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Better For America: Laptop From Hell with Miranda Devine

Rebecca welcomes back Miranda Devine, NY Post columnist and one of our favorite investigative journalists. Miranda gives you the birds-eye view of her reporting on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and the hurdle she and the NY Post (the fourth largest circulated news source in the country) faced just weeks before one of the most significant elections in our history. In this episode, we discuss the frightening power of big-tech and big names, further underscoring the urgency of getting the truth about the laptop out to the American public. Miranda also weighs in on Biden’s influence peddling scheme that has actually been going on right under our noses for decades.

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11 months ago

This situation with Obiden is very dangerous. You wonder why, not really all of you know why. We will get another Hitler in that dumb bitch of a VP. Harris has the title but in no way is she a VP. She hated Obiden until he asked her to run with him. He was stupid since that deep hatred never Leaves. In fact he has screwed up more stuff in our country which allows the leftists and Dumbo rat’s to push Obiden over the edge.

11 months ago

Biden is quickly becoming the Hitler of modern governance and it comes natural to him. The sad prelude to his present distorted governance positions is that he has been in that frame of illegal behavior for many years and it has gone mostly ignored.

11 months ago

The “President” from Hell”!

11 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Maybe just going there soon

11 months ago

Joe is swimming in the swamp.

11 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

He’s been in it for almost 5 decades

Bill on the Hill
11 months ago

Rebecca Weber & Miranda Devine… Both of you really dived into some great detail here, Y’all covered a lot of material in 34 minutes or so… I want to wish Miranda success with her new book coming out in November, ” The Laptop From Hell. ”
Something to the tune of ( 6 ) million people that relied on Google News as their primary news source that voted for Joe Biden not knowing of this story about Joe Biden & his son, Hunter…Many folks wanted to change their votes after learning of all this after it was to late & Big Tech along with the majority of MSM did NOT report on Hunter’s laptop, or his father’s illicit behavior, sadly enough…
Joe Biden in his 49 year political career has been a legacy of manipulating, lying, cheating & plagiarism as well as enrichening himself & his immediate family at the American taxpayers expense, i.e. Russia, Ukraine & China energy deals…
JRB was fraudulently installed as the 46th potus & his lying to the American people from day one of the illegal inauguration due to uncertifiable elector counts has been problematic for every American citizen to date…Joe’s foundation is cracking & he is now mostly reviled by the American people…
Thank you,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Kathleen Cauthen
11 months ago

Bill on the Hill Could not have said it any better!

11 months ago

Nor I, thank you for putting my exact thoughts about this bottom dwelling POS into print!

11 months ago

I still think his profile side view reminds me of the old man version of Beavis and Butthead.
Beavis Biden…. fits well doesn’t it?

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