And the winner is…..

“Don’t worry, my car runs on hot air. We’re good for months.”

Congratulations to Joe from New Jersey for winning last week’s contest!
Check out this week’s image and enter for a chance to win!

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There’s so much Hot Air, we should condider locating a Wind Farm between the White House and the Capital.

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At least the hot air portrayed here is useful. Don’t believe the hot air put out by so many of our elected officials, or those people selected by our elected officials, does anything except cost the taxpayers and harms our country. Where are we headed????

Great caption!!! Actually, I believe there appears to be so much hot air that the Chevy looks like it’s just about to take off into the “Friendly Skies” with Dorothy and Toto!!!, but hopefully, never come back.

And hopefully only a few more months!!!!!!

Yes, great caption, Joe from NJ!

Unfortunately, that “hot air” provided by the pols and their highly paid “helpers” does NOT come cheap! Too bad . . . .

At least it IS a “renewable” resource! OR, they can be exchanged for “new hot air replacements” at election time. Let’s try to get a BUNCH of new, MUCH more efficient, “replacements” in office in November! That is something we CAN do for our country!

Loved it Joe from New Jersey. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true? There’s enough hot air in every state capital and DC to fuel the country for years and years.

Very Good, Joe from New Jersey!