Antifa Plots Mass Uprising, Showing its True Communist Intent

protest violent AntifaThe far-left group known as “antifa” has dramatically amplified its presence in the American political landscape since President Trump took office. Its violent tactics have been labeled terrorism by many, and there even exists a White House petition calling for the president to formally recognize the group as a terrorist organization.

Now, the group and their cohorts may be planning a revolution.

Antifa-affiliated group “Refuse Fascism” is calling for demonstrators to gather on November 4, demanding the “Trump/Pence regime” must go. The group claims the Trump administration is fascist and therefore must be resisted.

“This nightmare must end”, the Refuse Fascism website states in its call to action, “We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

Such efforts will likely include violence, considering the Refuse Fascism group is actually a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party—a radical leftist group known for its call to “abolish the United States”. The aggressively anti-American faction was seen protesting the United States back in July, as they burned American flags outside of the Republican National Convention.

The party has even penned a manifesto entitled “The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America” as a template for their planned post-American regime.

The Refuse Fascism front group also enables the Revolutionary Communist Party to join with other leftist groupings, notably various factions of antifa. Some of these groups, such as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, have already called for stealing of others’ property, excusing the crime by calling it “expropriating”, claiming this is a necessary part of their revolution.

Ultimately, this is all nothing new. Throughout history, self-identified “anti-fascist” groups were largely a creation of European communist parties and often operated as “front groups”, just as groups like Refuse Fascism and antifa are doing today. In European countries, those who were opposed to “fascism,” however defined, would join the group and end up serving as foot soldiers for the communists. “Anti-fascism” during the Cold War provided the propaganda cover for communist tyranny, just as it does for the radical leftists today. The left has always referred to anyone who does not fall in line with their ideology as a fascist, and more often than not, “anti-fascism” is merely a disguise for card-carrying members of the Communist party.

It’s also no coincidence that today’s antifa draws its symbols and philosophy from the far-left groups that rose during Germany’s interwar periods. Even the red and black flag logo the movement uses was originally created by the German Communist Party. Although antifa may be more visible in today’s political landscape, the group’s core philosophy is not new. Antifa is merely a brand for already existing communist and anarchist activists that wish to disrupt government, sabotage Western values, and destroy the United States as we know it.

The November 4 event is consequently just the newest manifestation of a very old pattern, as the label of “anti-fascism” is used to conceal the true ideological agenda of the left. The protests—even if they become violent and destructive—will undoubtedly be covered by the liberal media as simply protests against President Trump.

However, those of us who have been paying attention know the truth. These protests are ultimately part of a calculated effort to promote communism and, to put it bluntly, the end of America itself.

I, for one, will not stand for any communist takeover of my country. Will you?

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Silas Longshot

Once these snowflake radicals get off a college campus and up against military vets / armed civilians who won’t take lightly to fascist commie takeover attempts, they will quickly learn that ‘overthrowing’ the USA is a bigger ticket than they can handle


THIS is a product of our liberal “education” system. I know that because I am a credentialed teacher from California and the Socialist/Communist/Democrat influence in our schools is where this cancer seed is planted and nurtured. They will destroy our nation and establish a new totalitarian government (like Hitler’s National Socialist Party or NAZI Party) unless immediate and overwhelming action is taken to STOP these treats! The world (your world!) will change drastically and VERY soon. Which side will you be on! Civil War CAN happen here and California will likely be ground zero. America is under attack on several levels.


These are true communist/socialists who have almost no understanding of what they claim to be doing or attacking. They are almost 100% incapable of answering any intelligent question or giving an intelligent explanation of why they are doing what they are doing.


what a bunch of dopes and most likely dope heads. let these liberalsocialistdem snowflakes come to my street etc and start pushing, they will not like the answer. their hate for America is disgusting. I am beginning to believe colleges are good for nothing else but the lefts desire to destroy America.

God Bless America

Elena Tellez

These revolutionary groups MUST BE CRUSHED once and for all, and our universities PURGED of the socialist professors. America has more than sufficient REAL problems with North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and other enemies to put up with this domestic strife… and CONSERVATIVES ALERT… we are used to being passive about our assertions. Time to stand up and be counted. We SAW this coming, and did NOTHING. Now, it’s coming to fruition. Mow ’em down, brothers and sisters! NOW.

Tom Wilde

Why has it taken this long for Antifa to be recognized as the Communist group that it is? These people are almost entirely ignorant of what it is they are pushing for and who it is that is pulling their strings. A hundred years ago Lenin called the likes of the ignorant fools that eagerly did his bidding “Useful Idiots”. Nothing has change, they are still useful to the Remote Left cause and they’re still IDIOTS. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where the young in California were asked WHY they are in such opposition to Trump and the Constitution. NONE of them came up with a coherent intelligent response. They didn’t know! All they knew is that their “teachers” (read Indoctrinators), the Media and Liberal politicians TOLD THEM so. That’s it. No reason at all just that they were TOLD to oppose Trump and the Constitution. So lacking any other… Read more »

John H Joyce

That is their option, so if that is what they intend to do, they will be met with bloodshed and mayhem. We the patriots won’t stand idly by. They should be well aware of that.


I live here in darkest blue California and I expect these terrorists to attempt to block freeway traffic. If so, and I happen to get stuck and if the police fail to arrest them then I am prepared to help settle the problem. I carry a large stick in my trunk and when I swing it I intend to yell “Muslim terrorists, protect yourselves people, they don’t belong here”!!!


Take none of this lightly. The proof is in history. Our republic is in the greatest danger ever. Thanks


If we had a truly impartial media covering this event, it would never succeed! Time to take back the media!


I. like probably many of you posting here, am from the era of the hippie radicals who protested everything and destroyed and killed in the process. The SDS, the Weathermen, etc where the Antifa back then. I have read many of the comments here and the common thread from then and today is the college campuses and the radical professors. I never went to college because I joined the military in 1966 and served my country proudly and honorably for 22 years. I watched the radical protestors 24/7 degrading and demeaning anyone who would dare wear the uniform and serve their country. I saw soldiers returning from Vietnam being spit on and called baby killers. It was truly disgusting. Many of the “leaders” of those various radical movements are now college professors themselves and are brainwashing a new generation of radical protestors on our college campuses. This Antifa group is… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin

If these fools actually revolt violently as it appears they may, they will be destroyed by the American military or by the public that loves and defends our nation. They don’t have a chance of pulling it off.


Why isn’t Antifa listed as a Domestic Terrorist Group and are they being checked for receiving money from foreign sources ??


Regardless of the causation of this terrorist group, they must be labeled and treated as terrorists they are. We know that the fringe group, ALCU and many leftist Democrats, will scream in opposition to placing Antifa as a terrorist group! Enough already!


I am happy to wait for them to destroy California and the other large blue states, and then go in and clean their clocks. Say good bye to the DEMONCRAPIC PARTY and the Socialist Communist in D.C., as they are revealed and removed. You know what they say about KARMA!


dear cupcakes, please hold your breath, till something happens…including blacking out!!!


Bullets are about the only thing that affordable these days and antifa would be perfect for target practice. These little twigs really need to be exterminated and to say that they are American turns my stomach.


Our republic is in extreme danger.

Bill Matthews

This is why we need to reinforce the 2 ND amendment. Their up-rising will be met with a counter offence.


Where is Jeff Sessions. Declare this group a terrorist organization and charge them with sedition. Then go after George Soros under the RICO statute. Enough is enough . This is no longer just protest , it is anarchy. Do your Job Sessions.