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Articles by Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles was an Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former US Court of Appeals Clerk for Judge Robert Beezer, taught at the Harvard University Extension School, and currently leads a consulting group in Washington, DC.

tariffs 82

Border Crisis Not Receding, President’s Mexican Tariffs Timely

border 5

Illegals Flood Over Border, Older Americans Care – Where is Congress?

moon 1

Fifty Years Ago – Americans Headed for the Moon

border wall 75

Watch for Private Border Wall – As Congress and Courts Fail America

progressive democrats 99

Progressive Democrats are Lost – More Each Day

Iran 3

Iran is a belligerent, but Trump’s Team is Deterring – Not Making – War

North Korea 1

Trump is Right on North Korea, Because Stakes are Enormous

god bless america 2

“God Bless America” Under Fire in Schools – Constitution Supports Faith

China 35

Trade with China in Flux, But Sky is Not Falling