Americans ‘Dismayed’ By the Country’s Left Turn, Says AMAC

dan-weberTwo new polls show most people are unhappy with the  direction of the country under current liberal leadership –
by John Grimaldi –

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 6 – A new Pew Research survey shows that most Americans believe the U.S. is no longer the world power it used to be. “This doesn’t mean we’re losing confidence in ourselves, rather it’s an indication that the progressive ideologies that have been foisted on the nation in recent years are wearing thin,” conservative activist Dan Weber said.

Weber, president of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, noted that “John F. Kennedy, when he took office, described America as a ‘city on a hill’ that enables us to ‘set an example to the world’ by ‘demonstrating what a free people can do.’ In his first inaugural address, President Reagan described the U.S. as ‘special among the nations of the Earth’ and said ‘we have every right to dream heroic dreams.’ Meanwhile, President Obama began his first term in office with an apology tour of Europe and the Middle East that left a lot of us saddened and perplexed by the lack of pride he had in his own country.”

He said that it is important to point out that Kennedy was a Democrat “before the party was taken over by liberal elitists bent on drastically changing the way we live, work and think. His approval ratings remained high throughout his 1,000 days of service to the nation, but President Obama’s ratings indicate widespread distrust and disappointment.”

Fully 70% of the respondents in the Pew survey released a few days ago said that America does not have the respect of other countries that it has had in the past. Weber said he believes it’s because “our leadership is lacking” and pointed to yet another poll released this week by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University.

“The Harvard survey showed that the President has lost the confidence of a critical faction— America’s 18 to 29 year olds who played an important role in electing the president in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012. Only 20% of them said they approved of the direction in which the president has taken us and an astounding 47% of them said they would support having him recalled, if it were possible.”

Weber concluded that there is an upside to these polls, not for the president but for the future of the nation. “They show that most Americans still have pride in their country, though they are dismayed that our stature has been diminished by the words and actions of our current ultra-liberal leadership. That means there is hope for the near-term future, hope that patriotism is not the outmoded concept the progressives among us would like us to believe. There is hope that there are voters out there with a conscience and a strong desire to preserve our heritage and way of life and that in 2014 they will help us to start taking back our birthright.”

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What would anyone have expected the direction to go?
Who voted for that inept idiot into the White House and all of his red blooded Liberals in the Congress?
I really hope you’re satisfied!
Boo Hoo Hoo! You poor things!
You really deserve what you’ve gotten in return!
Just wait until 2014, you’re really in for a swift kick in the teeth!

Well, finally, some Americans have seen the light but as usually happens in politics it’s a day late and a dollar short. Why, you might ask? Well for starters, it’s the Republicans who have led the way in usurping our Constitution with strong support from the Democrats. Just for starters, who gave us the Federal Reserve Act–why it was the Republicans of course. That alone should disqualify them from leading our country, at least as a Constitutional Republic (CR). Of course they were also instrumental in forging ahead with the 16th and 17th Amendments which completely turned our CR on its head. Let’s do a quick recap: So far our CR has been enlightened so as to implement the following planks of the Communist Manifesto: 1. Abolition of private property (plank #1)–being worked on in conjunction with the U.N.’s Agenda 21 2. A heavy or progressive income tax (plank #2)… Read more »

Ivan Berry: I agree with getting the us out of the UN. It is corrupt on every level & many members want to see the downfall of the US. Now they are even wanting to bring the watchdog group who “supposedly” identifies their corruption & ineptness “into the fold” so they can control them. They are dangling the perks in front of that group right now. We will see if this watchdog group takes the bait & becomes corrupt themselves, therefore only exposing what the UN lets them.

What better way than running candidates on a far liberal (progressive, communist, democrat) ticket.. Get behind those who would compete with the Democrat party. Maybe some conservative billionair might fund the spoiler. I believe that has happened to the “right” even before so-called RINOs and neo=cons became the Republican party. At the national level there are very few constitutional conservatives left; they have gone the way of the conservative Democrat. So, you want your country back? Then hope the youngsters really have learned their lesson and will not help take us down this road any further. But, don’t stop trying to enlighten others of our plight. The dems have become about all everyone describes them as, but confusion still exists. To simplify, I call all communists, progressives, fabians, socialists,fascists…by the term “collectivists,” making it easier to identify what is really the difference from us, the “individualists,” who earn our self-respect… Read more »

PaulE: the 3rd party advocates don’t know how to compromise so they will continue to bang their heads against the wall.

Actually, it makes me wonder if they aren’t Democrat PLANTS to divide the Republican/Conservative vote as they did in the Virginia governors race. Maybe this is something the Republicans need to focus on during the campaign for 2014 if there are 3rd party candidates running against them.

The Virginia race was an excellent example of how the Democrat party works. They realized, up front, that their candidate had a LOT of negative points and would face a hard up-hill battle to fool enough of the voter base into electing him. So they shrewdly decided to finance a third party candidate, via a Democrat fund raiser, calculating that he may draw off just enough votes from the Republican side to make a difference come election day. Remember in socialism, the lends justifies the means. So anything and everything is deemed “fair” and legitimate, as long as you achieve the desired end result. The Republican party didn’t throw a lot of resources and expend a lot of effort, aside from the usual minimal get-out-the-vote strategy they usually do. After all, from the GOP leadership perspective, the Republican candidate on the ticket was “too conservative” for their tastes. So the… Read more »

Cesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Obama. Destroyers one and all.

Dear Phil, I would exempt Napoleon Bonaparte from the destroyers category. Traitor Obama, on the other hand is definitely a destroyer and one of two things will happen to him after his impeachment: either he will become a political hack of Rom Emanuel’s in Chicago or he’ll go to prison!

I doubt you will ever see Obama impeached. After the Clinton impeachment mess, the American people really don’t have the stomach for another impeachment proceeding.

As long as there are Conservatives/Republicans who feel “it’s my way or no way” then we don’t have a chance in the 2014 or 2016 elections to elect a Conservative/Republican. This country will be lost to communism/socialism/liberalism One more term of the Senate and the presidency being under democrat control is that much more imbedded these will become & almost impossible to reverse the damage. A 3rd party is not the answer. It is rare for a 3rd party candidate to win an election. In the 38 presidential elections since 1856 there were 11 which had a 3rd party or independent on the ballot, no 3rd party or independent was elected. Since 1990, 32 of the 380 Senate elections only 2 3rd party or independents won. In 6 of those 32 races, either one or the other major party failed to nominate a candidate, which allowed the 3rd party or… Read more »
You are completely correct about 3rd parties HAM. They are NOT a viable option from which to build a substantial enough conservative majority with which to win major elections in this country. They only siphon off votes from the conservative side of the ledger, by splitting the ticket so to speak, and make it easier for the Democrats to retain power. You don’t see far left groups threatening to run large-scale 3rd party challenges in national elections against Democrats. Instead they work to co-opt the Democrat party to an even greater degree. Thus pushing the overall party further to the left with each passing election cycle. Sadly HAM, this is something that diehard 3rd party advocates refuse to acknowledge. Rather than working together and trying to re-make the Republican party into a more conservative organization, that better reflects the more market-oriented values before progressivism creeped into America’s political structure, these… Read more »
Sherry Gay Myers Sellers. Alexander City, AL
You are wrong! Study Agenda 21 and the UN’s plans for the US and the world. The UN has kept us at war constantly to reduce our population of the smartest, strongest, brightest men and women and to destroy the economy by raising our debt. To ensure that we accept the UN policies the education of our children has been undermined, religion undermined and removed from the schools so that children who are raised in homes without a moral code get one from nowhere. The objective; A New World Order, where Sustainability is the holy grail. Only the definition of sustainability is not what you or I would use, their definition is to reduce the population and move everyone to high rise, high density urban area in large population areas. The rest of the land would be given over to animals and plants- no people thank you very much. No… Read more »
Obama is a Muslim and he was born in Mombosa, Africa, which is now known as Kenya. His Birth certificate was located in the Australia Registry, which was in charge of all birth records in of South Africa in the early 1960’s. The people being proud that Obama was born there and was now the president of the US. A man that had been born there near the same time as Obama, decided to look up his birth certificate and Obama’s birth certificate and compare them. The documents were Identical as they were from the same hospital. The doctor name was the same on both certificates and all and other required stamps and specific marks were identical. The certificates were then authenticated and identified as true certificates issued by that hospital at the time of the births of both persons. Even Obama’s Grandmother stated that she was there for the… Read more »
???? This has been hashed and rehashed and any documentation stating such has either been destroyed or is carefully guarded. The movie “2016, Obama’s America” says it all very clearly, including interviews with his brother George, who still lives in a Hut in Kenya. Rent the DVD (if the government hasn’t had them destroyed) and see what Barack HUSSEIN’s plan for this country is. He’s 2/3 of the way there – and has 3 years left to complete his destructive pathway. Those who aren’t paying attention, don’t care, or are otherwise disengaged, will wake up one day and wonder “wha happened”??? Those on the dole receiving freebies from the government far outweigh those of us who work(ed) for a living and believe in free enterprise and self reliance as a way of life. The ACA is yet another smoke screen — the government will soon offer a “great solution” to… Read more »

Al very well said and completely true KarenFaye.

Here is something that I don’t understand. Mr Weber is the president of the AMAC, and this email is coming directly from that organization. Why is this article written by someone else as if by a reporter interviewing a newsmaker or pundit? Are we really expected to believe that Mr Grimaldi independently wrote and published this without Mr Weber having ultimate control over every single word and comma in the article? It just seems contrived.

Mr Weber, with respect, when you have something to say, please just say it. In my opinion it isn’t necessary or helpful to insert someone else as a supposed middle man in order to have your thoughts described in the third person tense. Thanks!

Someone. I’m not exactly sure who it was, made the statement that “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Having observed what liberals do, what liberals say, what liberals think and having attempted discussions with them, I have to fully concur with that statement. I can come up with no other explanation of why these people are so hell bent on destroying our freedoms and destroying this great nation of ours. Liberalism can be disguised by many different names and organizations. But the fact still remains…..a horse by any other name, is still a horse.


“Liberalism is a mental disorder.” —Michael Savage

John F. Kennedy held a dinner in the white House for a group of the brightest minds in the nation at that time. He made this statement: “This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” — Thomas Jefferson “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” — Thomas Jefferson “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson “My reading of history convinces me that… Read more »

The left is certainly the problem, but let’s understand that the left includes the Republican Party as well as the Democrat Party. The the true scale is total government control on the left vs. anarchy on the right. I’ll not be renewing my AMAC membership. I thought this was a group that understood constitutional government and was pledged to it. I’m glad to have someone standing against AARP, but I’ll not support a group that consistently plays to a Republican audience by refusing to acknowledge that it is Republicans who have largely implemented Democrat policies while their constituents gave them a pass.

If you want to know where the problem in America lies, look in the mirror.

On 12/08/2013 at 8:51 “Jim” wrote wisely. I will renew my AMAC membership, although I feel somewhat as Jim does. As late Alabaman George Wallace, as a candidate for the presidency said as to Democrats versus Republicans,”There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.” How true! They have both squandered the resources of this once proud nation, and destroyed the confidence in American government. I say, ” A pox on both their houses.” Both have clearly failing grades.
The old typing drill I remember from high school is now most appropriate. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. It is time for a new political party which respects our Constitution, and holds it inviolable.
Tyrannical government must not be allowed to continue to wreck the future of this republic.

I agree with Chuck the most. Thank you for stating it clearly. Now, how can we change what is with our country? How can a good woman come to the aid of my country? My father, who was a Colonel in the Air Force, died in 1997 not long after stating the prophetic words “Our military and country is just NOT what it was…not what it used to be. I am saddened by the course our country has taken.”

I’m not surprised…as long as the left continues to “give ” more to the lefties while allowing the “receivers” to vote for more “gives” the rest of us are “sol”.

Evidently, you (like me) question the results of “one person, one vote”.

It’s a noble sounding sentiment but mostly a destructive economic sentiment.

Save your breath Paul. These idiots who support this terrorist can’t be argued with.

I’m not dismayed by the screeching left turn this nation has made……….. I’m DISGUSTED to the brink of vomiting on every pinko bolshevik libtard I can locate.
Down in the deepest pit in Hell……, Marx, Lenin, and Stalin are beaming with pride because of what their Useful Idiots have done to this nation.

Amen!!! I do not need to hide my background, the history of my life. Only those who have led a devious and lecherous, lying life need to hide everything about themselves. Obama must be ashamed of his past since he has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to develop questionable documents and hide his academic pursuits including his time at Columbia studying under Mr. Cloward and Ms. Piven, both self pronounced Marxists. The old phrase, birds of a feather flock together. Look at the birds the master of misinformation has as friends. Rev. Dr. Wright, mostly wrong; Bernadine Dorne, member of an anti-American hate group; Mr; Ayer, who admitted to a desire to bomb the capital; Eric Holder, a misguided attorney, now Attorney General; Mr. Axelrod a sharp but devious minded journalist to name a few. Not a one of these birds reflect an ounce of patriotism for our country. And,… Read more »

It might be that these people of whom you speak are in a country that meets their philosophy if D.C. can be considered a country. What needs to be seriously considered if whether the states, in what is considered the “United” States, benefit from the connection to D.C. power.

I actually saw a speech Obama made where he remarked on the type of people who have to hide things and not be “transparent.” Hmmmmmm.

America will never knowingly, adopt socialism. but under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America, will be a socialist nation, without ever knowing, how it happened! – norman mattoon thomas, socialist candidate in ’44!!! he then went on saying “i no longer need to run as a socialist candidate, because the democrats have adopted our platform!!!

One of the reasons I left the democrat party (that I was raised in) about 40 years ago.

Obtain a copy of Curtis Bower’s CD AGENDA, and you will learn the truth about how we are plummeting into a socialist state. The communists realized they could not overcome us militarily, so they decided to infiltrate us and change our country from the inside. AGENDA makes so many things clear. It’s worth your time to view it.

Read the Constitution of the USSR and you will see where our country is headed. People need to wake up soon. I think some who voted for Obama are waking up to voter’s remorse. Maybe they will wise up before the next presidential election.

The “next presidential election”? Will there be one on a federal level?

I have read a lot of differing opinions. I think we all have the same goal but can’t agree on how to get there. I can tell you one thing:WE AREN’T GOING TO GET THERE AS A PARTY DIVIDED. The Republican Party does need some changes but we have to work TOGETHER. The Tea Party people have good ideas but you aren’t going to accomplish it by butting heads on every issue with established Republicans. I am unhappy with some of them also but you need to work with these people you call Rhinos to get what YOU want. Also, calling people names is childish & immature and puts you on the same level as the Liberals. Put yourselves above that & get down to work & lets choose a candidate who can appeal to all Republicans not just one side or the other. Also as it stands right now… Read more »
The rinos have no core set of values! They just want to keep their speakerships etc. & no amount of logic from our new tea party guys will change their minds. They demonize the tea party more than they do Obama. What am I saying?, they never demonize Obama. To me that’s treasonous & we have no obligation to work with them when we have to throw our beliefs out the window to kiss their butts. Obama is ripe for a fall but rinos give in to him & take any chance of victory away! Obama is losing in polls of every demographic,Independents,Spanish,moderates,young people & all the rest who got him elected. Now if the rinos would just stop catering to him & stand up to him we can get our country back, & calling them names isn’t the worst thing that can happen to them. Don’t sweat the small… Read more »

I disagree. We DON’T all have the same goal. The left and most of the centrist right seem to want everything controlled by a central government. I can’t say I even come close to that “same goal.”

I take it your “we” is “us” Republicans but with respect to impeachment, I would do (almost) anything to get Oboy out of office, but be careful what you wish for—you may get it (stumblebum Biden)—

Where is “Recall” in The Constitution ?—Kind of like a Parliamentary system, wouldn’t it be?

The current body occupying the White House will never let a “RECALL” or “Impeachment” happen. He will sign a Kingly or Dictatorial Decree that will not allow a recall or impeachment. His own followers are saying to do this and I do believe that this person will try it. When that happens, this United States will cease to exist and we will become owned by a President, who I still do not think was actually born in or too this country. As soon as this note gets posted, I would not be surprised to see some member of his SS on my doorstep. This is becoming an over taxed and under FREE country. I am a registered Democrat, but I served in the military of the USA and this is not the country I served. A person who claims to be President should remember WHO THEY SERVE; this is not… Read more »
Very well said HAM. We have to focus on getting the party united on a core set of common sense economic principles that can re-vitalize the country. People are desperate for relief from five years of fiscal mismanagement. Years ago, the Republican party used to actually be known for being the party focused on economics. We have to get back that focus. That of course means concentrating on things that have been shown to work in the past and have a proven track record of success. Not compromising by agreeing to more pie in the sky Keynesian “stimulus spending”, that magically ends up only in the hands of major Democrat campaign finance groups. Then we have to emphasize those principles to the public every single day in a clear, consistent fashion. Enough of every Republican on TV having his own “set of solutions” that go nowhere. As for the recall,… Read more »

Using elections as the limitation on terms sounds good on paper. Can you explain to me how 108% of the vote in one Ohio county went to only one candidate? There’s your “term limits” by election.

You’re never going to eliminate voter fraud even with term limits. That’s a whole separate issue involving how to we ensure the safety and sanctity of the voting booth.

@ PaulE: You said, “We already have term limits. They’re called elections.” True enough, but what we REALLY need is a paradigm (or mindset) shift that only “real” term limits can bring about. As things stand now, candidates for Congress enter the race thinking, “If I can get elected, this will be my career for the next 30 or 40 years!” And knowing how often that is true, the big money backers are there to support him in the race…and to remind him later that they did. Enter “term limits”. Now, candidates for office have no hope of becoming career politicians. The ones who would have been thinking that way are looking elsewhere and the only people thinking of running for Congress are those who can afford to leave their normal lives for a while in order to “give back” to their country for all that it has given them.… Read more »

I agree with your basic premise Doug. It does indeed take a paradigm shift, but that shift has to occur at the public’s mindset level. We can’t remove the responsibility of the individual voter to make responsible, rational, intelligent decisions from the equation and expect things to improve. How do you suggest we create that mindset shift absent Congressional term limits that will never pass Congress? In short, how do you effect positive change in a majority of the voting public that is either apathetic, lazy or too stupid to vote responsibly?

Your reply to Bud, below, “…no one said that creating positive change would be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is”, applies to instituting term limits as well. If conservatives make it clear to all candidates for Congress that we will vote them out after a single term if they do not support the “Term Limits” amendment, over time we could gain converts to the idea.

Sorry, that should read, “Your reply to Bud, ABOVE…”

My suggestion for effecting a “positive” change in a majority of the voting public is to educate them in other than government schools which are staffed by “teachers” who have had minimum exposure to anything other than government jobs.

Bud, That’s is certainly one very reasonable suggestion. The teachers’ unions would of course go ballistic over the idea of increasing the number of non-public schools in the nation, but no one said that creating positive change would be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. You would also be surprised to find that a number of very good teachers out there, and there are a few, don’t particularly care for the curriculum and teaching methods advocated by the unions themselves. They understand that changing the name from “no child left behind” to “common core” isn’t going to result in either teaching the right things correctly or improving our competitiveness on the world stage. A lot of these good teachers would love an alternative to the “one size fits all” mentality driven out of Washington and the unions since the Department of Education was created. That is why the really good teachers… Read more »

We don’t have election any more because at the Congressional level it is just a anointment of the incumbent because they create enough power and money to not let any challenger threaten them. The other problem with your idea of elections are term limits are the safe seats that reelect people even though they have been in office for 30 or more years and by any reasonable measure are too old for the job. Just as we didn’t use to have term limits for President because of elections, there was a realization that a President could build enough power to effectively become a king. Now we have people in Congress that behave the same way and term limits are needed to keep our officials from creating a kingdom for themselves.

My point vesuvius is that the people (the actual voters) in those “safe districts” are the reason these career politicians know that can continue with “business as usual”. All without any fear of being replaced. The majority of constituents, the actual voters who keep sending the ineffective,incompetent and in some cases criminal back to Washington year after year, are either too apathetic, lazy or simply too stupid to make responsible choices. Ultimately, we the people are responsible for the type of government we have. That means we own the fact that Washington functions the way it does, because too many voters cannot make intelligent, rational decisions about who should represent them at the federal level. By the way, most of these same voters make the bad choices at the local level at well, so this is not merely a federal issue. An educated, engaged public would not fall for the… Read more »

We need to stop having “career politicians.” I’m tired of these “public servants” getting rich off of the American people’s taxes. This is not what the founders had in mind.

I agree. Sick and tired of career politicians.

I agree, BHO is NOT black! In any way, shape or form!!! He is middle Eastern/ American…Dad mideast, Mom American! Where is his black heritage? Blacks are proud Americans! Obama has made a mockery of black heritage! The slaves were freed and today’s modern black society is rising in spite of the devisive words our President is spewing! Of all people, the President of our United States should give words of encouragement, hope and love! Not hate and discouragement! I have worked alongside blacks, and if someone had asked me what color their skin was, I would have to stop and think before answering. Today, I notice color – thanks to the Judas goat currently in our White House and our news media! I do not like what he is doing and he needs our prayers – the devil has a strong hold on him & including those who see… Read more »