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Better For America: American Frame of Mind with Montana’s Senator Steve Daines

Welcome Montana’s Senator Steve Daines to the Better For America Podcast. With a degree in chemical engineering, 28 years in the private business sector, and countless hours spent in the great outdoors with his family, Senator Daines is proud to serve the great state of Montana. Senator Daines shares his views on the crises created by our Commander in Chief this year, and connects the dots on the cascading effects of his destructive policies. From Biden’s weak leadership emboldening our enemies to putting America last when it comes to energy independence, Senator Daines rightly questions the moral clarity of this Administration.

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Sally Duncan
22 days ago

I really like and have a lot of respect for Senator Daines. His common sense approach to problems and very obvious loyalty to our country is very refreshing. We pray for his safety and success.

Diana Ashley
1 month ago

Excellent! Thank you, Sen Drained!!

1 month ago

There is no “moral clarity” whatsoever coming from this puppet administration. In fact, there is nothing moral about anything Biden is doing.
He’s a puppet put in place to follow the plans of Soros, Bilderberg, and Davos ‘elites’, who have nothing beyond the death of America in mind.
The UN’s document “Agenda21” laid out their plans. In detail.
Almost all the global population destroyed. Just enough people to act as serfs to the ‘elite’ bas Turds to keep them comfortable. And those allowed to live shovelled into China-style city dwellings, leaving ALL the land to these vile thugs.
The picture was nightmarish.
It has begun.

Mary Curry
1 month ago

Thank you for this great interview with a senator who shares our concerns for the future of America.

Rita Francesco
1 month ago

Thank you for this great interview dear Rebecca; what a great senator, he has the values I cherish and he speaks up and is not afraid to name the great difficulties America is facing today. My husband and I am retired and if we would not have our faith is God these times we live in would be crushing.

J. Farley
1 month ago

Montana’s Steve Daines is one of the best of the best, in the Senate, two bad that we don’t have about seventy-five more like him, wish We had two like him in my state, my state has Two losers.

1 month ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Michiogan is right there with you. Two losers: Stabusnow and her evil male twin..

Deborah Gabelton
1 month ago

Would someone please do me a favor and copy and paste the text of this video into one of the comments. I am not able to watch You Tube because my granddaughter “canceled” me again for saying something that she said was “horribly racist” when I was just making an innocent remark about how things are different these days. When ever I open You Tube on my Amazon Tablet now, she has “hacked” it so it just shows images of men pleasuring each other. I very much want to know what Senator Daines has to say, please help.

MG Smith
1 month ago

I am so sorry and ANGRY to hear that Deborah because one of the neighbor children “hacked” me with the same “virus”! I was trying to watch a Prager U video and suddenly those “images” came up on the screen. Were the men wearing dress shirts on top and nothing underneath? On a bed with plaid sheets? I ask because many of the people in my Church group have had the same thing happen. We are trying to get the neighbor kids punished for this.

Deborah Gabelton
1 month ago
Reply to  MG Smith

Are you kidding me? That is the exact one. I am furious.

1 month ago
Reply to  MG Smith

This is so vile and evil.
Maybe just take the rabid little fiends out…..

Jeff Lovely
1 month ago

Senator Daines….you share a wonderful story of your well grounded all American upbringing an upbringing that the majority of us share. What I would have been more interested in hearing is what are you doing for your constituents and our country to stop the tyranny. Are you doing anything?

Rita Francesco
1 month ago
Reply to  Jeff Lovely

Thank you for bringing this up. I think by exposing what is happening now Senator Daines states with truthfulness the real dangers that are facing America, that makes him already a courageous man. In these times when you can easily be “punished ” for saying one wrong word, being honest and telling things as they are, analyzing well the severe problems of this country as senator Daines did, I think this is the first step. And yes, lets see what the next steps will be that senator Daines will undertake and let’s pray for him.

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