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AOC and Democrats – Off the Rails

AOCThis is a testing time.  Arguably, the strength of a democracy is toleration for mediocrity and mendacity.  That is, if we can tolerate dim bulbs and dark forces, but find our way home, we are okay.  By that measure, the New York barmaid turned Democrat gadfly – AOC – is putting our Republic to the test.

This week, she tweeted to those who work for a living, rise early, set late, have families, believe in the future, honor the past, and love America.  She wants us to understand “democracy.”

Spurred by Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s passing, the self-assured, blurt-and-run congresswoman – who considers herself an “economist” since she took a course – told us where things are at.

In a flurry of bungled words, she lit up the news.  “Our democracy is at a faint heartbeat; it was broken before Trump.  But so long as we can save lives, I believe we have an obligation to do so as we build a new world,” adding “after we work to command victory in November, I need folks to realize that there’s no going back to brunch.”   Hmmm.  Too much coffee?

From this tangled mass of socialist mush, where does go?  What would our Founders think?  How do you correct someone who is dead wrong and cock sure?  The first instinct is move on.

But more is owed.  Persuasion involves engaging those who do not see, were never taught, have forgotten, or are blinded by appeals to emotion, distraction, disaffection, resentment, or another dark force.  We owe it to our past to re-anchor lost souls in reason, history, and self-awareness.

Of course, it takes courage to engage those passionately committed to ignorance, content to be arrogant, disinterested in truth.  So focus on “democracy.” America is a representative democracy, a Republic.  People elect representatives to reflect their will and exercise judgment.

Our Founders believed educated, liberty-loving representatives, held accountable by elections, would guide the republic through times good and bad.  Direct democracy was rejected – since it was unbounded by law, allowing a majority to overrun minorities and individuals.

Moreover, our republic was designed to be self-correcting, not just through educated representatives, but a three-by-three block – three cross-checking federal branches, three layers.  As most know – although one wonders about AOC – the legislative branch checks executive and judicial power by oversight, spending limits (increasingly ironic), confirmations, and impeachment (recently misused).

At risk of boring readers – but for AOC-devotees – the executive checks the legislative by veto and executive prerogatives, chiefly in national security, foreign affairs, and administration.  The judiciary applies law to cases, checks executive and congressional overreach, protects minorities and individuals.

Now, if you were AOC, you would officially be a constitutional lawyer!  Since she did not take that course, however, what follows is a disentangling of her troubled tweets.

First, our Republic, is strong.  Why?  It is built around laws, protects against government overreach and mobocracy of the sort Democrats – gone socialist – promote.  In a second tweet, AOC suggests Americans “radicalize” themselves.  Apparently, she is modeling that process.

Limits on government and the citizens are clear.   A runaway mob, even a majority mob, cannot legitimately upend our laws.  We do not allow majorities or mobs to trample individual rights – under ordinary circumstances.  Recent mob attacks – justified by Democrats – are constitutionally unacceptable.  They upend law, are anti-American.

Our Republic will be strong – not “faint” of heart – so long as our rights are held inviolate, unsuppressed by government, majority, or mobs. That means we stay strong in proportion to how freely we can speak, exercise faith, assemble, defend ourselves, avoid unreasonable searches or seizures, receive due process, and respect the 9th and 10th amendments, which remind us power flows up from the People.

To be clear, if the Republic is at risk, the risk comes from socialist mobs and mayhem, tolerated by Democrats – not from defending constitutional rights or a restrained judiciary.

The threat to our Republic is the audacity of AOC, Biden, Harris, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, and their ilk, who want to aggregate power and usurp individual liberties.  The chief threat to our Republic comes from excusing violence, choosing emotion over reason, trampling core rights.

“Broken before Trump?”  Trump has nothing to do with the advance of socialism, communism, mobs, Democrat mayors allowing cities destroyed.  He has nothing to do with ideologues pushing violence as peace, fascism as anti-fascism, violence as healing, church burning as good.

If our Republic suffers fissures, they can be traced to progressive ideology, encouraging government dependence over self-reliance, state authority over individual responsibility, public corruption, endless spending, class warfare, and dictating social norms like old Soviets.

If AOC wants to heal wounds, un-break America, and “save lives,” study American history, relearn toleration for differing ideas – from which truth emerges. She might revisit humility, the capacity for self-correction.  That is what our Founders did.  They discovered government does not have the truth.  Limited government protects truths distilled by individuals.

“Build a new world?”  As a mentor once instructed me, look before you leap, appreciate what you have, be grateful for the sacrifice, and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  We do not need a new world, just greater appreciation for what we have.

Finally, AOC says Democrats will “command” November, and watch out.  “I need folks to realize that there’s no going back to brunch.” My dear congresswoman, this may come as a shock, but most of us are up early, put in an honest day’s work, live on wages or retirement.  We do not sleep late, lecture our neighbors, or roll into “brunch” midday.  That is not real America – that is AOC-privileged America, and you can have it.

In short, America is at risk – but not from phantom fascists or hard-working pursuers of the American Dream.  America is at risk from socialists like AOC, out of touch with constitutional process, up in arms about a Supreme Court justice, tweeting the world’s end, advocating people “burn down” the Supreme Court – which, incidentally, is marble.

Yes, AOC – and other anti-American socialists – “brunch” is over.  The Supreme Court will have a new justice and migrate away from judicial activism.  America will – after November – get stronger.  The test will be whether we, as a People, can tolerate such mediocrity and mendacity – and keep moving.  We have overcome worse, but these are testing times.

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1 month ago

Another well written article RBC. Just one correction. As hard as it may seem to fathom given her complete lack of any economic knowledge, AOC was actually given a BA degree in Economics from Boston University. That speaks volumes to the quality or more correctly the lack of quality of many of our so-called institutions of higher learning today. Of course she couldn’t land a job in the financial sector of NYC, so she ended up being a bartender in a restaurant. At least the private sector valued her economics background correctly. Which no doubt is part of the reason… Read more »

Melbourne Mark
1 month ago

Absolutely GREAT article! I agree that AOC is a Democratic embarrassment and how voters continue to support her is simply mind boggling! I believe President Trump will be re-elected however, by a very slim margin. It’s too bad some voters will continue to support people like Chuck “Chuckles” Schumer, AOC, even Pelosi, who seem to care only about creating disruption in our government. It’s time for them to ALL go home…and, stay there!

1 month ago

Boycott the public educational system. It’s too expensive, bureaucratic, and deficient. Home School entirely through up through college – even “advanced degree” programs – for the most part. Learn Trades in addition to a Profession. If you apply yourself, even in fields like medicine and engineering- you can outpace class attending students. Why be held back by the average? Plus all the time wasted going back and forth. Read widely, question everything. Learn to live within your means. Put GOD first, family second, profession/trade third, then friends and extended family. Government is way down the list. However pay your taxes… Read more »

Meem Kaplan
1 month ago

“Direct democracy was rejected – since it was unbounded by law, allowing a majority to overrun minorities and individuals.” Actually, democracy is basically mob rule which is what we have been experiencing for years. The very loud minorities have been calling the shots through the democrats.
It’s time for AOC to take a class on the Constitution. It’s free through Hillsdale College. She has NO excuse for not knowing the Constitution and it should be a requirement before holding office!

1 month ago

My personal opinion of AOC and her ilk is rock bottom. Not only are they disgusting and ignorant they have no business holding the offices they hold. Not so long ago a lot of what these people say and do would be considered treason. I think all Americans should have a say as to who our leaders are including the chief offender, Nancy Palosi! It may be hard to figure it out but we’ve figured out a lot more difficult issues.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Most likely AOC obtained her degree from Boston University by being a good parrot. The scary thing is that she is so full of herself that being a good parrot translates to being a good scholar, and being a good scholar translates to being a good thinker. AOC is a perfect example of “a little learning is a dangerous thing.”

1 month ago

She was recruited to run for congress, among others, by Justice Democrats, a marxist political organization. They are the ones pulling her strings.

1 month ago

These Progressively Communist Democrats have gone nutz! Now that Ginsberg has died, they’ve really gotten Ruth-less!!! They know that Biden is going to lose and they plan on contesting the results and if Trump fills the vacancy they haven’t a chance of winning in the Supreme Court.

1 month ago

Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution of the United states; The United states shall guarantee to every state in the union a Republican Form of Government,and shall protect them against invasion ; and on Application of the Legislature or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence. its not so much that this moron AOC is in the Congress, because she was elected by fools like her. We were never to be a democracy. democracy rules by majority (mob) rule, a republic rules by “Law”. We have become a Democracy with no protection against domestic… Read more »

1 month ago

She is an ignorant product of the socialist professors in so calked upscale colleges. What a crock of crap she is.

Kathryn DiPiazza
1 month ago

Excellent article, wish all young people could read it.

Steven Meisels
1 month ago

Great article, however, patriotic Americans young and old, need a plan on how to deal with these traitors after the election. You know what I mean. They will not leave quietly.

1 month ago

Maybe AOC could become Ruth Bader Ginsburg/s neighbor// She has got to be the biggest loser for brain shortage in the entire Democratic party also known as communists//The only one with less knowledge would be her brother Joseph Biden//Pure garbage for the USA////////

Ed J
1 month ago

Ah yes, time to out the Marx Sisters.  The Congressional Squad of Four headed by AOC and the three other hags. AOC is the most despicable one (with the others not far behind); n.b., AOC is the lead phony in this infestation, a true Oracle of the Cesspool and the biggest piece of crap floating around in it. So, how long do we all have to hold our noses before this stench goes away?

1 month ago

Off the track? They never got close to catching the train!

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

More riots more votes for President IF U favor L&O: Law & Order etc.
Each riot Costs Votes.

1 month ago

Wonderful article! Lifted me up and I sure need that at this time! Thanks!

Art A
1 month ago

AOC. POLITICAL SCIENCE EXPERT,ECONOMICS EXPERT,AND POSSIBLY A CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER. Pretty good stuff for a person who has her background. What or who are her constituents??? Her more entertaining episodes are when she gets to say “I’ve been thinking.” She has scared the hell out of Nancy Pelosi and has proposed that Hiden Biden can be steered correctly and fully to her line of thinking. She has a line of thinking about teaching democracy that has no foundation. Even Socrates( to paraphrase) stated that a true democracy being all Socrates is still just a mob. AOC and her gang, both in… Read more »

Ed J
1 month ago

AOC is obviously one of the most visible inmates trying to run the Demshevik asylum. She is one of those who would have fit right in with Mao’s Great Cultural Revolution back when. And we all know of the convulsions it caused in China before it abated. Gee whiz, AOC! I’ve heard that AOC actually stands for Always On Crack! This view is supported by her rantings, ravings, and pratings based on a foundation of abysmally profound ignorance. P.S. By the way, did she ever get her GED? In the alternative, one could say to AOC “Lady, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but you… Read more »

Allan Brem
1 month ago

I am becoming a strong advocate for drug testing.

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