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Articles by Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, and counsel to the US House National Security subcommittee for five years; a former litigator, he taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School, recently authored “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and consults in Washington DC.

america 33

Congress is Out of Step with America – But 2020 is Coming

stock market

Liberal Groups Fight Trump’s Roaring Stock Market, Even as They Benefit

supreme court 42

President Trump Wins Critical Supreme Court Ruling – for Border Security

. Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary 4

Beyond Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary – Remembering Who We Are

obamacare 85

Obamacare On the Ropes – Choices in Health Coverage Coming Back!

mars 17

Exclusive AMAC Interview with Apollo 11 Moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin – On Mankind’s Quest for Mars


Contrast in Service – 9-11 Responder and Congress Too Busy to Hear Him

AARP 135

Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum

oxygen footprint

Rethinking Climate Change – Switch from Carbon to Oxygen Footprints