And the winner is….

“Well look there, he’s got a flag pin on, wonder who pinned that on him?”

Congratulations to Wade from Texas for winning last week’s contest!
Check out this week’s image and enter for a chance to win!

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these two have to go, along with Nancy, Harry, Chris, Barney, Mitch and many others. Some belong in homes; some need to retire; many belong in jail.

Obama’s alleged girlfriends surface. Why now after all these years??? Is this another fabrication or ploy to make him seem like an ordinary guy??? It’s an election year. I’m not buying it.

Buy Term and LOSE the Difference! Whole Life = no market risk? 5% rurten? tax deferred build up? tax free withdrawal? Zero net cost loans? Self completes if you become disabled? Lawsuit and creditor protected in 43 states? tax free death benefit? No 591/2 rule on distributions? No RMDs? No contribution limits? And people say this is a bad product? Really? The truth be told it very well may be the best financial product you can own!!!

The only president who has never held a read job, no militay experience, and truely believes that we the people were born yesterday. The best day of my life will be to listen to his concession speech in november 2012!!! Amen..

Unless the American People can UNSEAT Obama this year, We will have a Medical Plan copied from Hitlers, a Financial plan from Lenin, and the Employment plan of Kenya.