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Best Outcome – Toss Suspect Ballots

ballotsDozens of claims, hundreds of affidavits, lawsuits in half a dozen states – all argue that President Trump should win.  A common thread unites the claims – and it is important.

Claims fall into pockets, including how mail-in and absentee ballots were disseminated, collected, processed, verified, counted, observed, and certified – in hundreds of counties.  If fraud occurred, finding the right remedy is vital.  How many ballots should be tossed?

Assessing the integrity of mail-in ballots is common to all these suits.  COVID produced a perfect storm – fear, millions of mail-in ballots, and elevated risk of fraud.  This is the first presidential election in American history to be decided by mail-in ballots.

Why do these lawsuits matter?  Why is filing them entirely right?  Three reasons.

First, without assurances of integrity in validation, collection, and counting of these ballots – the election outcome, whatever it is, will be forever in doubt.  The legitimacy of the inaugurated president – Trump or Biden – will be darkened.  That is why lawsuits and recounts matter.

Second, fraud is so likely with mail-in and absentee ballots that, absent proof of basic protections – like GOP observers close to ballot opening, signature validations, and no co-mingling – fraud may be “more likely than not.” If a pool of ballots is credibly alleged to be tainted, the legal presumption should shift – against counting them.

The comeback is that fraud should not be assumed, even if allegations support it.  That is nonsensical.  In fact, most countries in the world, and most US states before this election, severely limited mail-in ballots – for one obvious reason.  Fraud is easy and likely.

Look at the evidence.  Thirty-seven US states – until this year – disallowed widespread mail-in ballots, for fears of fraud. The view was bipartisan.  Around the world, mail-in ballots are disallowed. As one expert noted: “There are fraud problems with mail-in absentee ballots, but problems with universal mail-in ballots are much more significant,” and “most countries ban even absentee ballots for people living in their countries.”

As a matter of record, “most developed countries ban absentee ballots, unless the citizen is living abroad” or, in the alternative, they “require Photo-IDs to obtain those ballots”.  Examples, abound.  “Japan and Poland have limited mail-in voting,” and “special certificates” for the disabled.

Likewise, “France banned absentee voting in 1975, because of massive fraud in Corsica, where postal ballots were stolen or bought, and voters cast multiple votes.” Not surprisingly, “mail-in ballots were used to cast the votes of dead people.”  France, like other countries, fears a repeat.

Third, dependence of this election’s outcome on mail-in ballots, subject to fraud and traditionally disallowed or limited – suggests that the right remedy is disallowing all credibly suspect ballots.

If this sounds harsh, think about how we manage integrity in any other setting.  If blood samples are tainted, we throw them out.  If water quality samples are tainted, we throw them out.  If matters of great import are before us – we decide them based on data, following probabilities where they lead.

This is a strange year.  This election – beyond stakes, differences among candidates, questions of style, competence, and impact – is inordinately dependent on huge piles of mail-in ballots.

All else aside, lawsuits urging every legal ballot be counted, every potentially illegal one tossed, are entirely justified.  Given the outsized number of suspect ballots, the Supreme Court should apply a standard of review that focuses on a presumption against credibly suspect ballots.

In short, if misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance are involved – or credibly alleged – the presumption should be against counting these ballots.  Wherever that leads, we should all be content to land.  If in this process, Biden wins, so be it.  If Trump wins, so be it.

Bottom line:  Dozens of claims, hundreds of affidavits, and lawsuits filed in half a dozen states –amount to a call for election integrity, in a year overwhelmed by mail-in ballots. Credibly suspect ballots should not be counted, to assure the outcome’s legitimacy.  It is that simple. When the dust settles, all credibly suspect ballots should be out.

If the Supreme Court hears this case, arguments for tossing suspect ballots are “equal protection” – where different counties treated voters differently, and state failures to follow the constitutional requirement that state legislatures, not election officials, set procedures for Electoral College votes.  We will have to wait to see – but a strong argument exists, and Trump is making it.

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Edward T Curtis
5 months ago

I agree wholeheartedly that this was a sham of an election. I don’t have a problem with mail in ballots, per se, but in this day and age with all the problems caused by the left, it’s just one more nail in the coffin against the free voting system we have. I know it cannot be done in a timely manner, but the entire election result(s) should be thrown out and start over again. Failing that, with all the charges being flung about, gather up all the votes, either by machine or mailed in, and recount and re-certify voter registrations. I know the “LEFT” always cries foul when it is suggested that all people registering to vote show a valid government issued ID. Doesn’t seem strange that the party who has been caught cheating at the polls is the same party against having a government issued ID. AND the excuses given to not make ID mandatory are1) Poor people can’t afford a government ID. Let’s see, how much money was wasted by the LEFT trying to impeach President Clinton and have all the baseless investigations. I have heard anywhere from $30M to $50M. I can’t believe it would cost that much for government employees to go to houses, hospital, workplace, soup kitchens, et al. to take a current photo and and information and for some other government drone to obtain a copy of birth certificates, naturalization papers, etc. In the long run it would be cheaper and easier to have a fair election with only a miniscule number of bad votes that may get through. My son-in-law just came up with an improvement to the above. Only those in hospitals, nursing homes, jail would be contacted where they are; others needing transportation could be afforded the opportunity to receive one free round trip via UBER, LYFT, Public Bus, etc to a government office to register for the vote. Still probably cheaper, in the long run, than all the money it will probably take to investigate this current election.

Let’s at least try to fix this so it doesn’t happen again and again.

Stephanie Staker
5 months ago

I have an 18 year old grandson who voted for the first time. He was so excited about it. He studied the propositions and the people running for office. I am blessed that he is Trump supporter. On Saturday, Nov. 7, he came running downstairs asking me, “Is it over?” He read on Google that Biden won. I had to explain to him how none of the states had certified their votes yet and the Electoral College must ultimately certify who won. He said that all he read online was that Biden won…not the “presumptive” winner but that he won. How many other 18-year-olds who voted this year for the first time are going to be confused? How many will think that voting doesn’t matter so why vote? This article by Mr. Charles is spot-on as usual.

Danny Estridge
5 months ago

Look, I can’t walk or stand long enough to vote. I rely on absentee ballots and request one for every election. I can’t do any better than that, yes I can show a voter ID if needed, but it has to be quick, due to what I already said. I don’t like “blanket” mail in ballots. There should be a reason as to why you vote absentee. Otherwise, I’d delete all mail in votes, who knows who or where they came from? If you need to vote absentee, well I can get my Dr..’s reason, or I can go to state of New Mexico with my disabled placard for the car. I hate absentee voting, I always loved standing in line, it may not have been too much fun sometimes, but you felt like you actually did something, not like today’s mail in BS. Did mail in’s even look at the rest of the ballot? This is supposed to be a democracy, not a vote by mail system. We need a total overhaul of the voting system, making sure we keep all states as individuals, but insuring no BS mail in ballots.

Cathryn Pindzola
5 months ago

Why does the candidate (Trump, etc) have to pay for re-counts? Surely, this should be paid by the federal/state government that screwed up the original count. Am I missing something here?

5 months ago

The spineless g.o.p could’ve pass a law using S.S.N. numbers no number no duplicares. It would’ve got rid of the dead people & illegal voters. So why doesn’t the gop want 2 do this ???????

5 months ago

Maybe Trump will fire Barr over the next few days for not releasing the Durham report. Has Durham done anything ?

5 months ago

No wonder Biden didn’t campaign. #1 . He knew he had nothing to say #2 He knew the fix was in.

5 months ago

Henderson county NC announced they would count votes until Nov 13. How do they come up with this date ?

5 months ago

We know now that the Georgia system is rigged. The Dominion softwear has comtaminated voting in several states but the corruption
can be done only by those who want to falsify the vote. So who knows if the Ga results on Jan 5 will be correct.
Georgia has a repub governor which is a point of investigation itself.

5 months ago

If there is any indication that an election or a vote was tainted, it should never be counted! We’ve seen this time and time again–the liberals and whiny millennials keep pushing and pushing for what they want, legitimate or not. Integrity doesn’t enter into it. They don’t even know what it is. The end justifies any means.

What will it take for an election to be assumed to be “clean”, free of doubt, honorable? I hope our elected officials will begin with eliminating early voting and mass mailing of ballots. Bring on voter ID (photo and unique voter number). We need some sort of purple finger validation. Get rid of these machines that were made elsewhere and have connections with Pelosi and Maduro…and now I hear that votes are first tabulated in Europe and then sent back here!

In this state, the vote for our highest court seat was recounted, and now the Republican leads by 350 votes. There must be very close monitoring of our elections or this country will find itself in chaos, poverty, and mutiny.

5 months ago

People keep blaming the dimocrats for all the law breaking, lying, underhanded bs they have been doing for, especially, the past 12 years. BUT, it’s actually the mainstream “media” that has enabled them to succeed without a hint of backlash or punishment. This embarrassing debacle of an election is just the latest confusing mess the “media” has allowed them to probably get away with. As in most communist countries, the propaganda outlets only tell their faithful listeners what they want them to hear, and keep silent on anything that could actually keep people informed. Of course, they will make mountains out of molehills when it supports their cause. Until more of us realize the media is the real enemy of the country right now, it WILL ONLY GET WORSE. Not gonna hold my breath!

5 months ago

The democrats told the American people before the election that they were going to cheat steel or buy the votes and they did.Voting by mail will never work . Like the old saying goes you must be present to vote.

Dino Deplorable"chump"
5 months ago

I think that any AMERICANS with any common sense are fully aware of what the democrats did and it WILL come back to bite them in the posterior.

Tim Terry
5 months ago

Excellent article ? ?
I want my legal Vote to count and Not be negated by an illegal one… ID Voting verification is the only way 2go. And even w/ that it still matters Who Verifies n Counts the Votes, machine integrity too. What a sinful shameful sinister state of affairs exists in these United States ?? of America when the character trait of trust is compromised. God hav mercy… or go ahead and let Your wrath fall. 60M innocent preborn babies blood screams silently from Heaven for justice. #NeverAdemoncrat demoncrat=Hypocrisy #anything4avote

5 months ago

Any judge that rules to have them thrown out will be harassed to no end. That is how the Communists, sorry Democrats, operate.

Dolf Reeves
5 months ago

The red flag was stopping the count when PresidentTrump had the lead and was pulling farther and farther ahead of Biden. When the count re-started, the President’s massive lead had dissipated. How can a candidate who can not answer a question, can not complete a sentence and spent most of his time in his basement beat a President that never stopped campaigning? The president had huge crowds and his record alone should have given him a landslide. The Democrats didn’t have Joe campaign because the FIX was in.

Nero Wolfe
5 months ago

Disallow mail-in ballots, it a pathway to fraud. No more ; magic pens, and electronic processing of ballots. Poll watchers should be on the watch up close not 16 feet away.Voter ID is essential to provide an honest result. Most important is that once the polls are closed the ballot counting “stops”.
The voting is for only one day not multiple days.

5 months ago

Something very important to consider here. The election fraud seems to have begun in mass after the polls were closed and mail-in ballots brought in for the count. At that point the intimidation against Republican Poll Watchers and closed room secrecy began. From then on, Biden votes suddenly surged against reasonable statistical odds, through the night and the following day until his numbers surpassed Trump in nearly every one of those battleground states. The vote counting was controlled by Democrat Secretaries of State in every suspect state and Democrat supervisors in every suspect county. According to the numerous credible affidavits, these Democrat operatives are the ones who committed the malfeasance. The Republican voters were the victims here, not the Democrats. In any FAIR contest, cheaters are disqualified….Period. That is how we prevent cheating from repeatedly occurring – disqualify them!
If the US Supreme Court.has any validity whatsoever, it will throw out all of those mail-in ballots that were counted after polls were closed and when egregious violations of election laws began. Of course the Democrat operatives will push to have every vote counted….they are the cheaters!!. And if Democrat voters feel cheated out of their vote because of it, then they should have voted more sensibly in years past. For they are the ones who elected these morally challenged politicians, and therefore party to the fraud.

I’m telling you with great certainty that if this election is allowed to stand as it is, with possibly a hand slap to the cheater, we will NEVER see a fair election again. To date, this is the most important election of our lives. Do not let the Democrats steal this election!!

5 months ago

If Joe & the Ho get in office there are a lot of people who will have committed treason and if we find out who they are there should be no free pass for them. Since when is censorship of factual information acceptable and constitutional. Spreading lies about our President Trump and inciting violence on Conservative Americans is not ACCEPTABLE to us Patriotic Americans. Joe can’t put two thoughts together. His time has come and gone. If he had answers, he certainly had the time in office to fix them instead of padding his bank account.

5 months ago

Punish the demoncRATS (aka communists). Those states where fraud is proven (eg, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc.) MUST have their electorial votes for President disallowed by the SCOTUS! That will reduce the total number of Electorial College votes, but they would be for biden (because of fraud) anyway.

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