And The Winner is…


“Yes, Mr. President — that’s what $57 trillion dollars looks like all stacked up.”

Jeffery H. from South Bend, Indiana is the winner of our weekly contest with his caption! Congratulations to Jeffrey and check back later today for this week’s image!

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I think it can be a good pick but there has to be a bit of a” tweaking” with the Social Security and Medicare and it has to be explained in a language that can be explained to the majority of the people out there that don’t even know who the Vice President is and can not even identify a picture of Bill Clinton and some can’t identify Obama. We also need someone with military experience, like Allen West. I hope Romney finds a position for this very intelligent man because Lord knows we are going to need someone to lead this country out of this terrible mess that the Democrats have gotten us into….Your Prayers will help also..GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Clinton was right, Monica is really good! Who’s next!

I wonder if i can make my pile bigger?

That’s it Hilary a little to the left!

One way to get America back VOTE!!!!!!!

See that man on the right of Obama in the picture above? That is Brutus. The man on the left in the background? That is Cassius. Obama is Cesar – all at the Roman forum. Moments before Cesar mused, yon Cassius has a mean and hungry look. Such men think too much. Then Brutus plunges a knife into his side, and before he falls, Cesar gasps, “et tu Brutus?” Such is the way of the Roman Empire.

Move over God ;The big O is here.


In $1.00 bills, that would reach to the Moon and back, with some left over.

In $1.00 Bills, that would reach to the moon and back.

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