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The AMAC Local Merchant Membership Program for AMAC Small Business Solution Members


Reach 1.2 Million Members Through Free Advertising Included in Your Membership!

As advocates for free enterprise and small business owners, the Association of Mature American Citizens has developed a local discount program that brings AMAC members and their hometown businesses together. It’s a unique opportunity not only for local businesses to showcase special offers and discounts on products and services to loyal AMAC members, but also for AMAC members to support their Main Street businesses.

Why enroll your business?

  • AMAC members are loyal, and prefer to purchase products and services from AMAC-sponsored businesses!
  • AMAC members are strong supporters of small business – many AMAC members are small business owners themselves!
  • Exponential membership growth.

This is a one of a kind opportunity presented by AMAC exclusively for the benefit of card-carrying AMAC

How to Become a Merchant

Enrolling your business in the AMAC program is simple. Begin by deciding what offer(s) you’d like to provide to AMAC members*. Next, complete the brief online application. Once your enrollment is
approved, your offer will be included in our searchable list of participating merchants, which is accessed by our growing membership every day.

*Offer subject to approval

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