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AOC on border detention, media attacking Trump, Re-election Campaign for Trump

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Today we talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accusing the United States of running concentration camps along the southern border. The media attacking Trump for not attacking Iran. Trump’s kick off for his re-election campaign.

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Jeffrey Brown
3 years ago

This person has NO credibility or, dare I say it, even a brain cell in her little head. She’s just trying to stir up the “people” and make a name for herself

3 years ago

Unfortunately the Democrats have nothing to offer the American public – so they come up with thing that are so far from intelligent or even serious just to get votes. They need to reprogram their brains.

3 years ago

A simple, and old saying… ‘She’s so dumb she thinks she’s SMART!’

Bernice Lentz
3 years ago

Here’s a thought! Every liberal that is so concerned about conditions of people being held at the border for illegal entry should have a family assigned to them. Have them delivered to your home (at homeowners expense), feed and take care of them (with no government financial support) until they become citizens. On second thought….never mind!

Carrie Luke
3 years ago

This is great! I love it! Beautifully done. I am looking forward to this weekly broadcast. Thanks AMAC!

3 years ago

AOC has moved from white lies to scurrilous whoopers….Congress should condemn her and have her removed from all committees….

3 years ago

Looks like President Trump will have a train load of potent ammo for his campaign in 2020…The DIMMs are more than generous and covered with parasites and scabs from trying to battle logic and sell crap sandwiches……they never have anything new…

3 years ago

AOC is getting deeper into hot water, she has crossed the line from white lies to whoppers and polls say she will not be reelected….I would ask the congress to condemn her actions and shun her as a elected official by removing her from any committee….

3 years ago

AOC: The New horseFace of the Democrat Party

Willie Ryan
3 years ago

Get here out. America needs to vote and get these unamerican out of Washington.

Alan Medeiros
3 years ago

Great up to date news! Trump 2020!!!

3 years ago

I agree, stop giving the P.O.S attention. She’s just radical TRASH.

cecil welch
3 years ago

AOC needs to be deported or placed in the holding concentration camp to PREVENT her connection with the FAKE MEDIA.

Isabel Julian
3 years ago

So frustrating that the news is no longer news but their opinions on what WE should think!!

Cheryl Brown
3 years ago

Miss AOC should go and visit Ravensbruck, the concentration camp for women that Hitler constructed. Does the name Corey Tenboom sound familiar?

3 years ago

She needs to stop breathing!

Joe Kesner
3 years ago

Great Post, even though it was a week old. I have to quote Alan Dershowitz: “Anybody who ever compares what is going on at our southern border to ‘Never Again’ or Concentration Camps, is encouraging Holocaust denial. Because what they’re saying is all that happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany and Poland, is what is happening at the southern border, then there were no death camps, there were no killing squads, there was no ‘Final Solution’. SHAME ON THEM for being Holocaust deniers.”

3 years ago

why was the presidents salute to America on july 4 not shown in detail on all tv networks

Debbie McIntyre
3 years ago

I just watched my first AMAC Weekly News since recently joining. Loved it!

3 years ago

Thank you, Debbie!

Kathy Orbon
3 years ago

We spend too much time defending the truth when lies are said. Ignore the presenter of the lie. Remember that old saying, that I don’t care how my name is spelled as long as you say my name. We need to ignore them rather than keep them in the news.

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