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Articles by The Association of Mature American Citizens


Democrats vote health care DNC

House Democrats Ready Vote to Undercut Health Care Innovation

Trump Prayer tax cut business

Trump Tax Cut Proves Successful For Business Repatriation

antifa Berkeley ICE domestic terror group 86

FBI Report Shows Biden’s “Courageous Americans” in Antifa Planned an “Armed Rebellion” at U.S. Border

medicare 31

Three Important Health Services Medicare Won’t Cover

southern poverty law center splc

SPLC Meltdown Continues as President and Key Staffer Step Down

conservatives sound alarm spending deal FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing steele dossier socialist revolution looming AMAC congress 6

AMAC Submission to the House Ways & Means Committee, Social Security Subcommittee

Pence China US Democracy death infanticide 36

Pence: Democrats Embrace ‘Infanticide and a Culture of Death’

stock market 1

New Study: Corporate Stock Repurchases Benefit All Shareholders – Especially Seniors

Dan Weber republicans recess tax death tax entitlement programs NRA bank citizenship socialism retirement freedom 11

AMAC Signs Memo to Defend Citizenship Question, Oppose Judicial Overreach