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Armies of Grinches Are Out to Wage War on Christmas

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 16 – An overwhelming segment of America’s population celebrates Christmas.  Polls show that more than 90% of U.S. Christians enjoy a Merry Christmas; most of them are inspired to observe the original religious aspect of the holiday – the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  But there are those who would like to do away with the tradition of the season, not just for nonbelievers, for all of us, including those who are motivated by the religious origin of the holiday.

It used to be that our kids looked forward to a Christmas Break from school; now, they get what is called a Winter Break.  The cheery Merry Christmas greetings we received when shopping or eating out have been replaced, in many cases, by happy holidays.  And the office Christmas Party is now the not-so-traditional holiday party.  The powers that be seem to have decided that very word, Christmas, regardless of its original meaning, is offensive and non-inclusive.

Columnist and radio talk show host, Dennis Prager, penned an article a few years ago that was headlined, “Leftism is a secular religion, and it deems all other religions immoral and false.” In it, he pointed out that “… it takes a breathtaking level of narcissism for a non-Christian to be offended by mentions of Christmas and a breathtaking level of meanness to seek to deprive the vast majority of fellow Americans of the public mention of their holiday … The ‘inclusive’ argument is so absurd — I am a religious Jew and cannot even fathom being offended or feeling ‘not included’ by invitation to a Christmas party — that there have to be other, or at least additional, reasons for the left’s neutering of Christmas.”

Prager said that what we call the socialist progressives who have infiltrated virtually every aspect of our daily lives, indeed, has its “reasons.” For one thing, they believe as Karl Marx and his communist cronies believed that religion is their enemy.  In addition, they view the U.S. to be a “Christian” nation— that it is a fundamental aspect of our national heritage, and they want us to replace it by having us identify ourselves as citizens of the world.  He added that these wanna-be communists are also angry and unhappy lot.

Christmas is also under assault on another front as the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement openly declares war on its observance, complete with a dedicated Website with the link,  In a statement issued shortly after Thanksgiving, BLM said: “As we prepare ourselves for the holiday season, we are bombarded with ads that seek to whip us up into a consumerist frenzy. Black Friday sales are being rolled out weeks in advance of Thanksgiving and, at every turn, white-supremacist-capitalism is telling us to spend our money on things that we don’t need, to reap profits for corporations … As BLMLA [Los Angeles] organizer, Jan Williams, reminds us, ‘Capitalism doesn’t love Black people.’ In fact, white supremacist-capitalism invented policing, initially as chattel-slavery-era ‘paddy rollers,’ in order to protect its interests and put targets on the backs of Black people.”

Earlier this month, Fairleigh Dickinson University [FDU] in Madison, NJ, issued the results of a poll it conducted on the “War on Christmas” that found a record number of us believe that it is real.  The last time FDU conducted this survey was in 2013, when the survey found that 29 percent of respondents that believed there has “been a concerted effort on the part of some politicians to take ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.” The newest poll found that 37% believe there’s a war on Christmas.  Interestingly, the school’s analysis of the survey concluded that “2 out of 3 (66 percent) Republicans agree with the War on Christmas idea, up from 40 percent. In 2013.” There was no increase in the number of Democrats who were polled.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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Michelle K. Hamilton
4 months ago

Merry Christmas every one! My heart is full of hope because I know that God has the future in HIs hand. I will not fear! The King of Kings came to bring light and salvation. Joy to the world!

Bill on the Hill
4 months ago

I have but ( 1 ) wish for Christmas. I want my country back…
Merry Christmas to all…
Bill… :~)

Matt Knighton
5 months ago

I wonder how long it’s going to be before we see Santa as a baby in a manger.
I’m an optimistic pessimist????, which, I suppose, means that I believe that socially and politically, it’s going to get a lot worse.
On the other hand, as dark, threatening storm clouds gather on the horizon, I have a much deeper and more confident hope that “God is not dead, not does He sleep.” Being God, and a God of great purpose, He is, in the midst of our mess, putting the puzzle pieces together. Just wait!

5 months ago

These Satan lovers better think twice about what they are doing. They WILL have to meet their Maker someday and I don’t believe HE will be happy. What they are doing is unforgivable. Christmas is very important to most of us. So maybe God will favor us soon. Keep hoping for return to some sanity.

Matt Knighton
5 months ago
Reply to  Karen

You are definitely correct about the hellish consequence of their sick and tragic choices, but be patient my dear, our time will come in His time — and that, as you well know, is the very best time.

5 months ago

Merry Christmas.

Mary Walker
5 months ago

Merry Christmas

5 months ago

The reason for the season could be very unifying and that’s the last thing the left wants obviously. Peace and good will toward mankind has been left out of their playbook only to be replaced with policies bent toward chaos, injustice and violence, to mention a few. It seems the social engineered perception of fear has the meek huddling and the confused ragging against us all, with the rest settling to be woke.

Matt Knighton
5 months ago
Reply to  Bruce

Well said; very well said. Thankfully, however, the left doesn’t hold the winning hand. As I type this, the sounds of the final chapter ring from the television in the other room:
“Joy to the world, the Lord is come!!!” He doesn’t just have an answer to our present chairs, He IS the answer!
As so many of us will continue to say regardless of it’s popularity (or not) “Merry CHRISTmas to all. . . and to all a good night.”

5 months ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS ???? ???? ????????????‍????

Matt Knighton
5 months ago
Reply to  Barbara

Absolutely, Barbara! Merry Christmas!The true MERRY is wonderfully and forever held in the undeniable reality of the next word. Take a moment to ponder it, carefully, with intentional purpose, because our comfort, hope, and true peace are found in CHRIST-mas. He not only has peace, comfort, and hope, HE is all of those and so much more. May I say it to you once more with utmost sincerity, Merry Christmas — very merry — with unstoppable pride in the CHRIST who, regardless of circumstances, makes it indescribably MERRY in the deepest part of our souls.

5 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all!

5 months ago

I’m going to make this short. For those of you who want to take Christ out of Christmas; you truly do NOT understand. Go to church, with me if you want; seek out Jesus; find out WHY we feel the way we do. The WHY is all important. I’m willing to say that MOST of those who want to take Christ out of Christmas have no idea of the truth of Christ Jesus… The Bible IS BEING PLAYED OUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, and the world doesn’t even know it ..

5 months ago
Reply to  Richard

That’s the best description I’ve heard yet – “… being played out right before our eyes …”. The problem is, there are too many of them that have never heard the term “Repentance”, it’s beneath them, so watch and learn!

5 months ago

Ads drive me crazy – I have never gone holiday shopping for a holiday gift to put under a holiday tree! This is insane!!

5 months ago

The X in “xmas” is the Greek letter for “Christ”

David Millikan
5 months ago

TERRORIST blm is exactly that.
A TERRORIST Organization. They rank right up there with TERRORIST antifa and TERRORIST DICTATOR Beijing biden since he has DOJ using TERRORIST TACTICS against AMERICANS Raiding their homes in middle of night for those who attended the January 6th RALLY.
By the way, WHY hasn’t ALL of TERRORIST blm and TERRORIST antifa with their ILLEGAL ALIENS buddies been VACCINATED?

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