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Better for America: Heart of the Fight with Congressman Jake Ellzey

Congressman Jake Ellzey, out of Texas’ 6th District, brings his Reagan Era mentality to the Better for America podcast, pointing out how the MSM and radical Left are attempting to ruin the goodness of America. As a distinguished military leader and congressman, Rep. Ellzey brings candor and common sense to the issues that the Biden Administration have fumbled over for the past 11 months. Tune in for his fiery message and outlook for brighter days in 2022!

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Kaylyn Shields
5 months ago

Jake Ellzey for president!

Susan K Sweeney
5 months ago

Congressman Jake I’m so thankful for you and your service. As a fellow TEXAS you make us great and proud! As many Americans I’m sick of liars and thiefs. The so called president along with his puppet masters don’t care about anything but their pocket books not we the people. We don’t work for them they need to work for us. I would fire them all. Keep going STRONG

5 months ago


5 months ago

Ok. im ready to hear specifics. E.g. just where, how, what amounts will be cut in spending. Apply to other areas of comment. Generalities are fine for starters. Time now for elected officials to clearly lay out the plan forward.

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