Bernie Sanders: Muslims Should Have Religious Freedom, But Christians Shouldn’t

spiritual religion religious man christiansVermont Sen. Bernie Sanders believes Muslims should be judged by their “views and abilities,” not by their religion. When it comes to Christians? Not so much.

On Wednesday, Sanders applied a religious litmus test during a confirmation hearing for Russell Vought, the hopeful White House deputy budget director who happens to be an evangelical Christian. Vought has described the need for the “centrality of Jesus Christ in salvation.” He did not avow an extreme religious stance, but simply stated that he believes in the need for a faith in Jesus Christ for entrance into heaven. This is a core Christian belief. Nearly all the world’s religions claim their teachings exclusively demonstrate the means of salvation, including Islam.

Yet Sanders did not take Vought’s answer well. He replied by saying, “[Vought] is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.” However, two years ago, Sanders felt the opposite way when the faith of potential Muslim officials were called into question. When former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson asserted that Islam and the U.S. Constitution are not reconcilable, Sanders claimed this was “very wrong.”

“What we should be doing as a people is judge our candidates based on their views, their abilities, not the color of their skin, not on their religion. That is what America is supposed to be about,” continued Sanders.

Essentially, Sanders demands an unconstitutional religious litmus test on Christians in public service positions, yet the exact opposite for those of Islamic faith. This double standard is worsened considering Sanders has made standing up for the religious liberty of Muslims a focal point of his career over the last couple years.

In 2015, Sanders condemned attacks against Muslims, saying “there is a lot of … hatred being generated against Muslims in this country. … If we are going to stand for anything, we have got to stand together and end all forms of racism.” “Our job is to build a nation in which we all stand together as one people,” he added.

Apparently, Sanders does not realize that religious liberty in America does not solely apply to faith systems that his political allies applaud, but rather to all religions. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Sanders’ office did not respond to a request for comment on this article.

From - The Federalist - by Caleb Ecarma

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3 years ago

Being against people who want to impose Islam on a democratic republic is not racism there Bernie… Are you thick..?

Frank E
3 years ago

Years ago our society had what we knew as “involuntary civil commitment”. Poor Bernie needs mental therapy and extensive mental treatment. Sorry to see this guy so honored revered and cherished by the leftists and the media.

3 years ago

Bernie is great for comic relief. You have to laugh at someone who thinks Muhammadans who take their book literally could ever fully embrace the freedoms our country has been blessed with.

A.D. Roberts
3 years ago

Sanders is a communist. As such he will HATE Christians since they are more difficult to manipulate. Muslims fit right in with his ideas and desire. UNTIL they get enough power and kill him.
Wisdom is what is lacking in our nation The Book of James says that anyone who lacks WISDOM should ask of God. But then, you have to believe in God and that HE actually loves you.

Kathy Willis
3 years ago

It’s really getting dangerous to be white, Christian and actually born in the United States. Even being a woman or man is obviously not something that PC culture can accept any more. What is going on in our country?! When will we get back to being God fearing, God loving Americans?

3 years ago

BESIDE the above article by Caleb, WE THE PEOPLE are NOT being racists against the Islam religion. It is the facts of part of that religion is against the safety and rights of our constitution! WE are standing against that criminal part and defending our country, our selves, our families and friends from a possible victimizing by allowing carte blanch religions. YES, I am aware that there are questionable parts in every religious group activities but none that are so obvious, so blatant, and so frequent as what we are observing in our homeland as well as ALL OVER THE WORLD! Our stance, Mr. Sanders, is NOT RACISM and it is NOT HATRED!!! It is reasonable protection! The Islamic religion has also announced a TAKE OVER of the WORLD and that means everyone would fall under the criminal mode of their practice – no questions asked. PROTECTION is the stance that is being taken here and it MUST be supported by all and anyone who wishes to be in a leadership role in this country! Think and reason wisely, carefully, and for all citizens, please! In the late 1970s and 1980s the “religious war” was declared ON the USA – – NOT BY the USA! we must face reality. yes, I also know that Christians many times spread the teachings of their religions. They want all to know and choose for themselves for an eternal situation. However, Christians are not telling people to believe their dogma OR DIE at the hands of the Christians… The race card and the hate card are being used out of context… Stop it.

3 years ago

Frankly speaking, I think Bernie Sanders has lost his marbles completely. I don’t find him as an honest person and his ideology is just as bad if not worse than Hillary’s and Obama’s. Either way, had he or Hillary won the last election, we’d have been in the same situation or stuck for good in the Obama-era fiasco with no way out. I think he needs to retire and let the Trump administration do its job as they promised the American people.

3 years ago

Bernie is a communist, his wife is a thief under investigation, he sold out his constituents during the DNC Primary and then took a pay off after the election from the party…his love of the muslim has to do with shariah law which is the same as communism, it is theological despostism…….Communism equals criminal…There is nothing good about communism, absolutely nothing…..

3 years ago

Muslims in this country already have religious freedom. That is not what they want, They want to take over our country like they have in Europe. WAKE UP AMERICA!

3 years ago

It’s sort of like “just sign the bill and read it later”(Pelosi) so we should accept sharia law and read about it later..hmmm

3 years ago

Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Russia and unfortunately for us, he returned to the U.S. As a Jew, I can criticize his abandonment of his heritage and tendency to align with our enemies. The worst anti-Semites are people like him who decry our religions and worship Socialism.

3 years ago

This moronic man sounds more lie Pelosi-Looney-Toon every day.

Ron Alford
3 years ago

Bernie Sanders is nuts. Thank God, there is no chance of him becoming president.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ron Alford

Never underestimate the stupidity of young people, who have been thoroughly indoctrinated via our progressive public school systems to embrace the ideals of socialism, to elect someone just as radical as Bernie Sanders to the position of POTUS some day. Remember if the Democrat primaries hadn’t been fixed to ensure Hillary would win, socialist Sanders would have been the Democrat nominee on the general election ballot. We dodged a major sh**show for this country last year with the Democrat’s strategic mistake. We cannot rely on them making that mistake twice. We have to use this second chance we have been given very wisely over these next four years or we may be in for a very dramatic and painful change in this country.

Pat Kelley
3 years ago

Someone should ask Bernie why and how, 3 yrs ago he was worth a couple hundred Thousand and he is NOW worth MILLIONS. For someone who basically has never had a “REAL” job I wonder how that happens.

3 years ago

Bernie speaks true socialistm

Harry Hagan
3 years ago

It’s becoming clear that most Jews have decided to form a coalition with Muslims against Christians. They see it as a great way to defeat us once and for all. I wonder if most of us will recognize this before the water starts to boil. I doubt it.

O. Ryan Faust
3 years ago

God is creative and productive. God’s people are called to be conformed into God’s image. Socialism is aggression by theft perpetrated by non-productive people against productive people. I’m not surprised by Bernie’s stand against Christianity. It’s consistent with his embrace of Satan’s substitute for Godly government.

3 years ago

Bernie baby, let me remind you that it’s not the Brits, Swedes, Japanese, or any other group who are beheading Christians and crucifying women and little kids; it’s the Muslims.

No ‘religion’ would advocate such behavior; this is a movement, or cult, and ‘mainstream’ Islam is doing nothing to stop it.

You’ve never had a job in your entire miserable life yet, you’re rich. Tell me how that works? Stealing other peoples’ money, huh? Makes sense; this is your Socialist philosophy and you’re living it at the expense of others.

Go back to VT and milk a cow. You’re irrelevant.

Maria Rose
3 years ago

I am not a fan of Bernie Sanders, mainly because he speaks of ideas that only a dreamer with no concept of reality would think of as possible. He’s never really had to deal with the pressure of earning a living with needing the money to survive, so he’s totally unaware of what really keeps people from success. Giving free anything means someone else is paying and expecting a payback. We are not a Socialist country. Call it selfish but if I earned a position in life, I don’t want to share it with someone who gets it free with no effort. E. G. Higher education. A college degree doesn’t guarantee a fancy job, one has to earn that degree by developing learning skills utilizing the mind and adapting those skills to real life.

Dolores Adams
3 years ago

Bernie Sanders is a nut.

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