We Are The Better Angels We Are Looking For

capitalism-economyBy Diana Erbio – “Just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us.” That was the challenge Milton Friedman posed to Phil Donahue in response to Donahue’s question to him about whether he ever had doubts about capitalism due to its “greediness” factor.

Milton Friedman, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1976, explained in that 1979 interview and throughout his long career how free market capitalism, although not perfect, had lifted more people from poverty than any other system. Friedman also recognized and spoke out about the necessity of personal responsibility. He warned that government could not and would not bear responsibility. Individuals bear responsibility.

People engaging in free market capitalism do have ethical responsibilities, and kindness should have an important role. George W. Bush campaigned under the banner of  “compassionate conservatism”; however, I believe adding “compassionate” gave credence to the false narrative that conservatism is somehow not compassionate. How is individual freedom not compassionate? How is the natural born right to pursue one’s happiness not compassionate? What is compassionate about government bureaucratic agencies making choices for the individual? Milton Friedman correctly pointed out to Phil Donahue that greed also existed in other systems like communism and socialism. Greed is based in human nature, not inherent to any particular economic system. That is why the outcome of economic systems must be measured by the results, not the intentions. After all, isn’t the road to hell said to be paved with good intentions?

The free market system, coupled with the insistence that all players adhere to the same rules, has proven to have had the best economic outcomes for societies that followed that path. Social scientist, Alexis de Tocqueville noted that in 1830’s America, if something needed to be done, the Americans simply did it. They did not wait for the government to attend to it.  He wrote this observation of centralized government, “It excels in preventing, not doing.”

Today it seems that too many Americans expect that their problems be solved by some faceless bureaucracy. They look for answers in yet another unaccountable government agency. We must once again realize that we are the solution.

We must cultivate both persistence and moral values in the next generation. We must teach by example to never give up, and put forth the truth that Milton Friedman spoke to Phil Donahue, which was that angelic leaders will not magically appear and organize a problem-free Utopia for all to live in. We must encourage tomorrow’s adults to look to themselves for solutions to societal problems, and pass on the idea that we are the better angels we are looking for.

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Excellent article as always Diana. The lesson that “we are the solution” if we want a better, more prosperous and free society is lost on far too many people today. Instead far too many people want a quick, painless (at least they think it will be at the time) fix by simply abdicating their personal responsibilities to some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in the hope their lives will magically be made better accounts for much of the lure of both socialism and communism. The old “we will make everything fair” argument with “fair” being always left largely undefined and open to individual interpretation of the “useful idiots”.

Thank you Diana, for reminding all of us of what a national treasure Milton Friedman was to America. Perhaps, if students were exposed to his commentary America wouldn’t be in such a mess today. I think it’s time that every parent, grandparent should start teaching their children by pulling up past interviews of Mr. Friedman available on the Internet to all of us. (at least while the govt doesn’t yet control it) … Milton Friedman should become standard reading for ALL Americans!

The people with christian values have always been the angels, but our government has been brainwashing the people of this great nation to believe we don’t want God anymore but we want our government to be our source. Our country was established by God loving men and women. This country has not been perfect, but Friedman had it right about capitalism working the best for the most people. We need to get back to individual responsibility and to continue informing and teaching our youth the true meaning of freedom, and it isn’t free handouts from our government.

Diana, this as is usual from you a very apt read. Much more said with less words than what’s in the weekly newsletter. Thanks for alerting us to it, and keep up your most likely lonely journey of enlightenment.

Friedman said it beautifully. Capitalism was the way our nation became so wealthy and it is the way of the future.

In the spirit of our free market system, I hope you won’t mind this shameless self-promotion post. I don’t know if any of you noticed I recently published a book. I placed a small note about it at the end of my column above. I also just set up a Diana Erbio, Writer Page. The plan for the page is for it to be a place for a potpourri of posts that will include my writings, history, crafts, and assorted topics I find interesting and hope you will too! If you have a chance, please visit it and give me a like. Thanks for putting up with that announcement, AMAC and readers.

In the spirit of our free market system, I hope you won’t mind this shameless self-promotion post. I don’t know if any of you noticed I recently published a book. I placed a small note about it at the end of my column above. I also just set up a Diana Erbio, Writer FaceBook Page. The plan for the page is for it to be a place for a potpourri of posts that will include my writings, history, crafts, and assorted topics I find interesting and hope you will too! If you have a chance, please visit it and give me a like. Thanks for putting up with that announcement, AMAC and readers. :-)

My conservative friends are compassionate individuals. They acknowledge that most children born into poverty won’t have access to a support system that encourages a good education, and achievement throughout their life. Nor will everyone have the money, connections or luck it sometimes takes to realize the American dream.

However they believe all lives have equal value so they give generously of their time and money helping to improve someone’s situation who may need it. They listen to their better angels.

But that still doesn’t dismiss the fact that so few (.1%) have as much wealth as the bottom 90% in the US. This just didn’t happen overnight. Income and inequality has been rapidly increasing since the 1980’s.

No one who works full time should have to live in poverty.

Free market capitalism has brought more people out of poverty than any other system, PaulO. As for the inequality, under communism and socialism there is a higher gap between the poorest and the wealthiest, plus under those systems there is no hope to climb up the income ladder.

I agree 100% with you. Capitalism and the free market system has built this great country. Along with hard work and a little luck the American dream has been good for me and my family.

“I’m for the kind of socialism that makes capitalism work.”—William (“Wimpy”) Winpisinger, International Association of Machinists president.

But then there is the ugly side of capitalism: deregulation of the tax code that allows the “carried interest “rule for the financial industry, corporate tax write-off for moving your company offshore, hiding trillions of dollars offshore to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. How about the story this past week of Pfizer and inversion?
The beat goes on. People working 40 plus hours a week and still not making a livable wage.

What you are describing is mercantilism, not free market capitalism, PaulO.

I think a lot of people confuse crony capitalism with FREE MARKET capitalism. It should be up to us to hound our elected officials to change the laws to stop the corruption of big banks and businesses. The tax laws are broken and need reform now.

How can you take for truth what a union president has to say. Look, I believe in unions to protect the worker from certain job incongruent inequalities, but most unions have gone too far and are out of compliance as to what a union was intend to be and should be. With that said, every form of “ism” has its good and bad side–some are better than others. I happen to believe that of all the systems of belief, Capitalism is the very best. Presently, we have very good examples of these systems in other countries taking place. North Korea, China, Cuba and Russia live under communism where everyone is controlled by the government. In many parts of the world we see totalitarianism and dictatorships under self-appointed kings and other leaders holding down and holding back their people, women in particular. Europe has developed into socialistic nations and we see… Read more »
You my man, have it wrong…. the tax code is one of the reasons we are in the dire straits that we are in… I am so tired of you mamby-pamby libs calling for equality… Have you ever heard of DESIRE? I was raised in a very dysfunctional family. I saw that there was a better way of life than what I was living at a very early age.. I committed and vowed to myself that I would never live in poverty and squalor. I had the DESIRE AND DETERMINATION to bring myself out of the conditions I lived in. .Too many of you do-gooders think corporations are not paying their fair share (what in in the hell ever that is) Paul, have you ever thought, maybe, the regulations put upon industries, and the high corporate income taxes that are levied on them. just might have something to do with… Read more »
Paulo, I hear your cry for the poor, but having been raised in a family of immigrants, I know what poverty and living the American Dream is first hand. Both my parents and relatives came to this country with little more than the clothing on their backs and a few measly dollars in their pockets. The couldn’t speak English and had no to very little education. My father and grandfather worked in the coal mines and steel mills, taking the lowest paying, but most dangerous jobs. They worked their way up the ladder, saved every penny and bought their first homes. From there they married, raised big families and started their own businesses. That was their dream and they achieved it through hard, and often dangerous work. They gave their families the best they could give and nudged their children to get a good education and work hard. They were… Read more »

Paulo week after week you cry and complain about the wealthy like some spoiled brat child. Being wealthy in the USA is not a crime like you and your commie ilk would have us believe. In the USA it is actually something that is achievable and something to work for, an attainable goal. Instead of sitting around on your hands and whining about it all the time, make it a goal, and try it yourself. You and your commie buddies make me sick. After all isn’t jealousy a form of greed?

Another thought paulo, when you take my advice and become extremely wealthy, you can be the first dumacrat to give all of your hard earned money to the poor, and solve poverty! Something you actually never see the extremely wealthy dumacrats do. They just like to legislate it and make us pay for it, to gain votes for themselves, while in reality they never practice it. Kennedy, Biden, Carter, Clinton, Sorros, any other wealthy dumacrats come to mind? Hypocrites all.

Jealousy, Ralph, another method of going green, you know, as in the green agenda. Good one by spelling it out as “greed.”

So….Paulo, what is your point?

He never has one! He just spouts commie BS. Now he pretends to have conservative friends. I would like to know who that guy is!!!!!