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AT&T-Time Warner Merger – Mass Media Consolidation Could Lead the Way to One-Party Rule in The U.S.

att-t time warner media mergerA vibrant and healthy democracy depends on the free marketplace of ideas.

Call it what you want. Viewpoint diversity. Access to alternative views.

In today’s media and information-driven society and culture, being able to find the opposing view on an issue, to compare the pros and cons of public policy matters or different products and services, is critical to how the American people make decisions about just about everything.

What to buy? Who to vote for? What to watch? Which music to listen to? What to wear? The plethora of choices we have today is owed entirely to the openness of the Internet and other media that facilitates and enables brand development.

But what if that process could become compromised or disrupted in a bid to control media? To control what messages were available to the public? This is the very real danger facing policymakers today in an environment increasingly moving towards mass media consolidation.

With federal judge Richard Leon’s approval of the $107 billion AT&T-Time Warner merger, allowing the two companies to combine, the floodgates are opening for content distributors like AT&T — which owns Directv — to also own much of content that plays on those platforms.

Now, Comcast is expected to bid against Disney to buy much of Fox’s media content properties.

So, what’s the problem? Besides the antitrust laws that are invoked by monopolization in any industry, mass media consolidation has meant fewer and fewer companies controlling almost all major media in the country.

A comprehensive Free Press 2018 study on major media ownership finds that just 21 corporations own all the television broadcast stations, 21 that own the radio broadcast stations, 13 that own pay television channels, 11 that own daily newspapers and 18 that own telecom and cable. That number keeps getting smaller every time there’s another merger.

A chapter on the topic in Censored 2006 by Bridget Thornton, Britt Walters and Lori Rouse, “Corporate Media is Corporate America” noted the massive overlap of individuals who sit on the boards at major media outlets and those of non-media corporations.

Then there is the dominance in tech by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

Rapidly, the number of separately owned options is dwindling.

Along with media consolidation, there is also a growing call for political consolidation in Washington, D.C. — and even one-party rule.

In April, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey retweeted an article by Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira that called for “Democratic One-Party Rule” in the U.S. as a means of reconciling the nation’s challenges and implementing the progressive agenda. You see, all that debate by Congress and disagreement over which direction to go in is getting in the way of that agenda, so democracy no longer functions the way they want it to. Today’s captains of the information industry are getting impatient. They want to see Utopia in their lifetimes.

It will be anything but.

But leaving that aside, forget about competitive elections, Leyden and Teixeira warn: “America can’t afford more political paralysis. One side or the other must win. This is a civil war that can be won without firing a shot. But it is a fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.”

The resolution: “Democratic One-Party Rule.”

Dorsey’s comment was astonishing, writing briefly, “Great read.” Really? What about the part where the authors called for one-party rule? What about the part where they called it a civil war? No?

Just, “Great read,” as if having one political party control the most powerful country in the world to govern with no dissent as the climatic outcome of a civil war “without firing a shot” was just an after-thought for the billionaire.

Who needs alternate viewpoints when there’s media empires to consolidate and an undemocratic agenda to implement? Just hurry up and work it into the afternoon schedule. Dictatorship by close of business. Can we get that yesterday?

Twitter like other social media giants cast themselves as an open platform, a device for free speech basically and the marketplace of ideas. But what if big media doesn’t live up to that and starts censoring political content of one of the two major parties in a bid for absolute power?

Would that be “anti-competitive” enough for Judge Leon to say it might pose an antitrust issue under federal law?

That is why the AT&T-Time Warner merger today is so important for the media landscape of tomorrow, and why the Justice Department must appeal Judge Leon’s decision, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

It may not happen overnight, but we are witnessing the end of media. This is the age of medium. And if we are not careful, one day there may only be one-party rule, too. That will not lead to liberty and prosperity, but to tyranny.

From - Daily Torch - by Robert Romano

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Martin Steed

Considering the “left” has taken over our universities and is “indoctrinating” the kids on a daily basis, I figure we will be a “one party rule” country in 20 to 50 years. The college kids today already embrace old crazy Bernie because he promises them that they won’t have to pay back their college loans. “Free Lunch”! And, of course, they believe it. The Constitution is no longer taught except in a few independent universities like Hillsdale College. Hell, the kids today don’t even remember Regan. They have no benchmark by which to judge the government. AND, of course, they have been taught that we are a Racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, intolerant lot, and we don’t deserve the wealth and freedom we have had because we stole it from the rest of the world. Don’t know if it can be turned around or not. May not be enough time. BUT,… Read more »

Joe D.

I didn’t read this article because as soon as I read that we were a democracy I knew the writer was ignorant. We are a Republic.


Thank you for this…the Bible ..i agree…last days stuff….
You can be sure you won’t read this on AARP !
Need to keep r eyes on what is important..
Disagree on the statement…civil war…no shot fired…hmmm..wait.

Gerald Boreland

Our for Father’s in writing the Constitution new this would happen. That’s why it isn’t being taught k-12 thru college and constantly demeaned as old, not relevant to today or, as “stated” by Obama,..”written by old rich white men”. How pathetic, that a man of his phosophy could get elected,..president,..sad!..but, even more… scary!
Obama nor, Hillary give a hoot about “We The People”..
And, their elusiveness of grandeur has a will continue to crumble,.. becouse of the Constitution and especially becousr of “We The People”!

The battle for individual Liberty like we have took thousands of years to succeed and will never,….NEVER! be taken down by a few arrogant pseudo intellectuals.

We’ve stopped Tyranical movements here and abroad for over 200 years now and “WE THE PEOPLE” wIll not be stopped by the snakes & rats in the Swamp. Nor, by their friends in the business world!


God Help America. God bless America.

Terrance Coyne

Time to address this at the SCOTUS level, if needed!


It is my opinion that our 45th President is creating a new party called The American Party, a party that is inclusive of “ALL” Americans. Out with the old GOP, and in with the new. The likes of Ryan, McConnell etc. represent the old party, the new party is the voice of the middle class, the base of good Americans that have been on ignore for the past 8+ years. A rebirth of Americas principles and values that founded this great country. One party rule..we have already been fighting this for the past 8+ years with the media trying to control the message. All it takes is for Americans to apply critical thought and know the source. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”


You can tell just by looking at public education and the criminality of the LEFT that one party rule will not be Utopia no matter who it is. The media especially needs to be more diverse not less and it looks to me as though judges are inclined toward bribery. Just the reverse of Utopia will happen but more likely it will result in a hell of a bunch of dead communists in this country, ya’no, as in civil war. Never works, never will!

Thomas Olszewski

The snowflakes want to be led not lead.


Friends at AMAC, fret not, slowly but surely, “Patriotic Americans” who love our “GREAT COUNTRY”, will rally to protect our freedoms. <–" I use that term loosely". My money is on the millions of family, friends, neighbors, relatives, and fellow "PATRIOTS", who are well read and bred, and therefore intelligent enough to sort out the garbage from the truth! "AT&T-Time Warner Merger – Mass Media Consolidation Could Lead the Way to One-Party Rule in The U.S." But the truth is…Only "GOD" rules. Make no mistake, " One Party Rule Does Exist". All you have to do is follow the leader of all things that are good! Be an instrument of the "Lord". Make him an instrument of the peace our Lord advocates. Pray that haters learn to sow love. When you find injury, pardon the offender. When there is doubt, let faith guide you. In times of despair, hope will… Read more »


My recurrent thought has been “what don’t I know about anti-trust”…which I thought I understood?

Mary Murphy

I’m very happy to be getting these articles from Amac again, since for about a week, I couldn’t seem to pull them up. I feel very strongly about this idiotic “One Democratic Party” push we seem to be into. GOD FOR BID! Isn’t that what we fought against in
World Wars I & II? Please, those of you with the opportunity to slow that down by knocking down such Communication mergers, look extremely closely at what that future might bring. Thank you for this article. Really makes me think.

Don Landis

A vibrant healthy REPUBLIC depends on the rule of law not the rule of a despot or dictator. Look historically at the one party rule governments. Nazi Germany, Communist, Russia, China, Cuba, etc. ; dictatorships – North Korea, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran. Would you want to live in any of these? American will become like a Nazi Germany slaughtering its citizens to force compliance of all. Debate helps keeps us honest. Since the government in this country is kept under the control of the Constitution the one worlders are using corporations like facebook and twitter which have become manor means to communicate and disseminate ideas stifle communication and ideas which they oppose. Any idea of those who think freely, especially those who think from a Biblical perspective, the wish to silence. The Bible presents things as they ought to be and provides a standard of truth and morality by which we… Read more »


I do not like either one of these companies. I don’t trust them in anything they say or do. Unless “We the People” take control of our Universities and the entire educational system we are in great danger of losing our country. The people running our Colleges are Marxist and need to be replaced NOW! President Trump also needs to get George Soros incarcerated as quickly as possible and the rest of his rabble in prison. America needs a re-education on its great history and restore her values according to our Christian-Judeo principles. We are in a war to save our country from being destroyed by Marxists fools.


There must be a reason for AT&T’s choice of a logo, hence the World spinning around. Maybe a sign of the future.


Seems as though every time we turn around, something is happening that leads me to believe we are very close to a one world government. According to the Bible, it will happen and it seems to be approaching quickly.


We’ve already got one-party rule in this country. We have one political party operating under two separate mastheads, but in reality, are one in the same.

Roger chambers PT PhD

We already have a one party rule. Both parties believe that we are a democracy. Is the word democracy found in the Declaration of Independence or in the constitution? No! The word republic is found in article 4 section 4 of the constitution. The founding fathers despised democracies. The feared the tyranny of the one, the few (oligarchies) and the tyranny of the masses (democracies). A republic is a government of laws. The founding father compared democracies to two Wolfe’s and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. They stated that all democracies always end in tyranny and legalized plunder. The founding fathers hated democracies and massive debt. The dollar today is worth 2 percent of what it was worth in 1913. Because the Feds spend too much, borrow too much, and print too much money. I hate forced government charity. I refer to it as legalized plunder.… Read more »

Thomas Moyers

There was a period of time where there was only one strong party…back in the 1800’s when the Democratic Party was the only major party. There was the Whig Party but it was weak. So finally in the 1850’s the Republican Party became the alternative party to the Democratic Party. Since then there has been two major parties. Unfortunately its becoming more consolidated as it’s the extreme far left liberals and the establishment GOP are against the remaining conservatives in the GOP. We need more choices not fewer choices. So this merger is horrible as it’s becoming Comcast and AT&T that controls most of the content on television.

C.C. Texas

The danger has been around for a long time. It is even more evident in today’s world. Just reviewing all the negative and attack articles by a HUGE segment of the media against Trump, against Conservatives, against Religion, against Illegal Criminal Aliens, well the list goes on and on. It is not just here in the U.S., just review international media, especially from Europe. The fat cats, having made their billions through the processes championed by Democracy, a Free Market and prior existing laws now want to remove those and replace them with their total control. Believing, I guess, that they are smarter than the average American trying to raise a family in an almost lawless land.