And the winner is….


“In my right hand, the President’s birth certificate. In my left hand, his college transcripts.”

Congratulations to Nick from Connecticut for winning last week’s contest!
Check out this week’s image and enter for a chance to win!

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Obama has ordered all documents under lock and key.
I hope our next President will be honest with the citizens.
We need to know the truth

My first question is, who paid for our president’s education? Who is the one who has the power and authority to put someone like him in office? Where are all of the real facts? Someone out there knows. If you do please let the rest of us know. I was blind but now I see. We need to and have an obligation to do what is right. What does out maker have to say. I expect much from those I have given much to. How blessed have we been in the past. Look at our forefathers. What they did for us. They gave up everything and now many in Washington want to take it and give it to those who have not worked and or earned it. Doesn’t this appear to be like something that was seen in the 1930s in Germany? It started out very slow but rapidly became… Read more »

Amen and Amen!