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Better For America: Democrat Doubletalk

Andy Mangione, AMAC Action SVP, joins Rebecca this week to discuss the deliberate double talk of the Democrats and the Administration. Andy explores the dangerous precedent the Democrats are attempting to set by removing the filibuster. Rebecca wonders where Kamala Harris has been since being named “Border Czar”, and shares video confirming that her campaign promises were all just talk. And don’t forget about Georgia! What will be the financial impact of moving the MLB All-Star game to Denver? Tune in for all this PLUS a ton of ways AMAC makes it easy for YOU to make a difference in Washington!

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Sharon Weyland
1 year ago

I agree with concerns here, but would like to see more in depth responses instead of so scattered a listing of problems we are mostly aware of of. We need clarity and filling in some of the informaiton that we are no longer getting on news media.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
1 year ago

My family is very Democratic. They do not see the double talk; All Republican reports are lies or misinformation no matter what you show them; and they do not care about those children. And how could that young woman stand up to a Senator (Ted Cruz) and mouth-him-off on camera.

David Coomer
1 year ago

Thank you , thank you, thank you for all you’re doing to fight for America!! I love your podcast!! Great to hear Americans speak the truth!! The truth is neither our current President or Congress are representing the American People. Unfortunately, I truly believe they wouldn’t be in power without cheating at a massive scale. Red State Legislatures & Governors must continue to fight back in terms of demanding & requiring voter ID, proof of citizenship for those IDs, and by eliminating mail-in voting and ballot harvesting!! They also need to stop using voting machines that can be connected to the internet or have software changed prior to an election or during the election. Why? To prevent vote flipping that appears to have occured late Nov 3rd 2020 at a massive scale. I think it’s possible that this occurred in previous elections and was missed because the outcome was closer. I think it’s possible President Trump and other Republicans won by massive numbers before votes were flipped by voter machine software or those that corrected ballots illegally. It time to prevent this from happening again. It must be stopped and those that participated tried in court, convicted and jailed for years to come for negatively impacting one of our greatest rights as Americans–the right for our voices to be heard by our votes!! Hell, go back to paper ballots in 2022–there’s no way to flip them and they can be recounted multiple times to verify results. Elections must be run with total integrity–no exceptions!!

Thank you again for ALL you do!!

1 year ago

H.R.1 and S.R.1 are a disaster for America. It solidifies dishonest tactics like mail in voting, no voter ID and ballot harvesting. We need voter integrity and this is not it. Voting is the peaceful way for We the People to hold the Government accountable.

John K
1 year ago

Why isn’t someone doing anything about the fake, phony, illegitimate administration that has stolen the White House? Does no one care about honor, the rule of law or truth anymore? We have heard some states may leave the “union”. Have you heard anything like that; is it true?

1 year ago

Thanks Rebecca for continuing in your fathers footsteps. AMAC is a breath of fresh air compared to AARP. I am a proud member and talk AMAC up every chance I get. Also, one reason the all-star games were moved to Denver is because we have a solid Democrat governor who “fits the mold” for what the agenda is in Washington. We cannot give up the fight. As conservatives, it’s up hill all the time but we cannot give up!

Sharon Weyland
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

Good points Rich. I think one of the reasons the games were move is to punish Georgia conservative efforts and scare other states with the threat of similar actions if they don’t fall in line.

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