America’s Past Shows Why Socialism Won’t Work

socialism fear democrats democraticSocialism is trending in America. Politicians once ran from the term; now more embrace it. And polls show younger people are favoring it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., won a seat in Congress by promising free health care for all, free college tuition, and something called climate justice. According to her Green New Deal, climate justice includes a government-guaranteed “basic income” for everyone, including all those “unwilling to work.”

Unfortunately, something-for-nothing socialist rhetoric has a strong appeal. A recent Gallup survey found more than half of America’s young people have a positive view of socialism.

So why is socialism gaining popularity?

Part of the reason lies in our schools. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried—from the former Soviet Union and to Mao’s China—and killed tens of millions through violence and starvation in the process.

Yet students get little of that history today. Instead, they are often taught the evils of capitalism—that it creates inequality, rewards the privileged few at the expense of the many, and is an engine of oppression and exploitation of the masses. This perverse indoctrination is echoed and amplified in the media.

In truth, capitalism has done more to lift the world out of poverty than any other economic system ever devised. Over the last 25 years, the spread of policies that promote economic freedom has cut the global poverty rate by two thirds.

And capitalism does more than “just” improve general prosperity. Academic studies show that economic freedom is also strongly correlated with greater individual freedom, better health, more educational options, and a cleaner environment. In other words, all the things that socialism promises but can’t deliver.

But the younger generation isn’t being taught these truths. Instead, they are instructed that free markets are tools of exploitation, run by greed-driven conservatives who place profits above all else. Socialism, they are told, is simply a system for making sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of.

The younger generation sees people suffering and wants to help—and they are told the government is the means to accomplish that.

But we don’t need to go so far afield as Venezuela or Cuba for modern proof that more government is not an effective remedy. There is plenty of evidence here at home.

Consider the Great Society programs ushered in under President Lyndon Johnson. Now, more than 50 years later, they have been expanded into more than 90 means-tested aid programs that cost taxpayers more than $1.1 trillion annually. Yet the poverty rate is essentially unchanged from what it was in the 1960s.

Rather than lift millions from poverty, our welfare system has trapped millions in poverty or near poverty, creating generations of dependence on government.

As a black woman who grew up poor in the projects of Richmond, Virginia, I know exactly what an all-giving, all-powerful government can do to families and entire communities. It’s why I became a conservative and why I’ve dedicated my adult life to seeking solutions that actually help people—solutions that raise all boats.

Temporary safety nets are fine. But letting people keep more of their own money by cutting individual taxes, letting businesses grow by cutting onerous regulations and taxes, and getting government out of health care and the free market back in have paved the way for a growing economy, new jobs, increased wages, and more affordable health care for families.

Will the rising generation come to realize this, too? There is reason to hope so.

The same polling that shows people warming up to socialism also shows them cooling when they start to understand what it entails. While they initially love the notion of free college, free health care, and a $15 an hour minimum wage, many turn against these ideas when given even a few details—what it would cost them in taxes, how their freedom and their options would be restricted, and how bureaucrats in far-off places would be making decisions for them.

This tells us that, while conservatives have the right answers, we need to do a better job of communicating them. If we fail to break through the constant deluge of socialist claptrap, our future and theirs is in peril.

We who cherish freedom must take on the false prophets of socialism and spread the truth that limited government, free markets, and a nation based on the rule of law are the surest ways to ensure freedom, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Kay Coles James

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3 years ago

The dems and/or liberals should go to a socialistic country where they can live REAL socialism. Once there they can feel firsthand the grasp of what they’re doing to Conservatives.

3 years ago

A.O.C is absolutely nuts and needs and should seek a shrink…and soon.

Ken White
3 years ago

This is the “no winner’s no loser’s, everyone gets a trophy generation ” coming of age. The left has taken over education and indoctrinated the youth for the last 20 or more years.

3 years ago

Socialism has never been sucessful
Anywhere in the world
In all of human history.

3 years ago

NAZI Germany killed 40 million people, mostly Germans.
Stalins Russia killed about 50 million people, modtly Russians.
Mao’s China killed about 60 milligrams n people, mostly Chinese.
For religeous, ethnic or political reasons, by their own government
And all were SOCIALISTS.

Todd Wingard Taylor
3 years ago

I can honestly say we need to do a better job teaching student genuine, none politically charged, without bias, history and its implications; history has been highjacked by the liberals. History should be used to guide our future responses, responsibilities and personal decisions. The FACTS of history should determine a better course of action for our Nation and its people. Federal and State scores on history exams do not measure personal application; isn’t that the objective of education is personal application? Isn’t that the true test you learned something because you value and use it? We have, in my opinion, devalued the facts; we have taken history, such as for example the history of Socialism, and placed a spin on it that is so “attractive” to today’s youth. This manipulation of the facts is being used by the liberal left to set a clear agenda. The liberals are using the ignorance of today’s youth to fuel their objectives. This agenda, if you look at the facts, leads to the destruction of a country and its people except for the wealthy liberal left; look at what is happening to Venezuela or Socialism in China, Russian and Cuba. We, the people, must have our hands on the pulse of the reality of history. But our youths’ faces are buried in their cellphones playing games and taking selfies. Education is devalued in Socialism; simply because education poses a threat to those in power, to those who think counter to such a movement. Education gives the power to the people; isn’t that how our nation derives its power; “We the People”? Socialist are touting “Free this, free that,” lets redistribute the wealth; everyone can have a piece of the pie; this is a lie! Who would not want something for what they did not work for? What happened to the old American work ethic? Where is that being taught? Wanting something for nothing is human nature; we call this attitude lazy and entitled. When we become an entitled nation we simply fall apart because no one wants to pull their weight. Americans can value personal pleasure, comfort over responsibility. Let’s remember Rome in its decadent decline; our nation is ripe for a takeover; our Constitution will fall if we the people do not stand. Money is not the great equalizer, it does not guarantee “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” rather unencumbered, unmanipulated, taught without an agenda education. We must go back and revamp, challenge the way history is being taught in K-through college. We must challenge those in academia to set aside their personal bias, agendas and let students weigh the facts; to think for themselves. We must present ALL the facts and let each individual weigh them as they see fit. We must teach ALL of history (including the Judeo-Christian influence on this nation) and allow our youth to learn, to take historical facts and think for themselves. We must reteach civil discourse; learning to listen, speak and weigh the facts like an adult. They must find their own position in history.

Helen Oakley
3 years ago

One can only hope: when these people are gainfully employed and taxed, they will begin to see the light…if we can hold on past the Bernie folks!

Gail Coury
3 years ago

When I was in my late teens early twenty’s I too was liberal and then reality set in ? however, our schools at that time were all about the greatness of America. Hopefully young people today will see the light as they mature!

3 years ago

We know Socialism won’t do what they claim it will. More people will suffer and suffer badly. these people who push this don’t really care about those who need the help, they want POWER and MONEY. We want Freedom that so many have fought for. Other countries have had uprisings to try for our Freedoms in their countries. What we need to do in protect the American citizens, the homeless, the children, the Seniors, the Veterans. We have Democrats who want all the illegals to come in and then vote for them even w/o citizenship. Venezuela elections promised a flourishing nation if they went Socialist. What happened? Power and Greed and even though a new person was elected, the old socialist won’t leave. He has an army protecting him. the people who had jobs and homes and some income now have nothing. it was all taken away. They are not free to voice their concerns. dictatorship/ Communism/Socialism’/Fascism. all the same thing. We live in a global world but each nation has their own rules, own government, own jobs and resources and we all have are own languages and customs. America fought many wars for the Freedoms our Constitution gives us. These laws aren’t being respected any more. Where is patriotism.?? Where is honor and respect today??

john s nunan
3 years ago

the only reason dems are promoting free stuff is to get reelected period. free stuff is great as long as someone else is paying.what do we do when we run out of people working and paying taxes ????

john s nunan
3 years ago

the truth is young people have no idea how socialism vs capitalism works. history is the best way to learn about both. ask the people of china, russia, cuba, venezuala, about what choices the y have in everyday life, school choice, doctor choice, jobs, bettering there life free elections ETC ETC………..

Dean Eickman
3 years ago

Socialism is for the land of the lazy and really a lot of the people in AMERICA are not lazy,BUT,there are still slugs that know how to work AMERICAS welfare system,there is a big gap between need and want.

3 years ago

Much of the problem is due to not teaching history. If you don’t know where you have been, it’s hard to figure out
where your going.

3 years ago

We need to get down to the elementary schools and start educating our youth instead of continuing to let left lie and brain wash them. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. In our higher halls of education we need to balance the scales to give our youth both sides of the argument. As it stands nothing will change until we change it. I was hoping Ms Devos would start right away but so far I’ve heard nothing.

3 years ago

This problem of socialism begins in school. Kids either don’t study past war times enough to really understand them and what caused them. We also have to many socialist teachers and I worry about my great-grandchildren’s education. The stuff some teachers get away with today is disheartening but we can’t expect children to get everything in school because there are so many ways of getting your ‘education’. We hear a lot about children being bullied in school but the schools I am familiar with don’t seem to take it serious enough. My precious little grandson, who is small for his age, had a teacher last year who was an x-marine (if there is such a thing) and now in the reserves and he gave my boy a lot of respect for his country and his concern for others. I was short for my age too and I told him the way I learned to deal with that was to get big friends. It seems to be working for him also!

3 years ago

I would like to see a wide publication of the taxes paid percentage-wise in a country like Finland and other countries that provide health care and a free education vs our country where democracy rules (for now).

Carol Bradley
3 years ago

This is bull crap. No wonder this appeals to young people because they don’t want to work. This is a very scary situation. Hopefully, this will go no further. This is communism in the simplest form. We are raising a nation that do not want to work. Very sad.

Deb Day
3 years ago

Wasn’t Jamestown, our original colony, at first a commune of socialist order? If my history lesson serves my memory, at first they decided to pool all their resources to get through the winters. Didn’t work then either. Many used excuses to not work, those who toiled the hardest watched what they produced be taken by the layabouts. Only when they embraced self-reliance did they prosper. Huh. I guess they don’t teach that in school anymore either. But then, I was lucky, I got the bulk of my public education before the feds took over.

Press ONE for English
3 years ago

The key points missed by most commenters and the article itself is that 1. The socialist philosophy inherently makes no sense and 2. “Progressives” have an answer to everything. And if you say “Yes but their answers make no sense” please refer to item 1 above. We can point to the fall of the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, etc etc etc to no avail, because they will all say “Yes those socialist experiments were/are failures, but not because of any inherent flaw in the concept itself but because the capitalists meddled and destroyed them.” How ya gonna argue with such nonsense? Think of it this way. If I bake a normal person a cake, a beautiful four layer chocolate cake at that, they will be thankful for our kindness, our generosity, and our cake baking skills. If you bake a progressive a cake, he/she will first off say, “If you’d worked harder, you could have baked me TWO cakes!” Then they will tear the cake apart verbally, complaining that the flour, sugar and fat in the cake are in violation of the obama food guidelines, then how farming harms the environment, how workers were exploited in the flour mills, etc. then end by accusing us of trying to poison them and destroy the planet. Remember, the most stupid among us are truly invincible in a progressive society, or at least they are until the takeover is complete, at which time they will be the first to be dumped into work camps.

And a minor gripe: the otherwise great article mentions “means-tested” programs. Means-tested sounds benign but let’s call it what it is: DISCRIMINATORY.

3 years ago

We forget that Socialism was tried and failed in Plymouth Colony! The land belonged to everyone! But Only the producers worked, and the lazy sat on their duffs! So then the producers said: why should I bother, and stopped producing and they almost starved! It was not until the land was parceled out to individuals who could enjoy the fruits of their own labor, and sell or trade any excess production that the Colony thrived! (Capitalism) And the lazy soon realized that if they wanted to eat, they had to work! GEE, THAT SMARTS!!!!

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