went to a rally at a downtown Cleveland Hotel, as a member of junior achievement. It was a rally for Barry Goldwater and the speaker was Eddie Rickenbacker. I don’t remember his speech but listening to AMAC re-educating me on this man and his foresight really amazed me. Is there anyone around today that could match this man? Sadly, this is a different world and nation headed in the wrong direction. This presentation affected me with optimism that just maybe there might be someone who can carry that torch of leadership.

1 year ago

Better for whom?

1 year ago
Reply to  Rae

Are you somebody????

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

See NewsMax, Liberty under seige since 1-20-21

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