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Anti-vaxx, Gun Control, Border

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The US may lose its designation as a country that had eradicated the measles. Also, liberals call for a gun ban on the type of guns most Americans use for home security. Finally, Ilhan Omar would rather hand over the power to handle our nation’s immigration crisis to a foreign agency. As mentioned in the video, take our poll on vaccination now:

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I have a daughter in Sacramento Ca. Due to that and visiting her and our grandchildren, I came down with TB, what the media or medical professions are not telling the public, is that the illegal immigration problem is causing many of these diseases to return. I live up North so we do not have the amount of illegal immigrants in our area. My doctor was convinced that I came in contact with TB down in California. I think many third world diseases will come back into our country if we do not get the border and immigration problem solved.


Maybe measles increase has more to do with the thousands of illegal immigrants moving throughout the country??? Just saying!!!

David McGuire

No gun control period. No immigrant a period. No Omar period.

Susan Perry

I pray that God will raise up Godly people to run against each person of the SQUAD and please defeat this EVIL that has gotten a stranglehold in our government. These evil women are so BOLD, they don’t even hide what they are–Satanic!

Mike Baker

Ben Ferguson “Who”?? Ben needs to totally investigate before bowing to Big Pharma demands. To give a child 70 vaccinations before age 3 is insane and irresponsible! Why is there NO testing or trials for vaccines as there is for medications.

Mike Baker

Hey “Lack of Knowledge Ben”……..
Are you aware that members of the CDC now OWN over 50 patents on Vaccines? Think they might have a vested interest????

Gerald Schalk

Please finnish the sentense at 8:39 of the video. …protect your-self, and your family AGAINST A TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT.
That’s why law abiding citizens should be as well armed as our government, which includes F-16’s and bazookas.


Do you know what the components of these vaccines are? It scared the crap out of me. I wouldn’t want that chit in my body or that of my grandchildren. There is very credible research data done in Europe that supports the anti-vaxx people. We need to revisit this discussion with all the info available.


Listening to your pro-vaccine arguments made me feel like I might have taken a wrong turn and landed on AARP’s site, lol. Vaccines are not well tested at all in children.and you make it sound like a really big deal that measles cases are increasing and blame that on a lack of 100% compliance with the vaccine program. We all know illegal immigration plays a part, and if vaccines are so effective those vaccinated should be protected anyway, correct? Also, the pharmaceutical industry has had protection since the 1980s from lawsuits related to vaccine damage, and so now one has to go through the so-called vaccine Court provided by the DOJ to be compensated for their vaccine damaged child, which has to this date paid out billions in compensation. There is much evidence that vaccines, primarily because of the neurotoxins (such as aluminum and mercury) in them, have lead to… Read more »

Florida woman

I think vaccines are very important , however there needs to be MORE accountability with the drug companies providing them .


I did not appreciate your take on this. Just quoting from the CDC and not looking at any data. The CDC is a joke on this subject. They are in the pocket of Big Pharma. Does anyone know WHY there is such an increase in vaccines? Because to bring a drug to market it takes mega bucks. However, to bring a vaccine to market, because of a bill passed by Congress, it is very cheap and requires very little validation. That is why we will continue to see a huge increase in vaccines as we have recently seen.

I really thing you could have researched this better before putting forth your video!!!!

Carol Gilkey

Wow! There’s no question where Amac stands on this issue! The report didn’t look at any of the evidence as to why parents are not vaccinating their kids. It also doesn’t address the dangers of vaccines or vaccine-related deaths or disabilities. I’m also amazed that the US declared it had eliminated measles but still insists kids need to be vaccinated against it, and of course recent cases prove that it was not eliminated. When smallpox was eliminated in the US, they stopped vaccinating people for smallpox. It was no longer needed since the disease had been eliminated. If measles had truely been eliminated then wouldn’t we stop vaccinating for it? I think one reason parents have stopped vaccinating their kids is that it has gotten way out of hand. There used to be just a few and parents were fine with that, but the number of vaccines has gotten way… Read more »

James Jones

I am very Libertarian regarding vaccinations. Keep your hands off of my body and out of my healthcare. The measles vaccine may be safe and effective, why must it be combined with other less effective and even dangerous vaccines?

Ramblin Rogue

When I was a kid (56 now) you got the Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox and you got over it. Everyone got the Small Pox scar on their left shoulder that we compared like battle scars. Mom called the Dr’s office and took care of us at home. No Urgent Care or ER for a Fever! Sure we got vaccinated but most of us were already immune because nature had ran it’s course. God made an amazing machine when he created the Human Immune System, when left alone it works miracles. No one in my family will EVER need to be vaccinated for Measles,Chicken Pox or Mumps!!!


Why can you not sue a vaccine manufacturer or a doctor or facility that administers it! Because vaccines are known to be dangerous. So much so, that the government has stepped in to protect the people and companies involved in manufacturing and distributing them! Does AMAC want the government to take away the rights of parents to protect their children? The side effects of vaccines can be much worse than the diseases that they are supposed to protect against.

I thought you said you represented me!


Each vaccine tested on its own may prove to be safe and prevent a disease in an individual, however, the question remains that if you administer multiple vaccinations each with a minute amount of questionable material will there be a harmful accumulation of harmful materials in the body of the recipient and is the body capable of accepting multiple inoculants at the same time or in a short time to build immunity to several diseases at the same time. This is especially a good question to ask in the case of small children. Would it be not be any different than if one were to be exposed to measles, chicken pox, mumps on the same day for example?

Jerry Frey

oh gee maybe the measles has nothing to do with illegal immigrants!!!

Darrell Gehlsen

The measles outbreaks in America isn’t caused by not being vaccinated, it is caused by diseased illegal invaders.


Please don’t use the terminolgy of the pharmicutical vaccine machine. We are pro-vaxxers who want safty trials done according to the gold standard of testing and want them (the vaccines) to perform as they should. If you were to look up the HSS, you can do a search on how many deaths there have been this year due to vaccines. When you do this, keep in mind that number represents about 1% of accual deaths (per the HHS). Wouldn’t you agree this is a major problem?


The biggest thing people want and need is what is required by law. The ability to make an informed decision (Informed Consent) when it comes to healthcare. You don’t have that with vaccines. When the doctor writes a prescription the pharmacist gives you either the actual package insery or a print out of the insert. You don’t get thatcwith vaccines. If you are lucky the doc gives you a page or two from the CDC which does not include all the adversexeffects of the vaccine or the ingredients. Today, by the time a child turns 2, they have had more aluminium injected into them through vaccines, than is considered safe for an adult. And yes, vaccines do cause encephalitis, guillenbarre syndrome, autoimmune diseades, transverse myelitis, and many other things. Mandating vacvines is the start of what will lead up to mandated euthasia for disabled, elderly and those considered unwanted. I… Read more »