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An Open Letter to President Joseph R. Biden Jr.


Dear Mr. President:

Oh, good! As you put it, the inflationary pain we feel is “transitory.” Wait a second. Inflation is old news; we’re now in a recession. It’s not yet a Depression [with a capital “D”]…that would be depressing indeed.

Sarcasm aside, we are in a recession. What does that mean, Joe? It means that while you may have the big bucks to get by, the rest of us are left to pray that the recession doesn’t lead to a Depression. It can, you know. After all, Mr. Biden, you have almost two-and-a-half more years to screw things up. For we, simple citizens, it means hunger and a lot of angst. Remember the Great Depression? The one that had Americans scrounging for a bite to eat? Let’s pray to God that it doesn’t come to that. After all, you do keep telling us that what we are experiencing is just the transitory stage of the road to a better life. If we live that long.

I know that you and your socialist cronies in Congress are feeling the heat as the midterm elections approach. Believe me, it’s not “climate change” that’s making you sweat; it’s the fact that you and your Democrats in Congress have screwed up our lives. President Trump left you an economy that was thriving. Inflation was not an issue when you took office. You’ve got no one to blame for the mismanagement that led us to where we are now — struggling to put food on our tables, paying stupidly high prices to gas up our cars, and in general, having to live with the burden of uncertainty for our children, our elderly moms and dads, and ourselves. 

You are right in thinking that everybody is against you. We’re not only against you, we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Don’t you get it, Joe? Take a tip from the New York Times, a publication that is not so right, politically, but that gets it right in its reporting…once in a while. This story was published just a couple of weeks ago with the headline, As the Planet Cooks, Climate Stalls as a Political Issue. The lead paragraph reads,Joe Manchin’s rejection of a compromise climate bill tells a familiar story: Voters and politicians put a higher premium on immediate issues, such as inflation and the economy, giving politicians a pass on global warming.”

God blessed America with an abundance of riches, not the least of which is a vast amount of petroleum reserves. The experts tell us that “the United States has proven reserves equivalent to 4.9 times its annual consumption.” So, get real Joe. Electric cars are not the answer — at least not in our lifetime. They’re too expensive. Only the wealthiest among us — folks like you and Madame Nancy Pelosi — can afford them.  Give climate change a rest. You may think that it’s an issue that attracts voters but it only panders to the ideologues and the elitists. Give us, the not-so-wealthy segment of the population, a break.

As our Commander-in-Chief you owe us your help now more than ever. Help us, even if you have to upset the ignorant members of your party who think we weakling citizens don’t deserve your attention. Weak as we may be, broke as we might be, we vote too.

I am your age Joe, but I don’t have the financial resources that folks like you and Nancy Pelosi have. I will probably go broke if you don’t give us a break, as many of us will. You have an obligation to all American citizens, whether Democrat or Republican. You pledged to protect us.

President Biden, as Pennsylvania political pundit Russell S. Hepler told the Epoch Times recently, if you and your fellow Democrats “keep pushing this radical leftist, economic, environmental, and cultural agenda, there isn’t going to be much left to America. When you’ve got a Supreme Court nominee who can’t even define a woman, we know this nation is in serious trouble. You can’t survive if you deny reality. That has been the basis for Marxism since its beginning. It’s always based on lies. It’s based on, ‘whatever I say the truth is, as the government, as the party, as the big brother.’”

Let’s face it. You are not going to get a second term in office. The polls are against you and the socialist elements of your party are already plotting to replace you come the 2024 Presidential Election. But you still have a chance to perhaps exit with dignity and maybe, just maybe, be remembered as a likeable enough president, despite your past mishaps.


Bob Carlstrom

President, AMAC Action

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Robert Zuccaro
2 days ago

This is pointless! Unless this letter is about a Cat in a Hat, Joe won’t be able to read this…

Michael J
6 days ago

These people, once elected to office cease to become your representatives. Instead as we have witnessed, follow orders from those who remain in the darkness. Until there are honest elections and government is purged from all corruption we will not know real freedom.

Clark Kent
7 days ago

You assume this fraudulent dolt can read?

4 days ago
Reply to  Clark Kent

No, dummies cannot read write or speak without the ventriloquists who control this Bozo!

7 days ago

I can’t understand why you were so lenient in your assessmentof this creep.

7 days ago

Now how about those breakfast tacos?

8 days ago

Alas, Bob, your efforts here will be for naught, true as it all is, since no one in the WH will read this to the Chump-in-Charge. And we all know he is unable/unlikely to read it himself. So, the country continues to be dragged towards the fiscal cliff by the lemmings currently infesting the WH, the Executive and Legislative Branches of our inept gubmint.

R G Thomas
8 days ago

This says it ALL!

Theresa Coughlin
8 days ago


8 days ago

America ISN’T JUST SUFFERING from Co-Vid and now Monkey Pox, it’s really suffering from Donkey Pox, which is an infestation of Democratic Party Leadership!

Mike L
8 days ago
Reply to  Rik

Maybe we should call it “Jackass Pox”, fits the democrats better.

7 days ago
Reply to  Rik

Yep Donkey Pox is the real threat now and a special shout-out to their homosexual monkey pox base.

6 days ago
Reply to  Rik

Like that

8 days ago

A more stern message would have been more appropriate . Any leader worth their salt would have taken time to assess the massive operation and condition of programs before rushing in with a fistful of ill-conceived poorly thought out executive orders to enact purely smacking of partisanship and hatred for your predecessor. This single act alone initiated the whirlpool eddy that has now turned into the full-force swirl of a recession, God pray not a full fledged depression. But then, not to youisknow of a depression that occurred before he was born ! Then, to not finish securing our borders compromising our sovereingty, health and security from foreign invasion is beyond reason, especially when considering we had not as a nation had barely begun overcoming the ravages of the pandemic ourselves was just plain insulting and squarely in viol!ation of your oath to “preserve, protect and defend against all enemies, foreign ……” ! C’mon man …..

8 days ago

It’s far worse than described in this article, the illegal immigrants who have invaded our country, will prove to be the biggest mistake that this administration has made, we can’t even afford to fund Social Security, how are we supposed to support millions on illegal immigrants? Everything the Biden administration has done will have to be reversed, including a purge of those who chose to break the law by illegally entering our country. Sadly, as we’ve seen so many times in the past, our 2 tier system of justice, will see to it that no one is prosecuted for the crime of treason, and the deliberate attempt to destroy what used to be the greatest system in the world.

Clark Kent
7 days ago
Reply to  Russ

But, but, but all we have to do to support illegals is to PRINT MORE MONEY, don’tcha’ know? C’mon, man!

9 days ago

Russell S. Hepler is correct, “pushing this radical leftist, economic, environmental, and cultural agenda, there isn’t going to be much left to America.” That is why 81 million people voted for Biden. They wanted him to push for this agenda as he promised to do to destroy America. (If the Democrats did not steal the 2020 presidential election, then that means that 81 million Americans hate America so much that they voted for its destruction by electing the great destroyer, who has done an excellent job in destroying America.)

Debra Hurst
7 days ago
Reply to  tempus

No one can convince me that 81 million people voted for him. I also have a hard time wrapping my head around the Librarians who obviously voted against Trump cuzz he hurt their itty bitty feelings. They might as well start voting democrakkkt.

7 days ago
Reply to  Debra Hurst

BINGO! 81 million. More than any president ever got….Yah Right! And males are females and females are males!

Robert Zuccaro
9 days ago

Sorry but unless you take out the words with more than three syllables someone will have to read him this…

Gayla S Massey
9 days ago


Debbie Mason
9 days ago

So are you actually going to send this letter to Joe?

9 days ago

It is a Recession when you neighbor looses his job.
It is a Depression when YOU lose your job.

The RECOVERY begins when Joe Biden and the Democrats lose THEIR jobs…

9 days ago

Great read and agree 110%

9 days ago

How many times have you heard our Dictator say “God Bless America”. “ZERO” I’ve been keeping score. ZERO…

9 days ago

We don’t have a President we have a Dictator. Hi gas prices, hi prices groceries. Shortage of baby formula but the illegal babies have formula. GrandPa JOE..

9 days ago

He said before he ran that it would only be for one term and that was after he said he didn’t want to run several weeks before. He was convinced by those who were planning to run the show (Soros is one and I am told, Obama another). He now says he will run again but that must be because those running the show want another term to destroy America. Why Soros wants to do this is anybody’s guess. He made is millions here in America. He should be tried for Treason.

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