And the winner is…


“I had a “short” in my electric toothbrush.”

Congratulations to Bev L. for winning last week’s contest!
Check out this week’s image and enter for a chance to win!

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13 Comments on "And the winner is…"

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Even with all of his money and prestige “The Donald” shows us just how human he is, flaws and all.

I’d love to see this guy with a flat top!!


My hair is flying away just as the money is flying away from this president. I should have used extra-hold hairspray and the government should have stopped their wasteful spending. We are both out of control.

Uhhhh, what are we supposed to say now?

With all that money, you’d think this guy would get some implants! Or at the least a toup!

hey! I won! surprise , surprise to me… was just a thought that popped in my head……ADD is wonderful at times!

Hey Bev. I think it’s a great caption. Congratulations!

The Donald’s barber should be put in jail for malpractice.

Reminds me of Obama’s Birth Certificate, (not) It’s all over the place!!

Yeah, that’s a pretty lousy caption. Must have been submitted by the judges daughter!

That caption sucks! Mine was much better! LOL! But I forgot what it was. Can you remind me? !707

Well it is abnormally windy anymore,anyway maybe he’s reacting to the most recent lie told by the obamao admin!