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Any Predictions for Iowa?

Jedediah on Iowa

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump holds a 7-point lead over rival Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) in Iowa, fueled by first-time GOP caucusgoers, according to a new poll.

Trump leads Cruz, 31 to 24 percent, in the Quinnipiac poll released Monday morning.

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) has 17 percent while no other GOP candidate has double-digit support, with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson the closest at 8 percent.

And there’s more:

First-time Democratic caucusgoers also boosted Bernie Sanders in Iowa, pollsters found, with the Vermont senator holding a 3-point lead over Hillary Clinton, 49 to 46 percent.

Among first-time voters, Sanders holds a major lead over Clinton, 62 to 35 percent, while Clinton holds a 9-point lead among those who have caucused before.

Some questions to ponder…

Who will get to do a victory lap in Iowa?

What would a Sanders victory mean for Hillary Clinton?

How much do you value Iowa in terms of a national predictor?

What value do you think an Iowa victory serves when it comes to national momentum?

Tweet me your thoughts @JedediahBila. It all unfolds tonight!

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

The Hill reports the latest from Quinnipiac:

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Ron Smith
6 years ago

When Trump started I was for him but the more he talks the less I hear. I did not like when he started call Megan Kelly a Bimbo, he does not like any women or others disagreeing with him, he knows it all1 I don’t like it when they go after one another. Lets get down to the facts and tell it like it is! Based on facts. Obamacare is a disaster. I’m trying in my mind (I’m 80 years old) to understand why do we all get to pay for those who choose not to work and stand on the corner and asked me to give the money for another bottle or shot of dope. If they are going to dye in the streets hire more street sweepers! We all choose what we want to do! So get off your Ass and go to work! I don’t want to pay for a DRONE! When I began working about 6 years old for my Dad on the Ranch & later in life when I was required to apply for my Service Card so they could Draft me I did same as when I got my first paying job. The Government put a gun to my head start pay Social Security I did. Now I draw on it & it pays for my medicines that’s it! I’m not crying & I’m not on the street asking for a handout either. I’m only my BROTHERS KEEPER of those that cannot work or were born afflicted. I say GROW UP & LEARN TO WORK THAT IS HAPPINESS!

6 years ago

In a Republican presidential primary, who would you prefer as the GOP nominee?
These are the numbers from a Straw Poll of Iowa that News Max did last night.

Donald Trump22,429(55%)

Dr. Ben Carson2,338(5%)

Sen. Ted Cruz8,538(21%)

Gov. Jeb Bush525(1%)

Sen. Marco Rubio3,738(9%)

Gov. John Kasich699(1%)

Sen. Rand Paul771(1%)

Gov. Mike Huckabee377(0%)

Sen. Rick Santorum79(0%)

Carly Fiorina396(0%)

Gov. Chris Christie386(0%)

Rachel Pelone
6 years ago
Reply to  Troy

Frankly I wish Dr Carson was ahead of both Rubio and Cruz The more I see of them the less I like them. Dr Carson is wonderful. At least it looks like we may lose Bush.

6 years ago

My first choice is still Dr. Ben Carson though his candidacy got derailed by his listening to the Party leadership in hiring the same losing consultants that led Romney’s campaign. The Party leadership got what they deserved in Trumps success. Trump’s a phony Conservative as revealed by his history of known sound bites that reveal his Ultra Liberal views, err, traditional New Yorker views. The Party leadership hates Trump but hates Cruz even more. I guess that since Carson’s campaign is derailed, I would rather see Cruz win the candidacy than a Trump or Rubio. I still believe Obama will run for a third term after he orchestrates Hillary’s demise and if so, I still believe Carson would have the best chance of defeating him. The national election comes down to who can win the swing states and Dr. Carson can attract at least 30% of the black vote to ensure defeat of any Democratic candidate and especially Obama! … But Carson’s winning the candidacy at this stage would take a miracle and I’m short on miracles at this time. But stranger things have happened and I’ll still hold on to my slim hopes.
… WinBenWin!

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