Back to Basics – Let Speech Flow

by Diana Erbio – 
What has happened to common courtesy? One of America’s basic strengths was that people with different opinions could voice them. Today it seems only certain speech is acceptable.
This week comments made by University of South California Professor Darry Sragow were aired to the public via www.campusreform.org. “Republican are racist and stupid” and “the Republican Party is the last refuge of old angry white people”, were among the comments made by the political science professor prior to the presidential election of 2012 to his class.
Professor Sragow has every right to make those comments, but does anyone believe that if a college professor had made those types of comments about a race other than white it would have gone unnoticed by the main stream media? The problem is not what people are saying, but that under the guise of being politically correct, some speech is accepted while other speech is not.
That is the danger that Dr. Ben Carson addressed at the Prayer breakfast in Washington DC a few weeks ago. Dr. Carson warned, “We’ve reached a point where people are actually afraid to talk about what they want to say, because somebody might be offended.”
If people are afraid to voice their concerns, or their ideology because they will be shouted down as conservatives routinely are when they speak on college campuses across the country our nation will suffer. America has achieved its greatness because we have been a true open society that allows many voices the chance to be heard, not the phony open society of the progressives which only wants to hear the echo of their own voices.
What ever happened to the idea that one person might vehemently disagree with another person but both would fight to the death for each person’s right to speak? It seems that if progressives disagree with other points of view they choose to demean the speaker rather than engage in the dialogue they often say they wish for.
Jedediah Bila points to this phenomena in her book “Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative”. Often she is attacked by those on the left, but when she tries to put forth her ideas too many of the progressives she encounters do not want to even hear what she has to say.
One exception I found heartening was when a tall stranger with a jet black mohawk came to her defense when she was being shouted down by “friends” at a Starbucks. “Grow up, already” he told them. “The girl has a different opinion. So what?” The stranger later told Jedediah he was a lefty liberal from Wyoming who loves that she has her own opinion.
That is what we need more of in America. We have to get back to the basics and give each other respect and allow the freedom of speech we were all born with to flow.

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I am not a big fan of the whole PC thing, but I do think people need to be sensitive to others. I am all for free speech and get very concerned when it appears that the government is trying to limit free speech.
Now, there is free speech and there is just plain being rude.
How about a little empathy and understanding before you open your yap?
A little kindness goes a long way.


After 72 years of life, 50 serving the public in the health care industry, and observing the decline in our society, I must sadly state that Mitt Romney said it all. When 47% of the people are paying no taxes, how can we expect them to vote conservatively. After Glasnost in the USSR,about 5 years passed, and the Russians were ready to vote communism back in. It was what the population has become accustomed to after 3 generations under socialism. We have had about the same process here since FDR, and now we have enough people who don’t remember true freedom, true independence, and the need for and privileges resulting from true self reliance. I am very sad to say that I don”t see any solution, except for those pointed out by history-decay, collapse, then hopefully re-generation.


Well, since you asked. I went to read the first article and found it to be removed, but I didn’t know why until I read some of these comments. Now I am a bit angry at the AMAC because this indicates to me that they are putting on a “Big Brother” act and censoring opinions. I am considering not renewing my membership because restricting the freedom of speech and the common exchange of ideas and opinions galls my politically incorrect butt! The article must have been a very good one, with a lot of truth in it, and I was deprived of my right to read it and make up my own mind. Shame on AMAC! Teenagers, and many adults for that matter, are mostly mouth and have peanut butter in their tiny little ears. You can tell them, but you can’t tell them much. They don’t want to be… Read more »


PC should be outlawed. Take over the dialog, take over the country.


For those of you on here commenting on articles from AMAC. President Weber made comments that the Sequestration will Create Havoc for seniors. The members comments section was nearly 100 % condemnation of his words…and most members were either canceling AMAC or not going to renew their membership. AMAC has already taken that article down before more members read it. I have informed them I intend to pound on AMAC for his comments until he is gone as the AMAC leader or until the membership drops so much that AMAC is no longer a viable alternative to AARP. The very fact they pulled this article this quickly shows how scared AMAC leadership is of the nearly 100 % condemnation that article was getting from the members. Now you know folks…until Weber is gone…AMAC can never be the conservative alternative to AARP. Demand Weber be replaced immediately. Demand the article be… Read more »


The liberal/ progressive agenda is to promote the politically correct philosopy thereby constraining the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to their definition. Their definition is limited to the exploitation of every kind and type of minoroites for the restraint of the majority. The liberals are now, through their Prsident, his czars and liberal congress persons, are spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money for gun issue and marraige for gays. Neither one of these issues addresses the real problems of our country such as creating jobs for people so that they will become taxpaying contributors rather than taxpayer users. The liberals continue to harp about raising taxes on those who are already taxpayers instead of creating jobs for people who will add to the revenues. It seems as if the liberal politically correct agenda folks do not understand the math related to the tax and social security/medicare associated with revenue stream generated… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin

It gets worse. I am a conservative who used to receive daily newsletters from several conservative sites and I often commented, rationally and respectfully, on the articles in those newsletters. Needless to say, my comments were generally critical of liberal policies and tried to logically refute those policies. I never resorted to any kind of personal attacks, obscenities, profanity, or any other offensive tactics. People who commented on my comments were usually supportive. Now for the past year or so, I have found those newsletters have simply stopped coming. I have contacted the publisher and been told I am still on their mailing list, am being sent their newsletter daily, and something might be blocking them from getting to my inbasket. I checked with my email provider who says they block nothing, ever, and checked their server to insure the publisher is on the approved sender list. My PC has… Read more »

Pete from St Pete

Pillorying people who express an opinion that is politically incorrect only serves to keep them quiet; it does nothing to change what might be a personally held misconception. The only way to change such misconceptions or misperceptions is to allow people to voice them so we at least have the opportunity to voice a counter opinion or to present countervailing facts. Liberals defeat their own purpose by branding people who disagree with their opinion as racists or selfish uncaring troglodytes.

Ron Alford

The only way we can learn to love and respect each other is through Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God. But it seems that the majority of Americans today don’t want to do that, or if they do they are not letting it be known.

Jim T

The way you conquor a country from within, without firing a shot, as Nikita Kruschev said he would accomplish in America, is to first get their children to look upon the parents as inferior. This was successfully initiated in the 1960’s with child phychologists that brain-washed society into believing that you could not use corporal punishment (paddling) to discipline your children because it would damage their mental health. So we now have a society that lets their kids do pretty much anything they want; kids that have distaine for their parents and look upon them as stupid and out of touch with reality. These kids commit violent acts without remorse as we have witnessed in numerous school murders, ect. Here is a real slice of reality. Kids want to be disciplined because it assures them that you actually do care about their well-being and about what type person they will… Read more »


I have always refused to be politically correct. I do not vote along any party lines, and am offended that Americans have turned into a bunch of lazy sheep and refused to put in the work to investigate whom is the best candidate for the job. I was that way (lazy). I even fell for the Obama “change” line the first time around, now I go out of my way to blog and let him know what a looser I think he is anytime I get the opportunity. I am not racist I think Herman Cain would have made a great president; very intelligent man, not afraid to speak his mind, I also applaud Dr. Ben Carson for not being afraid to speak his mind. We need more Americans willing to grow a pair, and speak the truth, rattle a few cages and tell those who have made themselves masters… Read more »


“Free speech is essential.” What’s amazing is that we should have to actually plead for such a statement. But in America today the pulse of political correctness has, with one giant exception, hogtied and gagged contrarian thinkers.

The exception? As Roger Ailes once said as he was setting up FOX News, the last men to line up all the news media on the same side were fellows named Hitler and Stalin.

Jim Raines

Common courtesy has gone the way of manners. The whole point of Pop culture, which now rules the country, is to be seen bashing good manners. One thing that has inhibited bad manners, until now, is widespread concealed carry. Until recently, nothing promoted common courtesy like knowing the other person probably has a gun. I am not even sure that is true anymore.


God has been removed from the culture and the new gods do not want any to hear anyone but themselves.

Laurie Giordano

I just wrote a post and clicked” post comment,” but I do not see it. Where is it?

Laurie Giordano

Ms. Erbio makes a compelling and valid argument. Freedom of expression is just that. All people are entitled to their own opinions, as they each have their own perspective from which to base them on. Everyone’s opinion has merit, and should be able to be voiced in a non-threatening and respectful environment. No group’s opinions are more correct than another’s, or more important.American people need to be able to listen fully to both sides of an issue, and then make their own informed decision, while understanding that others may have come to a different, but equally valid,conclusion.

Melanie Clark

Yes, I cannot express my opinion to my daughter because she doesn’t want to hear it. She is a liberal and believes she will disagree with me about everything.

Ben Montañez

Ms. Erbio is absolutely correct. As a second generation Hispanic I can say things about whites that if they were said by a white person to a Hispanic or others they will be chastise and crucified. But, because there’s a huge double standard in this country whites cannot say what they feel is right, even when they are 100% correct. Maybe one day we can all speak our thoughts without being attacked by the left, but I feel that will never happened. We can only hope.

Ralph W. Camp

I agree with Paul E. During the last election cycle I was meanly castigated and vilified by both family and supposed friends for my conservative views. Any attempt at conversation about the issues was met with out right contempt. I can’t tell you how many times I was “de-friended”.


Common courtesy is as dead in America as is common sense. It’s been replaced by political correctness and group think.