And the winner is….


“They tell me I missed the nomination by that much.”

Congratulations to Stanley M. for winning last week’s contest!
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Sell your’e house today and buy gold…….I did.

This election SCARES me to death – Romney is DEFINITELY not the answer either – have you looked at the other candidates besides these two??? IF NOT, DO…..

The YRT policy is not made for a falmiy man. But Universal Life Insurance can be setup as a Level Cost Guaranteed Insurance. The insurance stays level for life. This would be a better option.

The best one was:” I WILL KEEP MY FREEDOM, GUNS AND MONEY AND YOU KEEP THE CHANGE ” he made it trillions in 3 small years , imagine 4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WILL KEEP MY FREEDOM, GUNS,AND MONEY AND YOU COULD HAVE THE CHANGE , (that was the best) and he turned it into TRILLIONS in 3 small years, imagine 4 MORE YEARS

What! The muslin brother hood across the mid east is a good thing right?

Have faith in us for 4 more yrs. & we will all be on food stamps.

Praise the Lord, the people have spoken and Obama is the loser of this election!

Reaching, reaching! What was I reaching for?

The accomplishments of the Obama administration fits in this space.

Just give US (not US-A) 4 more and you’ll REALLY see some Hopey …Changey. YAH!!