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Better For America: Common Sense with Dr. Carol Swain

Dr. Carol Swain has never let adversity or the color of her skin keep her from reaching her goals. Swain rose from a childhood of abject poverty to be appointed Vice Chair of President Trump’s 1776 Committee. Her career as a law and political science professor, author, political candidate and civil activist is noteworthy and impressive. We are honored to welcome Dr. Swain to the show to discuss, among other things, an issue of crucial importance: Critical Race Theory. Dr. Swain also explains why Donald Trump wanted our history correctly documented and why Joe Biden dismantled the 1776 Commission immediately after he was sworn in. Join Rebecca and Dr. Swain as they discuss the common sense needed to save our nation! *Exclusive* Dr. Carol Swain’s new book Black-Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House – hits shelves this August!

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1 month ago

”The 1962 Engel v. Vitale US Supreme Court decision broke a two hundred-year tradition of public school systems across America beginning their days with prayer and asking for God’s blessings, provision and protection on their students, themselves and our nation. Throughout our nation’s history, the Bible and the Pledge of Allegiance provided cornerstones for generations of children who learned principles and values such as morality, virtue, piety and patriotism – the founding roots of American government.”

The above two quoted sentences are taken from:
Thomas Nelson, Inc., pg. 34.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bill
1 month ago

Dr. swain is a five star lady. She hit the nail on the head when she spoke about tying a bully into a race. Our media constantly shows people of color who are in violent situations. We need to see more people like Dr. Swain getting media coverage. There seems to be a misconception that BLM and Antifa are a black thing. I see a lot of white faces there. It proves that stupidity is color blind. I have found that most Americans, no matter their ethnic origin, just want to live in peace and harmony. We want to achieve the American dream. That is to be successful and provide a better life for our children. We don’t get the media coverage. It doesn’t sell and make money for the media.

Bob Bruner
1 month ago

Glad to hear Dr. Carol Swain Appling CS to this CRT propaganda being propagated in our our country. I being white male born in
Mo. In abject poverty as Dr. Swain talked about.
Appreciate her stand for truth and justice. It’s not a skin color problem but a sin problem with a capital (I)! King Jesus is praying ????for all who want to follow Him, that we will be united as one. “Let the mind of Christ be in you”. In His Everlasting Love ???? Bob

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

As Dr. Swain said, CRT is racist. It is more racist than what they pretend to oppose! It is predicated on LIES and has NO place in public schools!

Janet Burkey
1 month ago

God bless you Dr Swain and Rebecca and all of AMAC!

1 month ago

Wonderful half hour.

Melanie W Frazier
1 month ago

This woman is PHENOMENAL… a patriot who truly understands the truth about CRT. I hope that more conservative educators in our country will join her in speaking out. Thank you, Dr. Swain!!!

aluminum head
1 month ago

Going YEARS back, “street cops” who planned on collecting their pensions were NOT the first ones to answer a call of a shoot out / holdup. I knew these men personally who are now deceased ( due to old age ). I had a relative who answered a call for a liquor store robbery as he was first on the scene. He was shot in the abdomen but survived. Need I say more ? He DID finish his career.

1 month ago

Dr Swain is a True American Patriot, nothing less. She owns her sanity and has an abundance of common sense.

Ken Smith
1 month ago

Thank you for introducing us to Dr Swain. I look forward to buying her new book

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