Being a Hollywood Liberal Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Samantha Bee hollywood liberal‘Roseanne’ gets cancelled, meanwhile Samantha Bee’s profane tirade against the First Daughter is ignored.

On a Wednesday night episode of TBS’ late-night talk show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, host Samantha Bee angered conservatives with a series of vulgar insults directed at First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

The offensive remarks were made during a segment in which Bee was discussing President Trump’s initiative to separate the children of illegal immigrants from their parents. Displaying a photo Ivanka Trump had tweeted the week prior, showing the First Daughter lovingly embracing her young son, Bee barked:

Let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless c—! He listens to you! Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to f—— stop it!

While thousands of American conservatives took to television, radio, and social media platforms to speak out against Bee’s vulgar remarks and demand TBS cancel Full Frontal, the network was silent – as was the rest of the mainstream media.

The conservative backlash continued, with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling Bee’s language “vile and vicious” and “not fit for broadcast” in a Thursday statement.

If it were any other day, the Samantha Bee saga might just seem like another instance of the entertainment industry status quo in which liberal stars are given preferential treatment for bad behavior. However, the Bee fiasco sparked a particularly fiery backlash, given the controversy involving another comedian that had occurred just one day prior, exposing how liberals and conservatives in media are held to objectively different standards.

On Tuesday afternoon, ABC officials announced that the network had cancelled the highly-rated reboot of Roseanne after the sitcom’s star, Roseanne Barr, made an insulting comment on Twitter that morning about Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Barack Obama.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”, Barr tweeted in reference to Jarrett.

Channing Dungey, president of ABC, announced the cancellation of the show shortly afterwards, saying, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”

Fans of Barr and the show were baffled, arguing that ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne was a complete overreaction and that Barr had been unfairly singled out by the network due to her conservatism and passionate support of President Donald Trump.

The parallels between the Roseanne Barr controversy and the Samantha Bee controversy are clear, as are the double standards: Both women are comedians, both are known for using their platform to share their political views, and both have declared before that they aren’t afraid to cause offense.

So why was Roseanne cancelled so quickly by ABC, while TBS refused to reprimand Samantha Bee or cancel Full Frontal? Why don’t network executives punish liberal entertainers with the same swiftness and fervor as they do when shutting down conservatives?

Both women insulted someone from a presidential administration. But only one was punished. And it wasn’t the liberal.

While the media has a clear left-wing bias, this partiality has escalated to the point where the rules for public figures are completely different depending on one’s political affiliation. Conservatives in the industry must follow completely different ‘rules’ – an arbitrary set of standards imposed upon them by the thought-policing Marxist overlords who try to control all media the American public consumes. Meanwhile, celebrities who express Democrat, liberal, “progressive” and even outright socialist leanings are given free rein to do and say anything they want, consequence-free.

Let us not forget that ABC, the network that cancelled Roseanne, is the same network that employs anti-Christian bigot Joy Behar as a host on The View. Behar was not fired or reprimanded for her incendiary comments about Vice President Mike Pence, whose belief in God Behar called a symptom of mental illness. Americans are tired of liberal entertainers getting away with saying horrifying things about the President, his cabinet, and his family.

But this is what happens when leftists control the media.

Free expression of conservative views is stifled, and a TV host who claims to be “woke”, “progressive”, “pro-woman”, and “anti-hate” gets away with verbally abusing another woman for sharing a loving photo of herself with her son.

Bee publicly apologized on Thursday, but do her words really hold any weight?

TBS has not reprimanded her, and although several advertisers had the good sense to pull their sponsorship from the program, Full Frontal will continue to run, and Bee will continue to perform the same tasteless, anti-American “humor” that the left wing so ardently defends.

And while Barr’s tweet was an off-the-cuff, stream of consciousness ramble, Bee’s words were a scripted joke that was drafted, rehearsed, and then taped several hours in advance and viewed by a team of editors before airing. If Bee’s apology were genuine and she truly believed her comments were “inexcusable”, she could have chosen to cut them from the broadcast beforehand.

But she didn’t. Because she knew she could get away with it.

The Samantha Bee-Roseanne Barr fiasco perfectly encapsulates all that is wrong with the American mainstream media. Networks will continue to protect leftist entertainers while viciously attacking anyone to the right of Saul Alinsky.

President Trump commented on the situation Friday morning, tweeting, “Why aren’t they firing no talent Samantha Bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show? A total double standard but that’s O.K., we are Winning, and will be doing so for a long time to come!”

President Trump is correct – we are winning. While Bee may still have a show, her “victory” is ultimately a hollow one. Every day, more Americans are waking up to the blatantly one-sided treatment of conservatives in media and are taking a stand. Our sense of skepticism has become fine-tuned, and more and more of us are able to spot biased coverage and fake news.

In the words of Roseanne Barr herself, “It’s a big culture of mind control. […] It’s really hard for artists to find their voice in the media.”

We must keep using our voices to speak up, defend our ideas, and call out the hypocrisy when we see it. It’s time to let the media establishment know: we refuse be silenced.


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Lew Rigaud

All those Hollywood leftist think that what they say is important. There is an old saying the higher the monkey climbs the flagpole the more it shows its ass!!

Mark Smart

What else could we expect from a Liberal/Progressive.


All the coverage given to this despicable un-funny woman is probably going to increase her viewership. Those of us who would stop watching her and her program probably weren’t watching her in the first place.

humpy berg

another piece of human poop as is joy behar whoopie kathy griffen and other so called comendians


It used to be, when I was growing up, if you insulted someone as these so called comedians do, or politicians etc., you could find yourself sitting on the ground with a good portion of your teeth in your hand. I miss those days. Problems were solved quickly and usually did not crop up again. There were few and far between law suits involved. They took too long and were embarrassing to pursue if you were the one with your teeth knocked out. Maybe we need to return to the “instant” justice system. I sure miss it.

Jeff S

At one time Bee’s show was kind of humorous. She changed around the same time that just about every other ”comedian” changed and started attacking POTUS and every other ‘little thing’ that bothered them. As a result of forcing their beliefs down our throats, I do not watch any of them anymore. It needs to stop. Seriously, it needs to stop. We all (most of us anyway) used to practice ”tough love” with our kids, and I think that it’s time to do the same with these fools. One or two jokes, fine, but a nightly barrage is way over the top.


Bee = White trash is as white trash does.

Roger Hackenberry

Not only should her program be canceled, she should be arrested for “hate speech.” If it isn’t allowed on college campuses, why is it allowed on TV. Personally, I’m VERY disappointed in TBS. I haven’t watched ANYTHING on ABC in years. I used to watch a lot of programs on TBS, but I will definitely cut way back on the number of programs I watch on there also. I just wish the cable companies would allow us to pick and choose which channels we want to subscribe to. Even if it would cost a LITTLE more, I’d much rather pay for what I WANT to watch, then have to subscribe to channels I NEVER watch, and DO NOT want to help fund. The cable networks, by their operating standards, prohibit boycotts. So, all we can do is boycott the advertisers and write letters. I do that. But, I’d much rather,… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin

Bottom line is that Samantha Bee’s rant was far, FAR, worse than what Rosanne said. I read Rosanne’s quote and while surely ill-advised in today’s climate, wasn’t really all that offensive compared to the liberal trash we hear all the time which is really bad. The hypocrisy on the left cannot be exaggerated.


I don’t watch much television at all. I can’t tell you the last time I watched anything on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc…. We stream old I Love Lucy shows and others like it, when comedy was actually funny and not degrading and full of such hate and disrespect.

Jim Mattson

I haven’t read all the comments listed here, but I am amazed that I haven’t read (or heard) the most important fact…. Roseanne apologized for the total of what she tweeted (as she should have). Bee apologized for using banned words on television. Read her “apology” – she ‘apologizes to Ivanka and my viewers for using an expletive on my show’ – not for the disgusting attacks in her comments! She apologized to the FCC, hoping to prevent getting fined, not to our president or his daughter!


Makes one wonder if Hollywood and Media bosses have ceased Sexual Harassment due to the risks, and are now using Political Harassment of the people in front of the camera. Needless to say this lady is low class. Best way to resist this kind of behavior is to boycott the show and the companies who advertise on the show.

Richard M. Camp

Roseanne got fired why not Samantha. Oh right the left works on a double standard.

Dan W.

TBS got caught with its hand in the cookie jar on this one. As noted in the article, Bee’s comments were scripted and taped for subsequent broadcast so the show’s producer and likely other execs at TBS knew of Bee’s comments before they were broadcast. Maybe TBS can’t fire itself but the show’s advertisers can fire Bee’s show.


Hollywood is a VERY dangerous place for any artist who doesn’t fully toe the liberal line. Once you toe it though, you can get away with murder.


How such comments by Bee could ever be remotely construed as “comedy” is beyond me. No more TBS on my TV. Absolutely shameful!

Richard L. Mastronardi

To begin, Ivanka & her son are not illegal citizens therefore there is no logical reason to choose the first daughter & her son for comparison to anyone who is deliberately breaking the law. The photo displays a loving mother and a positive image for everyone to see. If immigrants are envious of this they need to understand that if they follow the rules they too could be recognized in a positive way the same as any other law abiding American. The real shame is cast on our country by those who choose people of honor & dignity to trash in an attempt to bring the citizens of the U.S. down to a sewer level from which people such as Samantha Bee tend to preach.

Gretchen C.

Absolutey correct ! I’m worn out with the double standards.


Hollywood, MSM, etc have one agenda: control the American mind and beliefs. Goal: One World Order. Soros and his ilk.
World control is the agenda of a minority race but that minority controls the information process.
Any guess which minority runs the world??


I hope that all the liberals that applauded Samantha Bee will still be applauding when some “mean girl” calls their daughter the “c” word and implies she sleeps with her father. After all they are setting this as acceptable behavior to be applauded.