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Above Average Care

AMAC Member: Terry Smith

Location: California

I find that the VA system in this area, what is known as the Inland Empire in Southern California, is very good. I admit that at times it seems like it takes a bit to receive an appointment, especially in some departments, but the do get me in, and are quite professional in their care. I have had the need at one time of needing emergency room help and it was quite extraordinary how quickly and well prepared they were. I was in and handled very promptly, they got me admitted to a room and took great care of me for almost a week. I have heard some folks sitting around and complaining, but with the current input rate with the troops returning from around the world, I find it to be a bit of a frustration, more than a lack of suitable care for the vets.

To sum it up, I find the people here in Loma Linda to be a great bunch and very interested in keeping us in good health. My doctor has even called me to get me to come in for tests, or a checkup when I haven’t been to see him in some time. I call that over and above the average care.

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