Antifa Goons Attack Gay, Conservative Journalist. Cruz: Mayor Permits Leftist Terror

Antifa attackThe masked goons of Antifa were at it again in Portland on Saturday, but this time they went beyond the usual.

The left-wing thugs clobbered homosexual conservative journalist Andy Ngo with fists and milkshakes, an attack that sent the writer for Quilette and other websites and newspapers to the hospital.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, are demanding a federal investigation of the unprovoked attack, and even left-wing journalists are appalled. Cruz accused the mayor of permitting left-wing terrorism.

As The New American reported in October, the city’s leftist mayor, Timothy Wheeler, doesn’t much care if Antifa goons run wild in the streets.

The Attack
As the Oregonian reported, the violence occurred during competing protests to which the leftist goons showed up in far greater numbers.

The protests “featured only a few isolated flashpoints of violence, the newspaper reported, and “one of them has garnered outsized attention with many in conservative circles condemning the mayor and police for perceived inaction in the face of violence.”

Calling Ngo a “right-wing provocateur,” the newspaper reported that he “was attacked by a group of masked individuals who kicked, punched and threw milkshakes at him.”

“Milkshaking” is new tactic in leftist terror, and Portland police reported that Antifa goons added quick-drying cement to their dastardly dairy bombs.

Jim Ryan, a reporter for the newspaper, posted video of the appalling attack on Twitter, and Ngo posted updates on Twitter as well. The video shows the Antifa goons attacking Ngo even as he tried to escape.

“Attacked by antifa,” he tweeted. “Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help.”

Then, Ngo told Twitter followers, “On way to hospital. Was beat on face and head multiple times in downtown in middle of street with fists and weapons. Suspects at large.”

Ngo posted video of himself as well.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin quickly set up a Go Fund Me account for Ngo that has already raised nearly $150,000.

Such was the ferocity of the attack that even leftist Brian Stelter of CNN denounced it, as did ABC’s Jake Tapper. “Even @MrAndyNgo’s critics should have no trouble saying this: The assault against him was unacceptable,” Stelter wroteAgreed Tapper, “Antifa regularly attacks journalists; it’s reprehensible.”

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a demand that federal law enforcement find out why the leftist mayor, Wheeler, is watching left-wing goons attack people: “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”

Grenell, the ambassador to Germany, tweeted that he has already requested an investigation. “I have asked @TheJusticeDept to investigate this incident in Portland. I can’t just sit by and watch my friend be brutally attacked,” he wrote.

As well, he continued, Wheeler could have stopped the attack. “This was a pre-meditated attack on someone because intolerant radicals don’t like that Andy happens to be gay, Asian and conservative,” Grenell wrote. “They targeted him publicly before their protest. Mayor @tedwheeler knew this was coming. The people of Oregon must speak up today.”

Why the Attack
Why did the Antifa goons attack a member of an official victim group? Likely because he doesn’t spew the usual hate against conservatives, and, indeed, wrote a long piece for the New York Postthat suggested a wave of “hate crimes” against homosexuals in Portland was likely a wave of hoaxes.

Ngo investigated multiple hate-crime allegations. He found zero witnesses, and those who claimed to be victims refused to speak with him. When he tried to verify a hate crime reported in the Portland Mercury, a leftist bi-weekly newspaper, the writer and editor refused to discuss it.

Ngo sought the opinion of an expert on hate crimes:

Did these crimes really happen? Wilfred Reilly, a political scientist at Kentucky State and author of the book “Hate Crime Hoax,” says the nonreporting and cinematic narrative are indications they might not have.

“If you were actually beaten by a group of homophobes, you’d go down to the precinct house before you’d go on Twitter and Facebook,” he says. Through his research, Reilly has collected more than 500 cases of American hate hoaxes concentrated mostly between 2013 and 2018.

Ngo recorded Antifa’s violence in October.

Wheeler responded thusly: “I was appalled by what I saw in the video, but I support the Portland Police Bureau’s decision not to intervene.”

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by R. Cort Kirkwood

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Pete from St
1 year ago

I never expected to see a scene like this in America. To have anyone brutalized while the police are ordered to stand down is totally unacceptable. How can the people of Portland elect such a fascist as mayor? These are the true deplorables.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Sue the whole City Govt, fire the Police chief, fire Mayor, Make changes. declare Antifa a Terrorist organz via DNC , Antifa the new KKK.
Open season on Antifa, end tourism to Portland

Rick J.
1 year ago

Take a good look, this is America under the Democrats, no opposition allowed.

1 year ago

Outlaw the masks and face coverings, force antifa into a fenced area thereby permitting their demonstrations but have guards to keep them in, let them attack each other to get rid of their “hyper masculinity” (that terrible gene that they like to say Conservative men carry!), elect some real Conservatives in Portland and most of the West Coast cities who have common sense instead of looney leftist ideals, get a police chief who is interested in citizen safety instead of democrat ideology. Clean up their swamps!

There’s nothing that permits MOBS to run rampant over ordinary citizens.

1 year ago

Oh, and charge Ms. Waters of California and her ilk of inciting riots.

Paul W
1 year ago

A) Send in the National Guard…it’s obviously not being dealt with at the local level.
B) Start arresting and convicting these animals for felony hate crimes
C) Classify these scum as a terrorist organization.

It’s time to stop playing games with these vermin. Nobody should be assaulted, and potentially worse, for their political views. This mob rule has gone on for far too long. We’re either a nation of laws or we’re not. Somebody needs to make up their mind…FAST. Quash these fascist…HARD…AND IMMEDIATELY.

Carol Angel St. Claire
1 year ago

We CANNOT allow this to go unpunished. When you have to be afraid if being beaten half to death out of partisanship??? Portland mayor & police chief should be arrested for having the police force stand down as they always do when Antifa thugs rise up. ALL THE MORE REASON WHY CONCEALED CARRY IS A MUST these days.

Mark Jebe
1 year ago

“Criminally depriving a citizen of his civil rights” is the best (and likely only) way to get at officials who refuse to uphold the law. Remember the LA Riots? Remember what happened after the police who beat Rodney King were acquitted of attempted murder? (The DA, playing to black voters overcharged them, and the jury saw through the charge. Obviously, if 6 armed policemen wanted to kill him, Rodney would have been dead. Had the DA charged them with excessive use of force, they’d likely have been convicted.) The Federal Government responded to the not guilty verdict by charging the… Read more »

1 year ago

Just another view of America under Democratic rule. When the blind get what they think will be utopia, this will be a common occurrence. If the Democrats get control of Our country this will be the norm. Communist control. That’s exactly why the Left wants to disarm legal, law abiding Americans. Don’t like how something is going down, We’ll send our Goons.

1 year ago

Time to put an end to this modern day version of the Nazi brown shirts by whatever means it takes !

1 year ago

This so call mayor has allowed a domestic terrorists group to meet and terrorize people, is unthinkable. He should be fired and charged with abiding terrorism himself!!!!

Oren Player
1 year ago

So, what’s going to happen when these degenerates kill someone? I guess the mayor will write it off to an accident. It’s time the Fed’s stepped in and stopped this craziness. All of these goons are terrorist and should be locked away and key thrown away.

1 year ago

These so called Anti-Fascists are the real fascists. They are no better than the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Everyday Germans did nothing until the Nazis had too much power and then were too late. We have to react before these fascists, which includes liberal politicians gain too much power or it will be too late and result in a much larger war. Conservatives we have to react and we have to react quickly.

General Patton
1 year ago

Prosecute this leftist Mayor, he is a disgrace

Linda M DuBois
1 year ago

That mayor needs to be ousted.

Mike B.
1 year ago

You can’t depend on police protection…this is why I have a concealed carry permit and I carry daily. ANTIFA goons are no different then Hitler’s “Brown Shirts”. They attack people who have conservative ideas. They say they are anti-facists yet they use the same tactics as the Nazis. I look for the day when one confronts me for wearing my Trump 2020 hat. I’ll be ready.

1 year ago

Portland, Oregon…another “no-go zone.”

Jean Barnes
1 year ago

Thank God for Senator Cruz and other Constitutional Conservatives who have taken their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States seriously. Our Civil liberty laws need to be reinstated and upheld to the letter and people who break the law need to be prosecuted and punished. The left is acting out their democracy which is “mob rule”. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY…THE UNITED STATES IS A REPUBLIC AND WE ALL NEED TO START USING THAT WORD WHEN TALKING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY.

Ruben Robledo
1 year ago

These individuals dressed in black remind me if the brown shirts if the 30’s, & 40’s in Germany.

Marilyn Clayton
1 year ago

Why isn’t being charged as a hate crime????

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