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Bob has a substantial background in politics, policy, and government. He served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency review and analysis, including the development, of a broad range of legislation, including economic, fiscal, infrastructure, civil and criminal justice, immigration, government organization, procurement, administrative procedure, among others. He has also served on the national and state finance committees of a presidential candidate, and several Members of, and candidates for, the House and Senate, and as campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate.

Republicans 54

Current Polling on 2022 Midterms: Could Republicans Take the House and Senate?

Economy 79

Unleashing the Economy: How Biden Could Bring Back the Trump Era Economic Boom

tax 4

Breaking: Ways and Means Releases New Statistics on Tax Hikes  

election 49

The Democrats Are Now Against Election Integrity Reforms – This Time Defending Zuck Bucks

Congressman 14

AMAC Supports Bill to Make Government More Transparent


Out of Control Gas Prices, Where Does it Stop?  


The Biden Administration’s Attack on Small Businesses  

Inflation 73

Inflation Meltdown: How Inflation is Choking the Middle Class

Economy 15

No End in Sight: Why Democrats Won’t Stop Pushing Socialist Tax Policies

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Breaking: Critics Roast Washington Post for Claiming Jackson Treated “Worse” Than Kavanaugh