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As Virus Retreats – Hit Critics with Hard Facts

factsOnce COVID-19 is behind us, the blame game begins. Keep hard facts front of mind.

Expect critics – especially in the media – to tell us they knew better. If we had only listened, all would have been well.  Of course, most were trying to trip Trump, forget China, listen to W.H.O., get airtime, hoard toilet paper and ice cream. Never mind.

If a second wave comes, despite rising test availability, immunities, treatments and inoculations, these wonderchildren will pile on.  They will say our economy should stay shut, imply preventing the last COVID-19 death warrants jumps in domestic abuse, drug overdoses, cancers, heart attacks, suicides, small business bankruptcies, amputated educations, and runaway federal debt.  Most of these wonderchildren are not economists.

To borrow from Ronald Reagan, “facts are stubborn things.”  Here are a few.

Hard fact One:  Communist China bears responsibility for this crisis, not Trump. China saw the first case November 17, 2019, and hid it. They initiated a military-style denial and deception campaign, complete with suppression of medical voices, destruction of evidence, dissemination of global propaganda.

Timelines matter. In December 2019, Chinese doctors, including Li Wenliang of Wuhan, tried to alert the world about the virus. They were silenced. Li Wenliang died on February 6th.  Also in December, Communist leaders learned from samples that the virus was deadly, replicating, transmissible and resembled the 2002 SARS virus. They issued a “gag order” and destroyed the samples.

The samples would have identified strain and origins – namely, bat-to-human and almost certainly Wuhan’s Virology Institute. China propagated the idea that it came from Wuhan’s “wet market,” for dead produce – only bats are not sold there, nor eaten in that region of China. The institute is known for research on bat-to-human coronavirus transmission.

Late January, China stopped domestic travel from Wuhan, but encouraged international. China’s leaders knew the potential impact on world health and economies, but did nothing.  Worse, China enlisted the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros (a non-physician), to deny danger.  Tedros, previously accused of covering up a 2017 cholera epidemic, ignored Taiwan data and defended China.

In what was described as a “bizarre” statement, he demanded “gratitude and respect” for Communist China, minimizing risk of transmission, lethality and China’s role in covering-up truth. These statements proved false, calls for resignation followed, and Trump demanded an investigation. Tedros in April said “please don’t politicize the virus.”

The timeline is damning. China – caught lying – suddenly threatened to withhold life-saving drugs from the United States on March 13.   They delayed shipments of protective equipment and sent defective equipment to Europe. They promulgated wild-eyed stories putting blame on the United States.

Sadly, Western media bought into the Chinese propaganda, contriving ways to blame President Trump for not arresting spread of the novel coronavirus. The New York Times only reported a death in China on January 10, AP News later, other Western media only confirmed China as virus source mid-March. Media – including the Washington Post – threw cold water on links to the Chinese Virology Institute, defended WHO’s statements.  Only when the US and allied intelligence confirmed China’s coverup, did anti-Trump media start to pivot.

Missed in all this is a nimble president’s instincts. Despite critics, Trump closed entry from China in late January, then took heat for closing off Europe. He was hit for attributing the virus to China, mentioning the research institute, demanding investigation of WHO, and calling China deceptive. Turns out, he was right on all counts, able to look around corners.

Hard fact Two:  Media – and anti-Trump governors – continue to use total death numbers, but that is the wrong metric. As the Wall Street Journal reported May 1, the best metric of success is per capita deaths, not overall deaths.  By that metric, Spain has suffered more than 50 deaths per 100,000 citizens, Italy 45, Britain and France just under 40.  The United States?  Less than 20.  Let’s go apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

Hard fact Three:  As President Trump began encouraging social distancing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) contested him, instead flouting social distancing on February 24, encouraging large gatherings in Chinatown to celebrate China’s Lunar New Year and stir business.  She has since taken down that clip.

While blaming the president for not pushing social distancing, she pushed anti-social distancing – or large gatherings.  She showed up no mask, no matter – downtown San Francisco.  In ordinary America, we want to be back at work– but ordinary Americans would say, that is “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Hard fact Four:  After President Trump assumed office, he was condemned by Democrats and media for calling out Communist China – for lying.  Democrats accused him of starting an unjust trade war, endangering US interdependence with China, and diplomatic naivete.  Remember that?

What did Trump do? Like Reagan, he called a spade a spade. He accused China of lying about creating and militarizing artificial islands in the South China Sea, fielding space weapons, busting UN sanctions for North Korea, manipulating currency, abusing World Trade Organization membership, violating human rights of religious minorities and in Hong Kong.

Was Trump wrong? No, he was right. China’s denial and deception on coronavirus – what allied intelligence now calls a “cover-up” – proves Trump’s instincts were right.  China ignores truth.

Other hard facts. Let’s be frank, the entire world was ill-prepared for this Chinese origin virus, without adequate testing kits, protective equipment, stockpiles, ventilators, hospital space, inoculations, vaccine trials, or proven protocols. The US was not alone.

Bottom line:  President Trump did what good presidents do. He used judgment. He shut off the source of damage, from China and Europe. He established a process for integrating medical expertise and policy. He accelerated medical innovation, production of protective equipment. He refused to federalize the effort, respecting our Constitution. He informed the public daily – and wants us rolling again.

The blame game is about to start. As the trouble retreats, critics pop. Be prepared. Hard facts matter.

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Frank S.
6 months ago

One of the things I love about Trump was/is his willingness to stand up to China. Our previous three (maybe four) presidents should have, but all failed to act courageously. Trump continues to show great courage regarding his efforts to hold the CCP responsible and accountable for a host of wrongs, this pandemic only being the most recent. While I don’t advocate total trade abandonment with a country with a population of 1/5th of the world, I do think we should BDS (Boycott,, Divest, Sanction) China where ever possible or practical. That’s what the radical Left wants the U.S. to… Read more »

Stephen Russell
6 months ago

More facts to add: Chinese CCP silenced outspoken voices when virus hit IE other MDs Denied CDC entry into China WHO actions with China Twitter silencing anti WHO comments. Hunter Biden on board with China Co. Selling underrated medical gear to profit from virus to other nations. Dems & celebs aiding China The Atlantic media is CCP mouthpiece A-Z products Made in China: see at home, office, or go online to find info IE Eureka vacuums made by firms owned by Chinese China owns our RX. & Med supplies See Chinese lobbying forms, think tanks etc in DC alone. Or… Read more »

6 months ago

The author seems to be oblivious to the fact the blame game has already been well under way from the media, the Democrats, the Never Trumpers, the CCP, the WHO, the U.N. and every other pro-China, pro-socialist organization on the planet. The ending of the articles states “The blame game is about to start.” The blame game started the moment the President said one word opposing the WHO’s CCP provided script of nothing to see here, move on, move on all the way back in early January. The game shifted into over-drive, when the President announced the Chinese travel ban… Read more »

Linda Hutson
6 months ago

Ask yourselves who is one of the highest ranking Senators with CLOSE, VERY CLOSE FINANCIAL TIES to China? And had a Chinese Spy working for them for 20 years, who was never prosecuted for spying, but allowed to retire, probably with a pension! If you guessed Diane Feinstein you are correct! Notice she’s remained silent on the Wuhan Virus issue! ?

David Wyncoop
6 months ago

Great article. Unfortunately for some in-explainable reason a large number of people insist on watching and listening to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. Even some conservatives and Trump supporters also watch this trash, I know, my stepson does. If you suggest to someone that they watch say, FOX or OANN they look at you like you’re nuts. Someone needs to figure out how to stop these folks in the media from their constant barrage of lying, spinning and omitting the truth. The same goes for those of the same ilk who sit in Congress!

Paul W
6 months ago

Of course. When the left speaks of science, they’re actually talking about politics…their politics. The ideology of chaos. Chaos is their only hope of success.

Hank Smith Jr
6 months ago

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC AKA The Main Stream Media, is the propaganda branch of the democrat party and has been for years. President Trump has awakened America to this fact. America is fortunate to have a great leader in this time of need.

Diane Hipsher
6 months ago

Facts are coming out:

martha beimer
6 months ago

Yours is one of maybe three places where what I read is not sensationalized or “socialized”. Thank you for telling what is really happening and not your version of it. It is disgusting and has been for years to have the media think we are too ignorant to understand what we hear. In every public event they will silently wait while the president speaks and then get a bunch of talking heads together and proceed to tell us what we heard. Often, it is so twisted as to be the opposite of what we heard. I am ruthless in believing… Read more »

S odom
6 months ago

Thankyou AMAC and President Trump for truth.

don Balderrama
6 months ago

That ‘s why I’m an AMAC menber:to read thr TRUTH not FAKE NEWS! Don from Rialto,CA

Fred J Noel
6 months ago

I think that with all the Chinese connections in Diane Feinstein office she was aware of a Virus spreading through out China in late 2019. She probably shared this information with Speaker Pelosi. They saw an opportunity to tank the economy. However it was to late to stall the impeachment proceedings because she set a time line of having the articles of impeachment completed by Christmas. So she deliberately slow walk the articles being delivered to the Senate. Trying to keep President Trump occupied with the impeachment. Imagine he dismay when President Trump banned flights from China.

6 months ago

NBC is very frustrated ?. They have run out of ammo to criticize the President. SO….yesterday they tracked down the guy who was reassigned after opposing the use of hydroxy and gave him five minutes of national news. They didn’t mention that he was absolutely wrong‼️ They just wanted to make him look like the victim of a “mean” President?
That is all they got‼️

Linda Plante
6 months ago

Thanks AMAC for getting truth out there!

6 months ago

Our only option is the disintegration of the Chinese communist government. It will be probably the biggest challenge we may ever have and exposes us to great danger, but it is preferable to a slow death. It will take a unified world to stop trading with China. It will take a complete destruction of the Chinese economy. Any high tech information to, or any trading with China for essential goods needs to stop. My sympathy to the people of China, but what is the alternative. We have been naive over the years. We cannot trust any communist government. Why give… Read more »

Stan Richmond
6 months ago

The only thing I disagree with is that the media bought into chinas lies. Sorry but the media was already there!!

Barbara Pence
6 months ago

Don’t forget, somehow Dr. Fauci knew in 2017 it was going to happen. And he is also connected to the Chinese lab. Now isn’t that a little suspicious?? Thank God we have President Trump. He will get to the bottom of it.

6 months ago

New Let Wing pledge: “We must destroy this Village to save it”, where “save” = elect only woke progressive Democrats into all key positions, particularly the Presidency. The Trump re-election committee has a critical job before them. They have lots and lots and lots of material to work with…..they need to get their strategy down and then get it out. The new Democrat party is a gang of thugs who will do anything to defeat Trump specifically and all Republicans generally. They are fueled by hypocrisy and hate. They will do anything, including destroying the village, to get and keep… Read more »

Paul W
6 months ago

PS Thank you Mr. Charles…excellent article.

Pam Waldschmidt
6 months ago

I agree with every word of this article by Mr Charles! Yes yes and yes!

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