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Articles by Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles

Robert B. Charles served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, and counsel to the US House National Security subcommittee for five years; a former litigator, he taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School, recently authored “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and consults in Washington DC.

religious liberty 37

Trump Administration Defends Religious Liberty – for Individuals and Employers


Americans Worry Too Much – Take a Breath


President Trump “Buying” Greenland?

antisemitism 156

Time to Censure Congressional Promoters of Antisemitism?


Iran Needs to Rethink Options, US Restraint Will Not Last Forever

sanctuary cities 119

Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case

mental health 78

Reexamining America’s Mental Health, Not the Second Amendment

Elijah Cummings 78

Congressional Oversight, America’s Drug Crisis – and the Elijah Cummings I Knew

worst cities 105

America’s 25 Worst Cities are Democrat-Led – The Answer, New Leaders