And The Obama Propaganda Scheme Rolls On

Obama owns Syria crisisIf it wasn’t enough that they retained Valerie Jarrett to run their operations from a mansion less than ten miles from the White House, the Obama’s are now documentary producers. They join the ranks of the Carters and the Clintons in former First Families who stay in the spotlight long after their stints in leadership are over.

Michelle and Barack Obama have formed Higher Ground, a production company that is now partnered with Netflix to deliver several titles. It’s first is called “American Factory” and promotes globalization via a storyline about a Chinese company’s employment of American workers laid off because of the effects of…wait for it…globalization.

I have pointed out repeatedly that Progressives exist on both sides of the aisle. They also gather strange bedfellows in the short-term in their quest for the ultimate goal: the transformation of the free world to that of one controlled by an elitist oligarchy (witness how sympatico Progressivism, Islamofascism, Communism, and Socialism are when it comes to tolerance). Those who champion unbridled globalization are either Progressives, bedfellows of Progressives, or both.

The term “unbridled globalization” is used because free trade is essential to freedom itself. In theory, the laissez-faire capitalist economic system is the best economic system the world has ever known. In modern times it has been responsible for the invention of the Middle Class and has raised more people out of poverty than any other economic system.

But as James Madison said, “If men were angels no government would be necessary.”

A certain level of government is necessary to ensure that the laissez-faire capitalist economic system is not manipulated by the powerful and the corrupt; to umpire so that a level playing field is accessible to all who seek the opportunity to take it.

When we embrace “unbridled globalization” we necessarily skew the playing field in favor of maleficent players like China, Russia and myriad other countries that artificially support their individual economies on the “globalized” world stage. China’s communist-capitalist hybrid utilizes an underpaid labor force (by free-market standards) to create goods to be sold in a globalized market at prices mandated by that market. This is what President Trump is referring to when he talks about currency manipulation.

This understood, by pushing the emotional sob-story about how a Chinese company “saved” the poor working people of Moraine, Ohio from unemployment, the Obama’s – and their likeminded Progressive and globalist brethren – are romanticizing globalization without explaining that it was unbridled globalization that created the unemployment of those people in the first place.

Am I suggesting isolationism? No, I am not, by a long shot. What I am suggesting is a shift in societal mindset.

We all see signs and social media posts that urge people to “buy local”. This effort helps small business (the overwhelming classification of business in the United States). Through helping small business we empower local economies. “Trickled up”, a societal mindset that gives preference – but not exclusivity – to products made in the United States would both support a “level playing field” for globalized trade and empower the US economy.

So, while the Obama’s attempt to tug at your heartstrings with their new Progressive agenda propaganda vehicle let’s all realize that “nationalism” does not mean “supremacism”, it means taking care of our country while we exist as a member of the global community.

To wit, if everyone “takes care of their yards” the neighborhood will be a beautiful place.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Frank Salvato

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Why would anybody listen to the Obama’s? He nearly destroyed our country. He is not now or ever will be an American. He only seeks to destroy this great nation!

Josephine pooley

I am so sick of the Obamas trying to stay in the forefront of our society! You had your 8 years of trying to destroy us! Go away!

Marcella Covault

Obama has always been a globalist. THAT is how he acted when President, NOT putting America first. THAT is why Donald Trump was elected President and will be re-elected in 2020! Why would any sane American vote for a DemSoc/globalist in the future?


We must pray militantly because we are facing the demons of Islam and Communism and the One World Government crowd who want to enslave us all. Just look at the insurance companies trying to get you to use their apps so they can spy on you and your driving and don’t you know if you were in an accident and speeding a bit or whatever the insurance companies will use that against you to deny any claims and they will give your information to re-sellers, snoopers and law enforcement. Pray hard people.

General Patton

The “affirmative action president” trying to manufacture a “legacy”–when there is not one. 8 yrs of failure by an incompetent narcissist. He is a globalist that simply does not get it, and he will continue to LIE since the corrupt left wing media gives him a pass.

Stephen Russell

Digging up aged dirt from past, NO Future, No Vision., who’d watch, would never buy DVD for sure


Can’t anything be done to stop their agenda?

Brenda Blunt

The Obama’s do NOT what they are talking about! They ARE part of the problem and is NOT interested in finding a solution! They want to destroy USA and think people can’t think for themselves without someone telling them how to think! Scoundrels!!!

Paul W

One of the several reasons that I dumped Netflix like a hot potato. Leftism in the media abounds. I sure as h3ll am NOT going to pay for it!


Obummer. Need I say more?


I certainly will not watch their propaganda.


This article was spot on! The left is always trying to get folks to think they care about the poor and oppressed when all they want is power and control!


Shame on Netflix for conspiring with Obama to produce work that undermines our country,

Burton Paully

Any one who would heed or pay attention to the democRATic party of past so-called presidents, Carter,Clinton,and Obama is just loco. None of these three have done enough good to offset the damage they caused to our USA.


It’s about time that we put Obama in prison.


One world order is what the powers of darkness is working toward ! Pray against It !!


I pray that God destroys the Muslim devil Obama, off the face of the earth for his crimes and his un-godliness. He is the worst thing to ever happen to America besides George Soros and I pray that God destroys his soon along with all his family and those aligned with him.

Ta Ling

Great insight Frank Salvato


It makes sense to “get your house in order.” As this author states this may be confused with isolationism. Being “everything for everybody” which the Democrats’ foreign and domestic policies seem to suggest is unrealistic and overly taxing to mind and pockets, My view is that people are slowly adapting to a more realistic view of the World. Some opt for the long road of globalization where little is to be said in all actuality about how things go, unravel, or how business is conducted on the 24/7 basis.. In other words it defies popular empowerment, and involvement.. Otherwise we have the option of individuals working out of the home so to speak in a more accountable format.. Interpreting our Declaration of Independence as a mantra for human decency, self-reliance, and sufficiency. To turn this view of self-preservation and survival we can make the observations that this is a proper… Read more »

Skeptic Al

Obadman…? Obummer…