On Beating Back Adversity

dave-WeberWe recently came across an interview that AMAC’s Chief Operations Officer, Dave Weber, had given a couple of years ago.

During the interview, he was asked, “How do you solve challenges that arise?”

We thought you’d LIKE to hear Dave’s answer…

“Anybody who has ever started their own business knows that overcoming adversity is just a part of the job description. Those who even consider that giving up is an option will often fail at any major undertaking, and those who run from adversity are doomed to failure before they even begin.

Sure we’ve made mistakes and have learned some things the hard way, but we move forward because we are fighters. From the very beginning, five years ago, there were many doubters who told us that we’d never succeed. People even laughed at the thought of us taking on the American icon that is AARP. Well five years later, not only is AMAC still here, but AMAC is here to stay.

I liken our mission to one of my favorite pastime activities – climbing the High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains. I always keep my eye on the big picture, but rather than focus on the monumental challenge of reaching the summit, I focus on taking one step at a time and enjoying the journey – including the heartbreaks and struggles – because overcoming those struggles makes the accomplishments so worth fighting for.  When you are dealing with something that is so good – whether it be a dream, a friendship, a relationship, or even a job – you don’t ever give up on it. Ever. You take one step at a time and before you know it you look back and discover that you’ve climbed another mountain. There are mere jobs, and there are life missions. AMAC is our life’s work. We won’t lay down just because we’re confronted with a few obstacles.”

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