10 Years After War Won, Americans Still Being Killed in Afghanistan

by Ed Farnan – US guards at a prison holding dangerous combatants in Afghanistan discovered that defaced Korans had been used to pass information amongst the prisoners. Evidently the soldiers hadn’t gotten the latest Fatwa regarding proper disposal of defaced Korans, and ended up burning them in a small bonfire.

The innocent burnings of these books has sparked religious outrage and caused the murder and injury of US troops throughout this country. For 6 days all hell has broken loose in this land, as if a floodgate had been thrown open.

But is this just symptomatic of something far greater than the burnings of a few books? How many Korans have been destroyed and burned by Taliban strikes on the people of Afghanistan, and yet we saw no mass demonstrations by the native population against these acts.

Of course in a different time, the United States waged war to win war, we (and our allies) won a world war in less than four years in the 1940’s. In World War II, as American forces entered Germany, if they were fired upon, artillery opened up on the village the gunfire came from and flattened it. That put a quick end to resistance as folks learned there would be consequences, especially with American Generals like Patton in command. The German people soon sought out, and exposed or killed, those amongst them who wanted to continue the war. Resistance to American presence and our help soon ceased. America stayed in Germany to help rebuild the country into the economic powerhouse it is today and also to guard against Soviet expansion.

Afghanistan has proven to be a totally different sort of war. After 10 years of “winning hearts and minds” it appears it is still a dangerous, violent country, ready to explode at any sort of spark, like one from a burning Koran.

Should we have used more Patton and less patent leather to conduct our “war”?

The biggest cash crop in Afghanistan is still the opium poppy, which is the basis for the heroin imported into Europe and the United States. Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium and production has been on the rise since the U.S. occupation started in 2001. Opium is also one of the main sources of money for the Taliban who are killing our troops. Why are these opium farms still allowed to flourish while Afghanistan is supposedly under our military control?

Furthermore, after all of this blood and sacrifice by US forces, it was discovered that Afghanistan signed an oil extraction agreement with China in 2011 that lets China exploit Afghan resources. Who is in charge of our foreign policy?

The Afghan people are exotic, you can see they bear resemblance to all of the past invaders of their country who tried and failed to rule this wild land. Alexander the Great with his Greek Army, Arab Muslims, Genghis Khan and his Mongols, the British and the Russians, all eventually were defeated and forced to leave.

Afghanistan has been chewing up and spitting out foreign invaders for over two thousand years. America has been in this country for 10 years and it seems there is no end in sight, unless a severe policy change comes into effect and that doesn’t seem likely.

When we see our soldiers getting shot because a book was burned, when we see Afghanistan as the biggest producer of opium in the world and when we see China slipping in and signing trade agreements with this government including oil rights, right under our noses…. we wonder what the blood, toil, and tears are for?

Ed Farnan can be reached at [email protected]

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9 years ago

I agree, bring ALL our brave men and women stationed in Afganistan home and let the Afgans take care of themselves. We need to strengthen our own borders, strengthen our own Nation, downsize our Government, and grow our own States and Cities. We also need to make sure ALL our men and women who have fought for our Nation and brought home wounded are taken care of with A+ medical care for as long as it’s needed. We need to spend a bit less on prisoners and more on our Armed Forces. We also need to make sure we vote in a different President in Nov.

uncle ralph
9 years ago

As Nam Vet I saw first hand the results of nation building -its a sham for our political leaders to pay back their supporters in the form of lucrative govt. contracts that makes them millionares.We as grunts in the field had to make nice to the local populations while the used even our discarded c-ration cans to make booby traps to kill and main us,since viet nam we have still not learned to fight without one hand tied behind our back.With all these limitations our military is still the best in the world and I salute them all.This president is not with us and the only solution is to get rid of him in Nov. 2012

9 years ago

Time to mind America’s own business! We entered into this war…against people that we supported when they fought the Russians. The Afghan soldiers who killed our troops over the burning of the Koran were trained by American forces….and then turned their guns on them. When will we learn? How many bad regimes have we sent money to… and then ended up fighting? It has got to end….

9 years ago

When will we learn from past mistakes on how to win a war. This is a war, right! You have to fight fire with fire or don’t participate in it. This is a political challenge as much as a military one. Our military leadership seems to have a problem with standing up to our inept politicians. We have what could be called a war going on right now in this unbelievable country of ours that will only be won by congressional term limits and a renewed respect for the Constitution and what it stands for. I sit out on my backyard deck in an area where we have military choppers going overhead occasionally, look up with pride and thank the good Lord they are here to protect me. How long can that last?

9 years ago

I really don’t understand what is happening in our backward country. First they tell Christian hospitals, Obama care they must provide contraceptives, a violation of the First Amendent. We tell a Preacher in Florida not to destroy the Koran and our military does it. If the Koran was being used for other than religious purposes they should have been taken away and not destroyed. We apolized and if that is not enough, screw them. I blame this on our Politicans who follow Obamanation rule, who has no concept of what America is all about this ILLEGAL, MUSLIM, LIAR. Gas prices are going through the roof and his Dept Of Energy admitted Obama wants gas to go to over 5.00 dollars a gallon. Know they are retracting what he said, for fear of not being elected this Illegal, Liar. All I can say I hope the American people who voted for this Illegal,Obama, who stated we have 57 state, and at one time refuse to place his hand over his heart and refuse to wear the American flag on his lapel get the common sense they lacked when they vote for him.

9 years ago

America started getting involved in other nation’s affairs during the empire building era of the late 1800’s when European countries were seizing colonial territory. We too acquired foreign lands after the USS Maine disaster and our entry into war with Spain, some of which we hold to this day.

I just read an article, a book review, in the March 5, 2012 issue of The New American magazine, on a book written by Herbert Hoover entitled “Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and It’s Aftermath”, published by the Hoover Institutional Press, which I am now going to have to read. In it’s 957 pages it covers the time from the early 1930’s to the early 1950’s exposing the Roosevelt years and the policies that led to the Cold War. Roosevelt was as bad if not worse for America and the free world as was Woodrow Wilson and the beginning of Fabian Progressive involvement in our government.

We are still very much affected by those policies today with the continued existance of Red China, North Korea, and yes, Russia, which is still under the control of “former” Soviets. All of these regimes have had a hand in inciting our involvement in every “conflict” we have been involved in since the end of World War 2. And then there is the United Nations, but that is another chapter in our current state of affairs, also tied to Fabian Progressivism. We live under a tangled web of intrigue and deception today, even from within, with our nation and freedoms at stake as never before.

Don Cunningham
9 years ago

Who’s in charge of our forieign policy? The enemy, our goverment.

9 years ago
Reply to  Don Cunningham

Is there a difference?
I think the government is America’s enemy.
That’s why we have to remove these old politicians- Time to clean house!

earl meyers
9 years ago

we should get out now and let them fight among themselves.

9 years ago

When you go to war with noble intentions but no understanding of the people you propose to “help” and start out with one goal then change in mid stream don’t expect good results. The Country is still in the stone age and the war lords still rule
with the Taliban still wanting to rule. So what has all the money we have spent done?

9 years ago

Amen. We allow our inept elected politicians with no military, worldly or common sense experience set our foreign policy. We have no rational energy policy, only pie-in-the-sky fairy tales. We need to identify a winning strategy, or get out and let them destroy themselves.

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