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Articles by Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles was an Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former US Court of Appeals Clerk for Judge Robert Beezer, taught at the Harvard University Extension School, and currently leads a consulting group in Washington, DC.

new york democrats 63

New York Democrats Ignore Children of Deceased Combat Vets

trade deal 31

Trump Should Broker US-UK Trade Deal – Shock EU Leadership

drug-prices 5

Trump Does it Again – Helps Seniors, Lowers Drug Prices, Rebuffs Congress

inverted yield curve 1

Inverted Yield Curve? America Headed for Recession? No Chance

medicaid 2

Work Requirements for Medicaid Expansion – and an Obama Judge

security clearances 9

Well-Guarded Secret – Security Clearances and Congress

border 147

Close the Border? Comes with Risks, But Worth Considering


Good Economic News Keeps Rolling – Despite Media Silence

free speech 24

President Trump Stands Tall – For Free Speech on American Campuses