Barr, With Declassification Authority in Hand, Goes After ‘Unprecedented’ Intel Abuses Against Trump Campaign, Says ‘Serious Red Line’ Crossed

Barr Trump“Well, I just think it has to be carefully looked at because the use of foreign intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign to me is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed.”

That was Attorney General William Barr in a CBS News interview with Jan Crawford published on May 31, outlining in broad terms what he is looking for in his review of Department of Justice and intelligence agency activities directed at the Trump campaign in 2016, including Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants that gave the government access to campaign emails, phone calls, texts and other documents.

The core allegation agencies pursued, which turned out to be false, was that President Donald Trump was a Russian agent, and that his campaign had coordinated and conspired with Russia to hack the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta emails and have them published on Wikileaks. The allegations originated in part with opposition research by former British spy Christopher Steele paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, which became the basis for the FISA warrants against the campaign that began in Oct. 2016.

Now we know from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that there was no Trump conspiracy with Russia. The report stated, “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” and “the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference.”

Whatever effect Russia might have had on the 2016 election and American politics, Barr said, the false allegations pursued by the Justice Department and intelligence agencies against Trump and his campaign also potentially interfered with our system. Barr told Crawford, “it’s just as dangerous to the continuation of self-government and our republican system, republic that we not allow government power, law enforcement or intelligence power, to play a role in politics, to intrude into politics, and affect elections.”

Barr added, “republics have fallen because of Praetorian Guard mentality where government officials get very arrogant, they identify the national interest with their own political preferences and they feel that anyone who has a different opinion, you know, is somehow an enemy of the state. And you know, there is that tendency that they know better and that, you know, they’re there to protect as guardians of the people. That can easily translate into essentially supervening the will of the majority and getting your own way as a government official.”

Crawford asked if that’s what happened in 2016, to which Barr replied, “There were counterintelligence activities undertaken against the Trump Campaign. And I’m not saying there was not a basis for it, that it was legitimate, but I want to see what that basis was and make sure it was legitimate.”

To assist in that effort, on May 23, President Trump in a memorandum required intelligence agencies to cooperate with Barr: “The Attorney General is currently conducting a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns in the 2016 Presidential election and certain related matters.  The heads of elements of the intelligence community… and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review.”

And Trump delegated his declassification authority to Barr, limited to this particular review, stating, “the Attorney General may, by applying the standard set forth in either section 3.1(a) or section 3.1(d) of Executive Order 13526, declassify, downgrade, or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence that relates to the Attorney General’s review referred to in section 1 of this memorandum.”

For his part, Barr told Crawford it was his responsibility to ensure that these surveillance powers are exercised properly: “[O]ne of the key responsibilities of the Attorney General, core responsibilities of the Attorney General is to make sure that government power is not abused and that the right of Americans are not transgressed by abusive government power. That’s the responsibility of the Attorney General.”

It’s about time. The American people are fortunate to have Barr as Attorney General, who appears to be up to the task of taking on the entrenched Washington, D.C. establishment, with his single-minded, decisive approach to rooting out any potential abuses that occurred with the government spying on the opposition party in an election year. Barr is right, that most certainly was an unprecedented red line that was crossed. Now, the truth is coming out. It’s only a matter of time. Stay tuned.

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Torch - by Robert Romano

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I still have grave doubts as to whether or not this will actually go anywhere because those involved are some of the most powerful people in the world. At the same time, I have high hopes that justice and the truth will actually prevail, just this once.

The democrats are all for transparency… until someone actually proposes to supply it. They make endless accusations because they never expect that someone will actually fact check them.

Transparency and getting to the truth has never been more than rhetoric up until now. But with Trump actually working towards pulling back the curtain and revealing the truth, there are a lot of very big rats scurrying around in a frenzy. I wonder why this is if, in fact, they are so interested in the truth.

Frank Schaddelee

Hopefully enough Americans still care about limiting government power. This whole affair was such an abuse it’s hard to imagine. And the MSM was totally complicit. Shame on these political hacks and the bureaucrats and the autocrats that were part of this scheme. We need to limit the size and scope of the federal government for so many reasons, this being just one of them. Yet it is the Dems that are constantly pushing for expanded government involvement in our lives. They truly believe they know what’s best for the rest of us. That’s pretty disgusting!

B. Conne

Finally the right thing is being done. Go get them Barr. The truth will prevail.

Diane Tyson

This is a very interesting situation. AG Barr and his team could be exposing the biggest scandal this country has ever experienced. We had better be prepared for Trouble (with a capital “T”)! However, it needs to happen, and we will better for it. I am looking forward to the fight.

Todd Taylor

It is time to punish all involved in the Russian coelution scam. Barr must make an example of those who would engage in this deceptive, destructive behavior. Americans deserve better from their elected representatives. Lets clean house!

Todd Taylor

WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. I do not care how far this investigation goes with regards to the chain of command, nor the cost concurred. Barr needs to use the full measure of the law to hold accountable, condemn ALL those involved in this Russian collusion scam; someone needs to go to jail for this massive deception. This needs to be a bipartisan effort to correct, realign American politics to a higher standard of integrity. ALL those involved in manipulating the truth in order to damage one’s reputation need to be indicted with the sole objective of conviction. LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Brenda Blunt

Why do the cowards continue to interfere?

William F Rodebaugh

I would love to believe that the AG or anyone in the Justice department will tell us anything. I’m 76 and I’ll be dead and buried for years before the American People know the truth. Remember Bengazi, Kennedy and of course who was behind the Lincoln murder. Sorry to be such a pessimist.


There are those Americans that still believe in limited power (in response to Frank).
I have every hope that Barr will not hold back in his complete review of this situation. Just stay tuned.
And pray that God empowers Bar with guidance and wisdom.

Wayne D Peterkin

The sad reality is this. Obama politicized every agency of our government including the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, and even much of our military. I saw a report of some military leaders asking Trump not to politicize the military, yet they ignored the dedicated professionals forced to retire by Obama so that more left-wing replacements could be appointed. It has already been politicized! To the left, EVERYTHING is political. So it is no surprise, evil and anti-American but no surprise, that the Obama admin’s intelligence and legal apparatus was unleashed against a right-wing opponent, and I am certain it was. Mr. Barr knows it too, but will follow diplomatic protocol and not say so until his investigation is complete. He is getting zero cooperation from the career swamp dwellers, and I fear he may get stonewalled until after the 2020 election. Even the President has orders being “slow-walked” and… Read more »

Todd Taylor

Dems indictment of Barr is nothing more then smoke and mirrors. The Dems are trying to muddy the waters so badly that know one can see the truth. There is no wiggle run when caught in a lie. It is time to take down the large and small game players of this scam of Russian collusion.

Todd Taylor

TRUTH always rises and always wins!


Let’s hope so that he doesn’t get paid off or threatened so he lies to us as everyone else has done, we are not stupid we all know soros, obama, hillary, holder all are involved plus others that are cowards and hid in the background to push their agenda to destroy America, if he doesn’t prosecute those involved then we have another coward that would let these vile Treasonist, Terrorist, get away with their vile plans that includes judges that backed them as well Our Forefathers would have had them Shot or Hung that is ok with me otherwise natural life in prison in solitary confinement or hard labor but put away permanently

Roberta W

This article and what I am getting from AMAC is very much appreciated. I choose not to get TV news, or the newspaper, and only catch radio news occasionally because of the biased news against everything that our President did or does. I have just recently come back to AMAC, and finally I feel like I am getting balanced national…..Washington DC information. Thanks so much, a Job Well Done.

Paul W

Has anybody seen or heard from Huber or Horowitz? I mean…c’mon already!

Jack Thomas

Hillary, Obama, Strzok, Lisa Page, Glen Simpson, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, James Comey, and a host of other bad actors involved in the Russian Collusion hoax who plotted to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and overthrow him after he was elected need to be prosecuted for a variety of federal crimes. Whether we’ll ever see these people in orange prison attire is another matter yet to be determined. Just pray that Attorney General Barr and his team are able to dig deep enough to come up with sufficient evidence to warrant a federal grand jury and get indictments against the guilty. And without undue interference from Capitol Hill Democrats (who you can bet will try to obstruct Barr’s efforts to find the truth as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow morning because they know they’ll eventually be exposed).

Betty Hendricks

Thank you Attorney General Barr! We are indeed fortunate and blessed to have you for our Attorney General. The Truth and the Good always win over evil.

As for the swamp, it is shocking how superficial, shallow, arrogant, vulgar, silly, and just plain stupidly evil many are in DC and these who have been in office for years are only just now revealed by a few good men.

Perhaps we can once again have honorable people in our representative government. There are always a few good men such as Barr and others who hold the standard and do what is right.

Betty Hendricks

Stan Eudy

I believe they should bring everything and everybody into the open and see where the facts lead. We need to ensure anyone involved in this deep state conspiracy is brought into the light so all Americans will know just how deep this goes. I feel major persons will be charged.

Clara Schoppe

About time!


Good. All socialists, democrats and RINO’s need to “Pay the price for the things you do” . All these dirt bags need to be brought to justice.