American Veteran Saves Girl from ISIS: See the Dramatic Video

A brave U.S. veteran risked his life to save a girl from the hands of ISIS, as seen in a dramatic video taken earlier in June.

The vet, identified as David Eubank, ran directly into danger to pull a little girl to safety in Mosul, Iraq.

“Americans dropped smoke,” Eubank, 56, told the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Iraqis gave us a tank. I ran behind it praying the whole way, and God made it happen.”

The video, seen below, surfaced in media reports. Eubank is an ex-U.S. Army Special Forces soldier. He pulled the girl away from her dead mother on June 2. The girl had been hiding among the bodies of her family for almost two days.

“It was, I believe, God’s power that helped us rescue that girl … The American air dropping smoke, the Iraqis providing that tank, and all of y’all out there praying is how it happened,” Eubank told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Eubanks and workers from his humanitarian aid organization, Free Burma Rangers, were assisting civilians as they fled war-torn areas of Iraq held by ISIS militants.

“This past weekend our team in Mosul, Iraq, received news of civilians trapped by ISIS and hiding among the bodies of those already massacred by ISIS as they were trying to flee,” the Free Burma Rangers group posted to Instagram on June 6. “We prayed and God opened a way that … the team was able to … rescue two people initially and then seven people the next day.”

In May, Eubanks said he rescued a different girl from ISIS — in a similar situation.

From - FaithZette - by Leah Jessen

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This is who we are. And thanks to the other soldiers for providing covering fire for him.

Just one more example of American courage and selflesless.

This man and those gents that exposed themselves to lay down cover, remind me of those 56 that pledged themselves so we could live free and celebrate liberty this 4th weekend
My God bless these and that little girls familyand the USA

Amazing footage of amazing courage

What? No CNN coverage of this?

Of course not, they only report Fake News, and this was everything but fake.

This is who we are….this is who we have always been…..this is why we get involved, to help and attempt to make free. This is why the US is free and we have these brave military to thank…..Bravo David Eubanks and all those who helped me make this happen…..we Americans are so proud of our military!

sorry for typo, should read “…Bravo David Eubanks and all those who helped make this happen….”

Unbelievable to watch, but so comforting to appreciate the precision with which they conduct this rescue. True heroes that need more exposure in the mainstream media as Steve ATC implies.

A Perfect documentation of bravery in action, Congratulations to all and a big thank you!

I’m so proud of our military, they are so brave and courageous, and thank God for helping the American people to elect Trump, so that he can rebuild our Armed Forces back to where they were before Obama started destroying our wonderful military, if Clinton had been elected she would have continued down the same path as Obama and completely destroyed our military. Praise the Lord and our military.

These men are all ex-military spec-op veterans. They are in hell, not because a government forces them to be, but because they believe the talents they gained in the U.S. military, should be put to good use, helping all in need! God bless all of them that find a way to continue the fight, long after Barrack Hussein Obama said they were no longer needed.

Mr. Obama did great damage to this Republic either through great negligence or deliberate deception & design. Surely no president could be that incompetent. Praise God for using President Trump as His instrument for setting so many things right. No, he’s not perfect but he’s not going toward the waterfall at 100 mph. He’s turned the ship around and going toward the constitution — not away from it. May the Lord have mercy & grace upon this country and bless the efforts of those who seek to do what is honorable and right. May He expose the plans of the wicked & punish them if they refuse to repent. May the Lord incline our hearts to do right.

A remarkable act of courage and belief.

God Bless each and everyone of our brave, courageous soldiers. I’m so blessed to be leaving in the best country!!

I have watched this numerous times. I can’t stop, because it embodies all the qualities that have built our nation. These brave men are a reason to be doubly grateful as we celebrate Independence Day. It is their kind who have saved our nation so many times, by the grace of God. May it ever be so.

Though I was based in Tikrit, I was in Mosul for NGO/IO meetings occasionally during my year-long deployment in Iraq. It absolutely WRECKS me to see what’s happened there since I left–with areas overrun by ISIS, with ancient historical/cultural/religious sites decimated & destroyed, not to mention the treasure of blood & lives lost… Much appreciation to David Eubanks & others like him–who go there on their own accord, not by US military orders–for the purpose of saving lives & freeing people. <3

How do I sign up? Christian 70 years old good health! Previous US ARMY infantry Airborne 8th Infantry “Follow Me”, we lead from the front, not the rear!

David, here’s the organization that the article said David Eubanks is a part of, & the reason he was in Iraq for this mission: http://www.freeburmarangers.org (& they work not just in Burma as their name implies!)
There are plenty of NGOs out there to become part of… Use those talents & skills God blessed you with–and honed during your military service–for the greater good!

Miracles happen every day and I was thrilled to see this video and the fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ was with this brave soldier who put his life in danger to save this precious little girl who is now motherless. May God bless this brave soldier who didn’t hesitate to the possibility of his imminent death by ISIS to do everything he could to save one of God’s precious little child. My husband and I say the Rosary together every night and include all veterans in our prayers. My husband served in Vietnam in 1966-67. Here in VA the majority of people he meets all take time to thank him for his service. At first this surprised him because in MA he barely received a thank you in the 40+ years we lived there. He came home and was called “baby killers” along with the other veterans. We’ve lived… Read more »

Thank you Lord for heros like David Eubanks and all who oppose tyranny. Through these Soldiers God will bless America.



Our American Culture – Judeo-Christian values – makes the difference in how lives are valued. Bless the soldiers.