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AOC on border detention, media attacking Trump, Re-election Campaign for Trump

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Today we talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accusing the United States of running concentration camps along the southern border. The media attacking Trump for not attacking Iran. Trump’s kick off for his re-election campaign.

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1 year ago

AOC, AOC, AOC …. enough already. Why are we talking about anything this “bartender” says? She’s like a jigsaw puzzle that will never go together, never make sense, because too many parts are missing. Accuracy, truth, problem solutions, are not her objectives …. publicity is her game. Let’s quit playing.

1 year ago

Just another lying socialist that needs to be dismissed. Hard to believe anyone was stupid enough to vote for her. Her job is to make life easier for Americans and serve them, not lie about Americans. She needs to be voted out of political office.

1 year ago

So, what’s new? Trump could find the cure for cancer and the left would attack him on it. They did the same thing to Jesus Christ. Now, I am aware that Trump is a far cry from our savior. But if they would do it to Jesus. They will do it to anyone. Nothing has changed. Matthew 11:16-20 – But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have… Read more »

Anna Petrocelli
1 year ago

I had suggested in a previous writing for AOC go to our boarders. This she did. But I also told her to go to the Holocaust Museum. She did not. What gives this idiotic woman the right to say anything about our boarders and the similarity to the concentration camps in Europe, since she did not read the history of WWII. What on earth did she learn when she went to school? To criticize only? I still say that we need to oust such people from our government where they should be making logical decisions.

Gas Man
1 year ago

Your Amac “Weekly News Vidio” is excellent!
It is short, consite and factual. In addition, it is self fact checking, with the clips included. While watching it I thought of Paul Harvey’s radio show, ” The Rest of The Story”.
It would be really great if you could get the Amac News on Broad Cast TV. Thanks All you Do!!

Dan T
1 year ago

Ronald Regan was feared to be a WarMonger then criticized because he did not attack another country.
Same thing with Trump. THEY just hunt for things to criticize him for. If they can’t find anything they just…
……………………………………… make something up.
Trump will end up being the best president in my lifetime BUT the left will rewrite history making him seem
to be the very worst ever!!

Glenn Lego
1 year ago

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez should be in a detention center.

1 year ago

Once again,,,, You Can’t fix Stupid………………

Jack Thomas
1 year ago

AOC . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . is a self-appointed, self-centered, self-aggrandizing new “darling” of the Democratic Party. However, she isn’t qualified (except by age and filing the proper docs with the FEC) to serve in Congress. One could wish for a better nightmare than being represented by this obnoxious, uneducated baffoon who is ignorant of American history in its proper context; who has no real understanding or empathy for the difficult, nearly impossible task of our Border Patrol/ICE agents; who spends her time “ranting” against U.S. Immigration Policy which is actually the result of bad decisions made… Read more »

Jim Gallant
1 year ago

A great maiden voyage into the truth in politics, and sanity through honest news reporting. Keep it up.

Phaye Taylor
1 year ago

This woman does not know her A– from a whole in the ground!

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

The Socialistic Democratic Party has majored in hypocrisy, ignorance and panhandling; not one of their candidates is worthy of leading this Nation. Oust AOC, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, Nancy Pelosi and all other liberal “progressive” Senators, embrace integrity, faith, God and country and move back to the political center and I might consider voting for a Democrat one day.

Phaye Taylor
1 year ago

What is that old saying–Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. As far as the left wing is, they will never find a happy medium with our president. They, as representatives of us, the people, should be working with the president–not apposing him!

1 year ago

Love the AMAC Weekly News. Thank You!

1 year ago

I like this new feature

1 year ago

haven’t the media and others been attacking President Trump for ever, even when he first came on the scene, way back when, so he has been being prepared from then to be strong and able to with stand all the arrows, rocks and lies being fired at him today

Ed and Sue
1 year ago

Really missed Ferguson on Blaze TV and wondered what happened to him. Thrilled to find him here on AMAC. Good move for us AMAC members. He really nails the issues. Best wishes!

1 year ago

Love this!!

Roberta Williams
1 year ago

Thanks for this. It was great for one who dose not have TV.

carolyn Brundage
1 year ago

I would like Angela ortega to be referred to as her name not just her initials. Who the heck is she to be known only with initials. Thank you

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