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Better For America: Consent of the Governed

This is a critical time for the future of our national security and law enforcement! As the Biden Administration prepares to pull our troops from Afghanistan, Bobby outlines the likely long-term effects of that decision. And with the Chauvin trial now behind us, Rebecca asks what our society can do to strengthen respect for the rule of law. Democrats are pushing hard for HR. 127, so you’ll want to pay close attention as Bobby explains in detail exactly what this bill could mean not only for your Second Amendment rights, but all our rights. (Can you say Lexington and Concord?). Join us now for all this and more!

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1 year ago

Obviously you miss the whole point, if we do not PROVE voter fraud now, our country and our freedom no longer exist, comments on AMAC SITES ARE BEING DELETED AS SOON AS WE HIT THE COMMENT BUTTON!!

Betty cirricione
1 year ago
Reply to  John

John is correct, we all know the election was stolen .This election of fraud must be overturned, The socialist have been working on this for many years . When SOROS found Obama ,he knew he found some one he could tell what to do. A Muslim who no one knew anything about. He started the race wars Both hate white people, especially his wife. We were all getting along to well and the left didn’t like that..Thank God for President Trump. Everyone was getting along doing better. For Democrats that was not good. Every one wake up. We need Trump back.

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